Season 6 | All Prizes and Energy Amount

I’ve read the rules twice, but I have a question for season 6. Admins, I would be very happy if you answer.

First of all, general awards;
Track categories: (25, 15, 10, 8, 6) * 5 = 320
Forum categories: (7, 6, 5, 4, 3) * 5 = 125
Engagement: (5) * 2 = 10
Determination: (5) * 2 = 10
Ecosystem Inclusivity: (5) * 2 = 10
Non-DevPost on Forum: 25 (all) = 25
Total till here without energy rewards: 500k

Energy Prizes: (0.5) * 25 = 12.5

My question is: Do the contestants who win awards in Tracks receive 500 units worth of energy every month for 1 year, so that the entire competition is completed as 12.5 * 12 = 150k? Or is the energy only for 1 month and there is something different?


Great question
They’ll clarify for sure

I wanna ask one too: What are Non-Devpost prizes? Do they give it to just active users, or are there any little competitions for it? Does anyone have any idea about how it works?


Only judge-selected winners will receive energy rewards to supplement txn costs. This will run for 6 months.

Projects will be reviewed on their energy usage. This checks if they are being used or not. Some projects may get more energy based on their usage, less energy or if there is no usage then they will be removed from the energy allocation pool.


Non-devpost prizes are based on forum activity. Non-humanlike activity is severely punished so bots don’t win.


Okay it sounds great. So project owners who don’t just take money but also continue to improve their projects will have benefits over energy regularly. Thank you for answer. Great explanation.


good question, good answer