BCate by UMR_KRW - Architect and interior design marketplace

Project Name: BCate
Project Track: Builder
Team Name: UMR_KRW
Team Member(s): @albarelfauzan

Project Link: https://devpost.com/software/bcate

Project Goal:
Our goal is to create a platform that empowers the architectural design community by using blockchain technology to protect their intellectual property rights and enable them to monetize their creativity. We envision a world where architectural designs are valued and respected as unique and indivisible digital assets that can be securely and transparently exchanged on the blockchain. We aim to provide a solution that benefits both designers and buyers by creating a fair and efficient market for architectural works. We believe that BCate is the future of the architectural design industry.

Project Value:
By integrating BCate with blockchain technology, we can create a platform that offers several benefits and relevance for the architectural design industry. By doing so, it offers a secure and transparent marketplace for blueprints and interior goods. The use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), we can represent the ownership and provenance of any type of digital or physical item to ensures that each design is treated as a unique and original work, safeguarding the intellectual property rights of creators. This means that BCate can ensure that the architectural designs are valued and respected as individual and original works, and that the intellectual property rights of the creators are protected and enforced.

With BCate, we believe that we can introduce a new way of transacting furniture design and architecture by disrupting the current system. The adoption of blockchain technology will also become more commonplace for everyday human activities.

Project Info:
Bcate Pitch deck.pdf (2.1 MB)

Project Website: https://bcate-ecru.vercel.app/

Project Test Instructions:

Buyer’s perspective

Buying Design
User Flow for buying furniture and architectural designs:

  • Go to the landing page
  • Click ‘Connect wallet’
  • Login/Sign-up to your Account
  • Click buy design on sidebar
  • Enter the catalog page
  • Select the desired design
  • Enter product detail page
  • On the detail page click the ‘Buy Design’’ button
  • We will send NFT to your wallet

Get Blue Print Design

  • Connect your wallet
  • Login/Sign-up to your Account
  • Go to my design collection page
  • Select the NFT of the design that you want to access the blue print of
  • Click ‘order page’

Request Design
User Flow for buying furniture and architectural designs:

  • Go to the landing page
  • Click ‘Connect wallet’
  • Login/Sign-up to your Account
  • Click request on sidebar
  • Enter the designer page
  • Select the desired designer
  • Enter designer detaile page
  • On the detail page click the ‘Ask The Deisgner’’ button
  • Buy the NFT
  • Tell the designer what kind of design you want
  • Designer will list private NFTs for you
  • You can access the blueprint when the designer has completed the design.

Chat with designer

  • Connect your wallet
  • Login/Sign-up to your Account
  • Click Chat on sidebar

Designer’s perspective

Sell your NFT

  • Register/Login as a designer
  • Click sell design on sidebar
  • Fill the required form

Input Blueprint Design for request design

  • Click ‘Transaction’ on sidebar
  • Click ‘see details’ on the new order request
  • Fill in the new image with blue print design
  • Click submit revision

Project Details:
The architectural design industry is facing a serious challenge of protecting the intellectual property rights of its creators. In recent years, there has been an increase in the incidents of theft or misuse of copyright of building designs or interior items such as chairs, tables, and others. According to a study by the American Institute of Architects, there were more than 120 cases of copyright infringement in the US until May 2023. On November 2023, Indonesian police arrested a perpetrator who misused a non-commercial architectural design license to build housing. The architect sold an architectural design for non-commercial purposes, only to discover the buyer had used it to develop a residential complex, losses experienced are calculated to reach $40k. The rise of generative AI tools also has sparked lawsuits. Authors and artists claim that these AI systems use their work without permission, raising questions about protectability under copyright law. AI tools, including those used by architects, can generate novel designs. However, reliance on AI may pose copyright risks.Some studios already use AI image generators for design ideas, but the protectability of AI-generated designs remains uncertain.

To solve these problems, we created BCate. BCate is a platform that aims to solve this problem by using blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent marketplace for architectural designs of buildings and interior goods. BCate allows designers to upload their blueprints and register them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. NFTs are unique and indivisible digital assets that can represent the ownership and provenance of any type of digital or physical item. By using NFTs, BCate ensures that the designers have the exclusive rights to their works and can control who can access, use, or modify them.

