HackaTRON S3 community topics - $5K in prizes!

¿Qué podemos hacer para mejorar HackaTRON S4? Indique los motivos de sus sugerencias.
Promocionar que la comunidad participe activamente. Ya que los diferentes puntos de vista crean buenas ideas y pueden ser inspiración para desarrolladores.

cada vez es más difícil atraer a los desarrolladores para que se unan durante un mercado bajista de criptomonedas. ¿Qué idea innovadora tienes para atraer a más desarrolladores a S4?
No tendría que ser un problema el mercado bajista para los desarrolladores, tendrían que verlo como una oportunidad para lanzar buenos proyectos, ya que una vez se llega a un mercado más estable o alcista, en el cual si se ha presentado algo que verdaderamente es interesante hará que usuarios e inversores esten interesados en el, ya que supone una oportunidad de negocio a posteriori.
Entonces sería una manera de dar a entender a los desarrolladores mediante una publicidad que es un buen momento para crear, que en tiempo de alza su proyecto sale ganando.

So Season 3 voting has started … best wishes to all the participants :+1:


Good luck to all participants. 5 days of stress but stay active and keep giving updates/answer questions :muscle:


Digemart has been launched to mainnet and we fulfilled all possible criterias we could.
Digemart Mainnet Contracts
Payment Contract: TXzEHHcDdhKMiHxbWLELsEteykLKAHk8bR Digemart Contract: TVqtrLQZiVepTMmv8xvNKPgKyRZWySTtkK

We launched and announced it as instructed
And been a complex project we did alot of rushing and this is a project that requires atleast a year to build and we have done alot of updates for this hackathon, we built a brand new UI which is up to Industry standard, we bought domain and server and have deployed to main server, at digemart.com, app.digemart.com, we have deployed to the mainnet, Skillpay is a brand new project we worked on from my team, why is not either been listed for the community votes, what’s really happening

@TronLive @admin.hackathon

Would be nice for the next season to have a tutorial on the forum explaining how to use Shasta and Nile Testnets (with screenshots) and where to get the tokens for dApp testing :pray:t2:


@admin.hackathon @TronLive

With 6 projects for a gamefi track it feels unfair.

Why can’t we have pro-rata allocation.
For example, we have 105 projects in all and 25 projects are to win the forum prize.

This means 24% of the projects shall win.

We can distribute the prizes for the track in the following manner:-
Category-Total Projects- Winning projects
Web3-28 - Top 7
DeFi-26-Top 6
GameFi-6- Top 2
NFT-24- Top 5
Academy-19- Top 5
Ecosystem - 21 - Top 5

This should be fair for all the projects as the track selection will not be gamed.

Now, the question of changing the rules comes into question which could be handled by the line that has been mentioned on Devpost. :upside_down_face:

Just a suggestion, it’s a bold decision but for unique situation where we have only 6 projects for a track and at least 5 are going to win a prize from judges it shall be passed to another project. This redistribution shall act as an encouragement to already shortlisted projects.

Apologies to GameFi project members, trying to interrupt the party.

This will help the projects to sit up, if we try to make it easy always, lessons will not be learnt, as they feel the heat today, they will come prepared tomorrow. The 6 gamefi project was selected from 28 submissions, they passed through fire and they deserve to be there, NFTs had 54 submissions, now left with 24.

If we try to always bend the rules, lessons will never be learnt. Let the gamefi enjoy, they didnt get there on a silver platter. Dont pour sand into their jollof rice. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I am loving this season more
Good work team

Last season, bot votes were cleared off. I believe this season too there are measures put in place to check that.

@TronLive i think it has to go deeper than giving grants as funds to the winners of the Hackerton though it improves the tron ecosystem yet I think that they has to be some improvement in the site navigation, give peeps a reason to continue using the system despite after winning and that means including exposing or pushing out the winners and projects adjudged to be sound to the world to attract other potential investors in those projects and partners

This is a new season with it’s own new challenges which includes i think should include proper scrutiny of projects, votes and participants. Like someone stated earlier that if we keep bending the rules then no one will learn. Big ups to @justrugnft which took the NFT project stuff to another level. We hope to see more of this and to see peeps like this really encouraged to do more

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I see what you mean, but I think we should be careful with changing rules afterwards. Also, since this is a hackathon on devpost which is a company that is very strict with their rules, I’m pretty sure trondao is not allowed to change rules with regard to prices afterwards

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But it is a suggestion which could benefit different project.

Great job @admin.hackathon @TronLive with doing a filter before voting !
One suggestion is to set up a feedback mechanism where projects are informed of their selection / rejection ( with primary reason) with a 2-3 day window to rectify ! Since there are many projects and there are projects who have different native languages it is a possibility that there might be communication gaps! This window helps legit projects not having a heartburn :smile::smile:. Also this communication helps legit projects work on shortcomings and create greater things for the ecosystem. :innocent::innocent:


Voting is ongoing, this time around you can vote for 3 projects in each section. After clicking on your favorite project, make you you scroll down to click on vote to confirm your vote :pray:t2:

Yes…that is needed in upcoming hackathon seasons, so that projects can get a valid feedback as to what went wrong…they deserve to know that atleast


Changing rules during the race is always a bad idea. Let’s take this as a hint for S4: we need more good GameFi projects developed.

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Welcome @nityaan
Contribute more to get a chance

I agree with this. Hackathon prize is like or is a startup fund for winners. So we should be able to see some development especially to help the #Tron ecosystem

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I agree to and even if not days prior to the voting, they should be some reasons stated clear to help them in subsequent #tron-hackathon

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