MapX :- Explore the World, One NFT at Time

Hi @ines_valerie, thank you for the question. Yes, we agree that maps can be tough. Initially, we started with the below map approach, but we found out that they are tough to navigate, not user-friendly, and not engaging. Many projects like Stepn and Sweatcoin use these naive maps, which are not friendly, engaging, and tough to navigate. We changed the whole UI/UX of the graph, used different frameworks to build this interactive game-fi version of the game, and we found that a lot of people like this UI and are interested.

To handle security, we have implemented all the NFT minting features on the server-side, making it impossible to mint all the NFTs. The NFTs are minted when you are at the specified location.

We have used a standard TRC-721 NFT contract with custom logic regarding geo-location.

With this approach, our system is pretty much secure.