DigeMart: the decentralized e-commerce were you can buy everything you want with cryptocurrency and the ultimate crypto payment gateway

Project Name: DigeMart

Project Track: Defi

Team Name:
DigeMart Team

Team Member(s): 6+

DevPost URL:

Project Goal:

DigeMart is a decentralised E-commerce/Marketplace which will also serve as an ultimate crypto payment gateway for SmE’s, shops and companies that will want to use crypto as a form of payment.

Project Info:

White Paper coming soon

Project Website:

Coming soon

Project Details:

Video dem/pictures coming soon

Project Milestones:

  • Currently designing the UI/UX
  • Frontend build will follow immediately
  • Frontend should be ready by 2nd or 3rd week of November
  • Backend/ Smart Contract Rebrand kicksoff
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DigeMart is a rebranding of our initial project in season 2 DigitalMart.
We have purchased the domain digemart.com.
We are currently redesigning our whole user interface, these is to give our users a more efficient look and a more standardized experience.
Immediately we are done with the UI/Ux of the rebranded DigitalMart which is now DigeMart, I will be sharing with our community what we have done.
You can currently also find us on Twitter
At Twitter.com/Dige_Mart.
We are here to stay and to give our community nothing but the best.
We have a new logo.

Es un proyecto interesante, importante para las personas que quieren pago con cryptomonedas y puedan realizar compras con ellas, me gusta la idea y espero que se lleve a cabo y se use.

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Yes it’s a very good product that will be very useful to the crypto ecosystem, it will me carried out effectively and we will deliver a top notch product.

Hey there , you have won a price in the last hackathon with this exact same product .

Why did you choose to enter with the same product and not create something different ? As you also won a price last time when can we expect your product to be up and running ?

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Yes true, we participated with the same product, but according to the rules, there’s no restrictions to participating with the same product again so far you have some updates and some new features added, and besides we are here to stay and to keep building for the community. We are currently rebranding the whole product to standard with new UI and better user experience, upgraded features to industry standards and alots more.
We are currently rebuilding the UI and the new UI will be found here digemart.com once we are ready. Expect some updates by first or second week of October.
Thank you for you comments

Hi, you have presented 2 products at the last hackathon: a digital marketplace and a decentralized social network.
I don’t think I’ve seen any of those 2 products launched on mainnet.
You come back this season with 2 products (the same digital marketplace rebranded and a platform for freelancers).

We, tronics, might be a little bit paranoid and we probably see cash grabs everywhere. What can you say to convince us that you are not going to once again announce nice products and finally not launch anything on mainnet? What are the last updates about the social network? Don’t you think it’s more important to focus on one product and deliver it instead of starting new projects?

I know those questions seem rude, but that’s what most of the community will be willing to ask you imo. We were expecting from the previous winners to deliver something on mainnet and it’s surprising to see some winners coming back with the same product before any official launch of a first version.
In the case those previous entries are actually on mainnet please share url cause I’ve missed it :pray:t2:


I actually understand your concerns and looking at the hackathon guidelines and rules, there are no restrictions or questions of being compulsory for a project to be launched on main net before it can come back to participate in the hackathon, my team and I are constantly building for the community. Skillpay is an idea from the team member which my team and I decided to build upon and looking at our digemart we are merging these two ideas subsequently after fully built, we are rebranding digemart so it comes up to standard and with amazing user experience for industry standards, being that our initial participation was an MVP, so we deem it fit to rebrand and standardized everything while also building on the new idea we have found worthy and very interesting, we choosed to focus the energy on these two projects for now as we are a team of 6 developers, Dbanta development is still in course and we have not derailed, great ideas and products take time to build out, as you may not know we are here to stay forever and keep building amazing solutions for the community, we are currently redesigning the UI for the rebranding we intend to do, while also building out the new idea we have in stock for the community, we intend to launch to main net for season 3, while also updating and upgrading our projects with the standard features as the hackathon rules requires.
I believe we ain’t quarreling here and your tone of words seems harsh and rude, but I chose to let it slide, because we are a family here, please be more polite and nice even while asserting or asking questions. :blush:

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I got a mail as well to come back for the season three hackathon from the admin, with the two initial projects, but I have chosen to work with these two for now, while still building out the other one at the backend, I have read the hackathon rules and I have followed everything to the later, I guess you should as well, so you have a more constructive argument.

I know the questions were rude but someone has to ask them to clarify the situation :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t think the tone was rude tho and I apologise if you felt threatened in any way. The purpose of this exercise (the forum) is to see if teams can defend their products publicly so we all can make our own opinion and decide which projects we are going to vote for.
Also I want to express the difference between the rules and the community’s expectations. The rules may allow someone to compete but the expectations is what will determine the winners of the forum vote.
Thanks for answering and looking forward to see the launch on mainnet :+1:

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I understand and I appreciate the questions for better clarifications too, I am happy to clear the air, as you can see we are very new to the ecosystem and we are just getting started, we are barely up to six months since we came together to begin building for the community, and we are defined and ready to build the best platform for our community and we are not after quick cash grabs, our intent is to build a long lasting product that will be usely even for other generations to come. As you can see we are building out tools and solutions we feel is very needed by the community and that will be very much useful for the growth of the community and the ecosystem…
Thanks so much for you comments, it’s appreciated as we are ready to improve, get better and give our community the best.

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