PhotoSafe - Memories shouldn't be forgotten and you shouldn't pay centralized storage providers

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Content in the BTFS network is accessible to all connected peers as long as they know the hash. It’s possible however to encrypt the content with a key. Here is a implementation on the ipfs network that could also be replicated. We will look into ways to include this functionality in our app.

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if you want to remove a photo forever?

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We used the go-btfs package to initialize a local node, and for browsers we currently testing with js-ipfs. We are also looking into Storage3.0, however we are waiting for more documentation

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You can delete a file/photo from a node which will remove it from the network forever. As long as no other node is hosting the file. Even then it also could be removed :blush:

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Is it a storage platform

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A great way for keeping my pictures against loosing it