To ensure the sustainability of this project, we have collaborated with more than 15 architects and interior designers in SEA to participate in our project. Our community has also grown tremendously in the last 6 months to increase awareness of our product adoption. We have also responded to several feedbacks and feature requests from our community to continue to provide the best user experience for our users. For this reason, we have developed and improved the use of several features such as :

  • Request Design according to consumer desires
    • We provide a feature for users who want to have an exclusive design from a designer. Users can consult their ideas and will be assisted by the bcate team designers to draw a design that suits them. We will provide exclusive NFT designs that can only be minted by the requestor.
  • Chat With Designer Feature
    • We provide a chat feature that can be used for users to consult designs if they want to request a design from an available designer.
  • Permission to use design
    • To provide a fair ecosystem for designers, we limit the access rights for buyers according to the preferences set by each designer. There are 2 types of usage permissions: personal use (for non-commercial use) and public use (for commercial use).
  • Claim blue print flow to improve UX
    • We improved the flow to claim the blue print design after the user successfully purchased the NFT design to make it easier to use.

Smart Contract links: Contract Address 0x071799095450b8A074FCbc9dde4753c48e456679 | BTTC

Project Milestones:

  • Q2 2024

    • Collaborate with a wide variety of designers with different specialties to provide more choices for our users
    • Host webinars or workshops to educate users about copyright protection and AI-generated designs.
    • Expand the BCate community through social media, events, and partnerships
  • Q3 2024

    • Collaborate with legal experts to create educational content for BCate users.
    • Collaborate with renowned designers to sell exclusive designs on our platform

Welcome to hackathon season

  • How big is the target user base (architects, interior designers, potential buyers).

  • Have you conducted user research to validate their needs and pain points regarding BCate’s functionalities, and are there existing platforms addressing similar issues.

  • How will BCate differentiate itself.

Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, your project does strike alot of memory, is this your first time around or you’ve been around in a while?
Aiming to revolutionize the architectural design industry by leveraging blockchain technology to protect intellectual property rights and facilitate transparent transactions is a good initiative.

Can you provide insights into BCate’s monetization strategy and revenue model? How does the platform plan to sustain itself financially while providing value to both designers and buyers?

Your mission to empower the architectural design community through blockchain technology is both innovative and impactful. But I have my concern on what strategies you plan to implement in verifying the authenticity of those architectural designs, to ensure that each work is genuinely original and attributed to its rightful creator.

Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, wishing you all the best

Hu @Okorie i’ll try to answer ur question ya

  1. Currently, BCate has partnerships with architects and interior designers in South East Asia. However, the goal is to expand globally and establish partnerships with architects from all around the world. By doing so, BCate aims to facilitate services for everyone, regardless of their location.
    And currently we negotiating with architects from Turkey is a positive step toward achieving this global reach.
  2. We has conducted user research and market analysis before setting its quarterly company objectives (OKRs). This approach is commendable because it ensures that BCate addresses real pain points experienced by users.
    Additionally, actively engaging with the community through platforms like Discord allows BCate to receive feedback, feature requests, and bug reports. This iterative process helps deliver an improved experience to users.
  3. BCate aims to differentiate itself by being the first platform to facilitate transactions between architects, interior designers, and customers using blockchain technology.The use of blockchain ensures secure property rights for all parties involved. This unique feature sets BCate apart from existing platforms and provides a competitive edge.

Hopefully its answer ur question!

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Hi @manfred_jr yup its my second time participating in this hackathon, nice to see u around!

Answering ur question, as stated in our deck we have 2 main revenue income which is From Commision Fee, BCate employs a commission-based model, charging a percentage of the transaction fee for every sale or purchase of an NFT (non-fungible token) on our platform. This approach allows us to generate revenue from both the supply (designers) and demand (buyers) sides of the market. Our second income is coming from sponsored listing, designers or other stakeholders can pay for enhanced visibility, which helps them promote their work.

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Hi @Chukseucharia

BCate conducts background checks on designers before partnering with them. By verifying their personal data, BCate ensures that every designer on their platform is trusted, this step helps prevent unauthorized or fraudulent submissions. And to address the possibility of verified designers stealing others’ work, BCate has a process in place. When a designer wants to add a new design, they must sign a document,this document states that their work is original and legally theirs, If any theft is discovered later, BCate can take legal action against the designer.

The structure of the royalty system as you outlined it ain’t really a bad one, keep building and goodluck.


Thanks :+1: for giving me feedback

Welcome to hackathon season 6,

I need to know what sets BCate apart from the others?
How does BCate ensure the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights more effectively than current platforms? And why should designers choose BCate over uploading their works to more established marketplaces?