ChainQ - Make Blockchain Data Speak Your Language

Project Name: ChainQ

Project Track: AI

Team Name: Team ChainScript

Team Members: 2 (@squirtle | @p612)

HackerEarth Project Link: HackerEarth - ChainQ

Project Goal: Our goal is to simplify blockchain data access using AI and Natural Language Processing. We aim to empower users, irrespective of their technical background, to effortlessly engage with the blockchain and extract vital information.

Project Info: Accessing blockchain data via Blockchain explorers can be cumbersome, particularly for those lacking deep technical knowledge. These barriers often entail coding complexities and complex interfaces, limiting accessibility. ChainQ addresses these hurdles, empowering a broader user base.

With its AI-driven and Natural Language Processing capabilities, ChainQ aims to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and researchers to extract pertinent information from blockchain effortlessly by providing easy access to blockchain data and insights. Users can simply express queries in plain language, and ChainQ will deliver comprehensible responses.

This project not only simplifies data retrieval but also fosters innovation by democratizing blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs can now gain market insights, marketers can make informed decisions based on token movements, and researchers can analyse blockchain trends—all with convenience and efficiency.

Project Website: Details will be announced soon

Project Test Instructions: Details will be announced soon

Project Details: ChainQ platform aims to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and non-technical users. This project leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process user queries in plain language. Users can effortlessly ask questions, make requests, or retrieve data and information without the need for coding skills or an in-depth understanding of blockchain intricacies.

Smart Contract links: Details will be announced soon

Project Milestones: Details will be announced soon


Welcome to Hackatron S5

Waiting to see how this is going to look like.
A screenshot or video will do.

Especially on these

It’s very true, it should be made Simple


Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! This is very important for blockchain users to be able to read the on-chain data. I wish your project helps users in analyzing chain data. Looking forward to see your website soon. Good luck !

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Totally agree with the visuals at least a beta or demo @Prince-Onscolo @squirtle


Welcome to Season 5, interesting to see your project in the AI track, that’s about the second AI entry within the hour. I see ChainQ addresses a significant issue in the blockchain space by making data access more user-friendly.

Are there any plans to integrate ChainQ with specific blockchain networks or platforms?

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Welcome to Hackathon S5,I have some important questions

In what manner do ChainQ plan to improve it’s accuracy and latency in the future.

In what way does ChainQ plan to expand its capabilities to support more complex queries.

By what means do ChainQ plan to make its platform more accessible to non-technical users.

Elaborate the potential application’s of ChainQ for entrepreneurs, marketers and researcher’s.

Identify the limitations of ChainQ current capabilities, And in what way does ChainQ plan to monetize it’s platform.

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Its always good when i see project trying to make complex thing look simple.

I hopechainQ next update will show a demo for us to better understand all what this project is about.

Welcome to the Hackatron. You haven’t specified which blockchain you are going to integrate. Is it Tron? BTTC? Both?

AI & Blockchain - Take me to the moon! :rocket:

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