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hello, i’ve got several questions:

  1. how do you ensure the wallet created by ai is safe ?
  2. does it mean it stored on the centralised database?
  3. so who’s handle the fee for transaction??
  4. and it seems i have no control on the wallet correct? so how do i transfer my asset later?

At the moment its a simple “Name”, “Description” and “Image”. The metadata is exposed as encoded Json (by tokenURI() method) by the smart contract. Image which is provided as “https://” will be uploaded to IPFS first, and stored into the NFT as CID.

Great questions! Let’s break it down.

  1. how do you ensure the wallet created by ai is safe ?

The idea is that upon creating the GPT inside Blink, it creates a wallet using Web3Auth API, and the key will be stored safely in Torus blockchain (MPC). Whenever its needed, Web3Auth API will be used.

The connection with Web3Auth API (JWT token) will be signed by a private key known to the server, stored in Azure Key Vault. Probably we can use the Azure Key Vault to sign, so the key won’t travel outside of the vault (this is not yet implemented).

  1. does it mean it stored on the centralised database?

Wallet keys are not stored centrally, but using MPC on Torus blockchain. But it is true that at the moment there is a secret for each GPT known by the centralized server to create the signer. An additional step, which was not implemented for this hackathon, would be that the user enters a passcode at the start of AI interaction or at the point of first engagement (asking it to sign something). This would add an additional layer of security.

  1. so who’s handle the fee for transaction??

Each developer needs to fund its GPT if needed. When creating a new GPT, choosing its capabilities and hitting ‘Save’, Blink creates a wallet for it using the above mentioned method. At this point the developer needs to also fund the GPT wallet.

If the developer forgets to do it the AI will notify “Hey, I have insufficient funds to complete the transaction”

  1. and it seems i have no control on the wallet correct? so how do i transfer my asset later?

Two things to note here. Remember the AI can also prepare transactions. When the AI prepares a transaction the user needs to execute it using his/her own private wallet (login with WalletConnect etc).
The developer can also btw configure that the AI can only prepare transactions, not execute. In this case the AI wallet does not even need to be funded.

Secondly, if the AI wallet is used to execute the transactions it will create assets, but usually immedately set the owner as well. For example, the mint method for the NFT contract accepts, as the last parameter, the owner. So even if the AI executes the transaction, it will set the users wallet as the owner (it will ask for the address). So at no point will it own the asset.

function mint(string calldata name,string calldata image,string calldata description,address owner)

is there reason why it is on torus blockchain?
Although it is MPC, if i remember it does still need additional security layers especially storing the key, blockchain is transparent in the end with layer of encryptions. As what safety more likely refer to the immutability (data cannot be altered or changed) and not the visibility ?

So the project actually could also work without AI ? because smart contract is predictable as you have prepared it, and simply just prepare set of instructions?

and then can just embed the GPT there for interaction or other bot-chat?

Unless the smart-contract is unpredictable from user, and using AI to analyse then it is reasonable for using AI, and using GPT wouldnt be enough too.

but anyway great thread, i can learn new stuff too.

btw taken from your challenges on devpost regarding of op codes solidity 0.8.20 compiler version, you can simply fix that by changing the evm version into paris

The main ideas were to:

  • use AI to improve Web3 UX. Sure you could use the smart-contracts directly or design a new wallet. But AI can guide the users better (this is the core assumption), especially beginners or the general public.
  • Give GPTs (AI) new powers - for example enable payments.

Btw what other ways (instead of Torus) you would use for the security layers?

PS. thanks for the tip on compiler version!

A small diagram to fit Blink into one shot!

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Got it, thanks. Will I be able to manage this NFT directly from the Blink interface, such as triggering basic functions with the ability to send NFT or modify URI?

Absolutely, you should be able to tell the AI something like “I want to transfer the NFT with id 7 to a new address 0x0000…” for example.

The idea would be also to allow to mix and match contracts in the future, in the fashion of “mint an NFT and create an auction for it, with minimum price 1000BTT and period 7 days”. These contracts should all be compatible using basic interfaces (ERC721, ERC20 etc). Or “show me NFTs that have an auction ongoing”

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Some more examples of what should be possible

An interesting post from Balaji, describing a future where apps are just AI APIs and people converse with AI that then contacts the APIs to get things done.

Really cool and exactly what Blink aims to be. We are on the verge of this transition.

Original tweet:
Balaji on X: “AI API Is multimodal AI the superapp of the West? The WeChat equivalent, except driven by text, voice, and camera rather than buttons and menus? Are apps dead? I don’t know if that’s right. I think apps endure and AI drives them. Every app just gets an “AI API” that…” / X (

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Hello BlinkAI team! Your product is really innovative and could help to propel blockchain adoption. Unfortunately I don’t have a chatGPT pro account yet to try the dev side of it and could not find a way to test it from a user perspective either.

Is it possible for a non chatGPT Pro user to use your product? If yes, is it possible for you to create a demo site to test out?

From dev perspective… Is there a repo we can look to take Schema URL examples of your implementations? As I understood this is the heart of your product value. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Thank you and please keep on working on this, this is a great product and has lots of potential within BTTC and TRON ecosystem :slight_smile: :muscle: