MapX :- Explore the World, One NFT at Time

Can you elaborate on the process of redeeming geo-tagged NFTs and how users can interact with it in the real world?

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Thanks for your interest! Our app is currently available for both Android and iOS platforms. However, please note that while it’s been thoroughly tested on Android, the iOS version is yet to undergo extensive testing. Feel free to try it out and provide us with your feedback!

How different is MapX to other Walk2Earn platforms? Like StepN for instance

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Hey @Chizz, great to see your interest in geo-tagged NFTs! Let me walk you through how it all works.

So, imagine you’re strolling around town, and suddenly your phone pings with a notification. You’ve stumbled upon a geo-tagged NFT hotspot! These NFTs are like digital treasures waiting to be discovered in the real world.

To redeem them, you simply follow the coordinates to the designated spot, which could be near a bustling business or at a special event. It’s a win-win situation for both users and businesses as it drives foot traffic and engagement.

Once you’ve reached the location, you’ll find your NFT waiting for you in your digital wallet. These can be anything from exclusive tickets to virtual artworks or collectibles. Some might even be vouchers offering discounts at nearby establishments.

Now, here’s where it gets exciting. You can choose to use these vouchers on the spot, perhaps grabbing a coffee or snagging a discount on a cool item. Or, if you’re feeling entrepreneurial, you can trade or sell these NFTs, thanks to their TRC-721 format, opening up a whole new world of digital commerce.

So, whether you’re a treasure hunter, a savvy shopper, or a digital collector, geo-tagged NFTs add an extra layer of fun and utility to your real-world adventures!

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Hi @manfred_jr MapX distinguishes itself as an NFT platform centered around real-world utility and encouraging exploration. Unlike platforms that primarily reward users with cryptocurrency for physical activity, MapX’s incentive structure revolves around collectable geo-tagged NFTs scattered across neighborhoods and locations. These NFTs can take various forms, from vouchers and discounts offered by local businesses like restaurants, stores, and theme parks, to digital collectibles such as limited edition virtual pets and artwork.

By venturing outside and exploring their surroundings, users can discover and redeem these geo-tagged NFTs, serving as a potent marketing tool for businesses to drive foot traffic while promoting health and wellness. MapX’s approach goes beyond mere token rewards, fostering a gamified and adventurous experience where users are motivated to uncover new locations and collect unique NFT assets.

Moreover, MapX incorporates a stronger emphasis on business integration, allowing local entities to leverage the platform by offering geo-tagged NFT rewards to attract and engage customers. This symbiotic relationship creates a win-win scenario, where users are incentivized to explore and businesses can capitalize on increased foot traffic and customer engagement.

While MapX users can earn “MapX tokens” for walking, similar to other move-to-earn platforms, the platform’s core focus lies in providing tangible real-world utilities through its geo-tagged NFT system, seamlessly blending the digital and physical realms in an immersive and gamified experience.

Hi @manfred_jr @Chizz @joseph11 @Gordian ,We recently conducted a successful beta launch of our MapX platform, enabling the creation and minting of geo-tagged and 3D NFTs. With our initial limited release being fully subscribed, we’re now excited to onboard talented artists from the vibrant TRON ecosystem. MapX offers a unique opportunity for creators to showcase their digital artworks in an immersive, location-based manner and explore the growing world of 3D NFTs. We kindly request your assistance in connecting us with the NFT artist community within TRON, as we believe this collaboration could empower artists to push boundaries, reach global audiences, and unlock new revenue streams through their geo-tagged and 3D creations on our platform.

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It is really good that you are considering this particular feature in your future roadmap, I will very much like to see it when it becomes active, thank you

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The only thing I will like to say is congratulations to the success of your beta launching, I am wishing you the very best, thank you

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Based on my comprehension of your explanation, you basically have to walk to earn this geo-tagged NFTs as opposed to walking to earn crypto incentive by other platforms and this is how MapX can be distinguished from the rest?

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Congratulations on this feat, keeping fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2: to see the growth as Hackathon progresses, goodluck.

