Elysium Receipt - Let's create our invoice together

We thank you @BahaKoc1x
We are so glad you liked it


That’s really nice to hear. Thank you

Yes, this is definitely our plan. First of all, we are trying to integrate TRON and 2 more networks into the platform. We have already started working on creating QR codes and making them compatible with POS devices with the mobile app we’re designing. We will make Elysium Receipt very comprehensive and we tag you in every update.

Thank you very much for sharing your comments and opinion.

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OH nice one. Maybe you can consider either of Solana or Avax chains in the other networks you will be integrating in the future, if your team think it will add visibility to your project


We were using tag and by accident tagged you. Changed later, sorry mate ahaha
(We’ll review your project in our free time mate)

It could definitely be the right decision. at the end we evaluate these chains according to our priority order. Our goal is to add the 10-15 most popular chains. That’s why we’re open to every idea about chain diversity.

Thanks for sharing.


When it comes to the Defi category, everyone generally turns to the swap area. But such projects address other important issues that we really need to see. I like it a lot. Keep building guys

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This is a trio milestone achievement, congrats :clap:t2: and keep building, sky’s the limit.

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Utilizing transaction details such as sender address, receiver address, and transaction hash, along with the user’s connected MetaMask wallet address, to create unique invoice numbers is a clever way to personalize and enhance the reliability of invoices. However, it’s important to consider how this approach aligns with user privacy and security.

While personalized invoices can add a layer of trust and reliability, how do you ensure that user privacy is maintained? Are there any privacy concerns associated with linking transaction details to specific wallet addresses?

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thank you for kind words :heart_hands:

exactly, we should try to rise as we could

thanks for all the nice words, sharing the same vision is always so precious :heart_hands:

Actually, there is one concept we are working on. Anyone can easily create an invoice on behalf of someone else. And we think that this may cause problems sometimes. For this reason, in order to solve this problem early, we decided to indicate on the invoice whether the metamask address that connected to the site and downloaded the invoice was one of the “paying or receiving” persons by checking the address of both sides in the Txn hash. We continue to work on it and gonna update soon.

Ability to create an invoice on behalf of someone else? Like 3rd party permissions or something?
I’m beginning to imagine the hassles that’ll pose, first off as regarding privacy concerns.

What mechanics would you employ for this to scale through effectively?

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Ok I am very glad to know that you value my idea. Thank you very much for this. I understand how important it is for the team to consider every suggestion according to their priority order and wouldn’t mind if at the end, any of those chains I suggested wasn’t taken into consideration. I wish your team the best :raised_hands:


In fact, it is a common issue that can be seen in every crypto transaction. There is no extra security problem. If you have not accessed the wallet address of one of the two people paying or receiving the payment or the Txn hash of the transaction and you protect it in your own name, there is no possibility of any problems. Because we do not contain any additional information in the generated receipts.

In addition, as we mentioned, by adding the phrases “created by the payer or receiver” or “created through a 3rd wallet” for the invoices created, we prevent any security vulnerabilities from the very beginning. Rest assured. Hoping it is a clear explanation

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We should be the ones to thank. We definitely evaluate and take your opinion into consideration.

Since our goal at the end of the day is to handle invoice transactions through accounting, we aim to give a little more priority to the coins with the most transactions:

As for AVAX, one of the examples you gave, it is generally in the top 15, so we are thinking of activating it earlier than Solana. We hope it was explanatory.

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You are following a smart strategy. Displaying the total number of transactions instead of volume will of course be directly proportional to the number of invoices. Kudos to the team. All the best!

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Hello Elysium team, thank you for joining TRON Hackathon!

I’ve tested your dApp, howver when trying to download the pdf file it keeps showing the download button on “gray out”.

Please advice on what am I missing or try to implement an improved flow in the sequence to download the invoice :slight_smile:

Is there a way to create invoices to be paid? currently I saw you can create invoices for past transactions, is it possible to create invoices for upcoming payments?

Thank you! Keep on building ! :muscle:

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Hello @SimbadMarino, thanks for checking
We renewed our server and all files and checked our contract connections. Any chance of trying again? There are no extra steps. As we show in the video, the second checkbox becomes active as a result of the transaction when moving from step 1 to 2. After activating the second checkbox, the download button becomes clickable.


(15-20 seconds will pass for checking the transaction and the confirmation, and the 2nd checkbox will be activated)


If the problem still goes on, could you share which browser and device you are using? Let’s test again and let you know please

Yes definitely, Elysium Receipt aims to invoice all the details visible on the blockchain there, regardless of which chain we are currently working on. Although it may vary from chain to chain, we plan to include such upcoming transactions.

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Hello @AdelEdv,
You made our day. Happy to hear your comment and

As you said we try to focus on those little details to expand our potential user area.
Follow us @ElysiumReceipt on twitter please we will launch our Twitter ads soon

Rest assured, it is indeed a very clear and easily comprehensible explanation.
Thanks for sharing, be sure to tag forum members to future updates and goodluck as Hackathon progresses.

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