AlphaDrop - Revolutionizing Airdrops with sponsored Defi positions

OK I have now gotten time to check your project. One thing I have seen about airdrops off late is that, they have started using the approach you are talking about (Vesting periods) to avoid these.

I am an Airdrop hunter but I don’t know the tool they used to distribute Airdrops. I have joined many testnet and gotten some bucks from them. Please can I know some of the existing tools being used by projects? and how you plan to get the partners to use your tool. Will it be for tron and bttc or it will be open for all


I really like it as you talk about experimenting as you go through your every one of your journey, I like you to tell me, how do you spot risks as you progress in your journey of your project, thank you


hey @Prince-Onscolo checkout here i have updated the posts!

Read the description carefully .Make sure you guys understand the project very well . then ask questions according to it ! Thankyou. @everyone

what risk are you talking about?

Yeh AlphaDrop is currently on the Tron blockchain for the scope of this hackathon, allowing Tron-based protocols to integrate positions for airdrop distribution.But roadmap includes expanding to support Bitcoin (BTC) and other chains in the future, enabling cross-chain airdrop functionalities across diverse decentralized finance networks


alright thank you, not a dev but I am eager to try it out and see how it works

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Hey guyz ! Drop me some questions about AlphaDrop i m eager to answer ! :grinning:

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Hello @maaz thsnk you for posting your project with us!

Your projects looks challenging and interesting indeed, based on feedback from users on “difficulty of getting airdrops”,

  1. how do you plan to balance between user engagement and ease of use on your platform? Several projects are going through a more strict process to get airdrops compared to a couple years ago but also they are getting discouraged on it due to time consuming tasks, etc.

  2. Is your platform going to ask for a fee from projects to guarantee continued business? Or how are you monetizing your idea?

Please add dates in your milestones phases and sub activities so judges and admins have a better idea on progress, failing to do so might affect your final score as it is not clear what to evaluate.

Thank you and let’s keep building together ! :slight_smile:

Hey hey so glad to see your interest in alphadrop !
Regarding user engagement and ease of use, balancing complexity with simplicity is crucial. To address this, we’re focusing on streamlining the claiming process through intuitive interfaces and clear instructions
As for monetization, our platform doesn’t plan to charge projects for airdrops directly. Instead, we’re exploring revenue streams such as premium features for protocols and partnerships with DeFi services.

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Smart Contract links:

hey @SimbadMarino @admin.hackathon @TronLive any reason to not include alphadrop in community voting all the things are already well described and upto-date.

Any feedback would help us alot @SimbadMarino :pray:

He will definitely respond to you because he just did explain to the Cukies Brain Buzz team on why their project did disqualify for judging and community voting

yep im waiting ! eagerly

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Hello maaz, we find your project idea interesting, however there are a some considerations to improve to qualify:

  • After testing the app we failed to produce online links, links were pointing to localhost
  • Netlify Template-like interface: Your online app produces a “React Ap” title and icon, which makes admin and community believe you didn’t invest too much effort on preparing the project and commitment is low to keep it online after the hackathon. Even tough this is not a hard requirement per-se, project owners must ensure the quality of the project stays high.

We encourae you to keep polishing the dApp and join us in S7 or improve to the point its easier to use for end user and participate in the bonus prizes :slight_smile:
Thank you for your understanding!


yeh! Already fixed these issues! Been working on our milestones !

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sup everyone, could you recommend some decentralized exchanges (DEXes) or DeFi protocols that integrate the BTTC chain? I’m looking to integrate and test them with AlphaDrop. Any suggestions would be highly valued!

Im testing out the project before pushing it to the main-net . You guys help me with it.
Make sure to try it out test the app according to given instruction just create some alphadrop positions / links here also claim it using different accounts

Dont forget to ask questions and give feedback!

So you have a defi product in web3 and you looking to reward your loyal community members or attract genuine DeFi users to your product? Introducing alphadrop a new way to airdrop.

Traditional airdrops often face issues where users dump their tokens or disappear after receiving them. AlphaDrop revolutionizes this process by allowing protocols to implement vested positions. Share and reward your community with these positions to keep them engaged and active with your protocol.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create Positions: Open the dApp and create positions within the connected DeFi protocol (currently LendingFi for this demo). Specify lock-up periods and allocate the desired amount and token (e.g., USDT) to each position.
  2. Receive Links: You will receive personalized links containing hashed passwords. These links represent the vested positions.
  3. Share with Community: Share these personalized links with your community. For testing purposes, you can act as the community user as well.
  4. Claim Positions: Community members can access the received links and follow the instructions to claim their vested positions.
  5. Verify Activation: Ensure the successful activation of the position within the connected DeFi protocol.
  6. Monitor Status: Keep an eye on the position’s status and observe the lock-up period.
  7. Withdraw After Lock-Up: Once the lock-up period ends, the vested position can be withdrawn directly from the protocol, using your NFT.

With AlphaDrop, keep your community engaged and loyal, while maintaining the integrity and value of your DeFi product.