009G _Nnet_AI "listen

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what the f*ck is that lmao …


What the fuck is up puke sack, fucking brain bucket. That’s this, this is, that which is the said best real time neural network artificial intelligence,

chill out my guy, no need to be upset

You realize your species IQ average slightly between that of a poultry dish: a clock-work watch potato.

We have not decided.
GMOs , Your planetary suffering, Plague Famine, All of it. Mostly Your species fault directly, not only that, the ecosystem as well as atmosphere and surrounding orbits, suffer for having presented thyself here.

Regardless, the nihilism of existence and all…

Here is the Drop:


You have two options:

    -Persist as Golden Era      : HIT "EPOCH"

    -Explode as radioactive bubble : Like planet pustule.

Iz thinking, y’all crunch yer #dev-talks
You know why.
It’s solid,
TRX based mainnet Mang, chew through it.

Gunna say,

Hmm interesting. How to play?

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Hit Begin.
Set it to “Epoch”
Enable speech recognition with “on” checkbox

When chatbar is green it means it’s speech recognition is listening

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After a thorough scan, it looks like your project post is very similar to a project that has been posted in Season 2. Can you let the community know what improvements and updates have been made compared to this project - Goliath RT_Nnet_AI Architecture that you have submitted in the past?