FirstWave (MMO Horror Sci-fi Game)

Cool concept. Looks amazing. Best of Luck!

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Very very good! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Good question, is it Unity based??

Game engine: Godot

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Open source I see down the the last engine code #pretty cool😉

About teams:

Getting Started with LifeBoat Animation


Finished work with the animation and physics of the boat.

I’m starting to create a location.

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For you, this is an ordinary picture, for me it’s a hell of a headache, because I’m not a programmer, but an artist forced to program.

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Another day was spent searching for the cause of the body’s deceleration in space without gravity. It turned out that the engine settings duplicate the body settings and as a result a conflict arises. I’m thinking about switching to version 4.0

Asteroid collision tests are underway. Setting the physics of materials, interaction.

Asteroids are the beginning of the development of physics, logic.

The “Cosmos” location has been renamed to “Orbit”. This name is logically more correct.
A preliminary layout of the “Orbit” location has been developed:

Want to immortalize yourself in FirstWave? Suggest a name for the big ring, then after voting, the best name will be added to the game. Example: “Ring of Kravtsov”, “Almaty”. Answers are accepted until April 17.

As a result of a closed vote, the name “Ring of Simbad” was chosen.

lottery FirstWave Pillar #8

Calculation of the mass of objects, their influence on physics. Revision of the character class system, taking into account old and new concepts. Search for a compromise between the capabilities of the game engine and the maximum observance of the realism of the location.

LifeBoat mass calculation is based on cavities, fuel tanks and materials.

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