How many badge have you earned from first log in?

I earned certified too

I’ve earned “Welcome”, “Certified”, “FirstLike” and “FirstEmoji”, but I’m still trying to get level trust 1 :frowning:


that and reading guidelines


4 badges now. still waiting for level 1 entry :blush:

Struggling to get a trust 1 level badge. Probably going to read more posts

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@Ennyb0yy how many did you earn before you got to lvl 1?

Similar boat as you but i’m trying to post for a hackothon :star_struck:

how many posts have you had to make? I worry i’m gonna be here for a while today :rofl:

:star_struck: to get emoji badge

same as you :smiling_face: I m still waiting for basic :roll_eyes:

I have earned welcome and first like :crazy_face:

I have earned Welcome, first like and emoji too :crazy_face:

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Like five or so…many

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