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There is more to it let me explain it
MapX distinguishes itself by enabling users to earn geo-tagged NFTs and mapx token by exploring the physical world, as opposed to earning cryptocurrency rewards offered by other platforms.

These location-based NFTs can take various forms like digital art, event tickets, vouchers, or virtual representations tied to specific places. For artists and creators, MapX provides an avenue to tokenize and distribute their physical/digital artworks as NFTs.

The primary audience is cryptocurrency projects, firms, and communities who can mint location-based NFTs with potential utilities or sentimental value, fostering community engagement through gamification.

Retail businesses can also utilize MapX by issuing NFT vouchers or collectibles redeemable at their physical locations, driving foot traffic through a novel marketing approach that reduces operational costs compared to traditional vouchers.

Similar to how Pokemon Go proved successful in gathering people at specific locations to “catch 'em all,” MapX aims to build vibrant communities by incentivizing real-world meetups and explorations to acquire unique NFTs.

Overall, MapX leverages market to create unique, engaging experiences that incentivize real-world exploration for users while offering monetization opportunities for artists, crypto projects, and businesses.

Welcome to the Tron hackathon .

After examining your product i noticed you also competed in the NEAR hackathon in Q1 2023 another entry can be found on the ETHDubai x SushiSwap x Mantle Hackathon in 2023 . Furthermore in your smart contract links you have posted a tron wallet adress no link to the actuall smart contract .

  • Since the last hackathon entry has been more then 1 year ago how come your product is still not released ?
  • I can see in relatively short time you have released 8 different projects . How are you able to manage and maintain all of them and asure growth of all projects ?

For the judges to watch the previous entries


Hi @dendroid, thank you for examining our product and for your interest in our project. I appreciate you pointing out the issue with the smart contract link. Here is the correct link

Regarding your questions:

Our product has been in development for over a year now, and although we have participated in several hackathons, we have not officially released it yet. The reason for this delay is that we initially developed our project using Android Studio, but we were not satisfied with the outcome as it was similar to other projects like StepN and Sweatcoin. Therefore, we decided to change the entire architecture of the application and rebuild it using Unity and GameFi principles. After our beta release, we received much better feedback from the community, and we are now working on our alpha release, onboarding artists, and exploring partnerships with businesses.

we tested our application with other blockchains to stress test and evaluate speed. After this process, we found that the Tron blockchain performed significantly better, which is why we decided to release our beta on the Tron network for this hackathon.

Thank you for your interest in our work. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify any concerns and provide more context about our journey. Please let me know if you have any further questions or if you would like additional information about our projects.

For your reference i am adding the UI


Addendum i already mention regarding our previous version here in this reply

Our team has updated our logo and map style. We are also in talks with NFT artists to launch their NFTs on our application. If any artist wants to launch their NFTs on our MapX application, please email You would be one of our early adopters, and our enthusiastic community would welcome you.


Why artists should join MapX:

Artists can use MapX to tokenize both physical artworks as well as digital artworks. They can then give these artworks away or auction them off through the platform. MapX offers an intuitive user interface.

From reading your reply up until this point, the idea of Pokemon Go really hit me cause this geo tagged NFTs you speak of have same similarities as finding Pikachu.

How is the royalties system going to be structured to benefit artists and creators alike?

Your logo immediately reminds me of a zoomed version of Google Maps with a different coloring, way to go on the progress tho, goodluck on everything.

Hello, you are mentioning will release on appstore

How do you handle the blockchain integration on appstore then?
As appstore will ban the app with blockchain, NFT-skin or using external payment ?

Also, what is the techstack currently being used here? full-kotlin ? or is it react-native/flutter/ionic ?

Hi! Cool project. We’ve also built a project on Tron. Here’s our submission: dCharacter.AI. We allow creators to build their own fun AI characters with just a few clicks :art::robot:. Our marketplace is currently growing with different characters created by multiple creators. Do try them out and have fun! :tada: Cheers!