Stabln - The first stable NFT in the world with Defi System

Thank you for kind answer!
It make sense

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Great question though

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Finally, Our demo and Devpost link is released :rocket: :rocket:

We will gonna update and improve details from now on!

Thanks for Tron Community Again :heart_eyes:

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So happy to see working demo! Great job guys!
I think stabln is one of the promising team ever in this tron hackathon season 3👍

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Gonna Rocket soon :rocket: :rocket:
We have come a long way down to the end!!
Thank you for support!

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Introduction & Demo video is uploaded! Hope to enjoy it!

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Info PDF, Demo website, Smart contract address uploaded!

All milestones cleared :raised_hands:

Appreciate all the support from Tron community :+1: :+1:

Nice !

For example, Ledger Redemption Token] and, as you mentioned, shoes, there is undoubtedly a great use case for stable NFTs.

How do you suppose you’ll strike a deal or collaborate with Nike and others if the project doesn’t bring in enough money?

I hope my inquiries don’t make you feel like I’m attacking you.

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Thanks for your attention! Feel free to ask about our ideas. we are being improved by the community!

We will emphasize our strength to strike a deal with other companies.
From the perspective of commodity producers, They can sell their products worldwide without any banks and credit card companies with low commissions. Furthermore, thanks to the distribution of minting commission, producers can earn money otherwise.(although this mechanism is not ready yet)

From the perspective of buyers, They are safe from risk.
If producers sell conventional NFT collaborating with their products, NFT’s value will be zero when the company is bankrupted. But if it was stable nft, people can redeem their money on the protocol to get their money back.

No middle people, No risk of anybody, Yes profit is our key!

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Wouldn’t it be much simpler to pay the Real Burger with USDT or any crypto? Why add the complexity of minting the NFT and redeeming it. If McD can accept payment in NFT it can also accept a coin/token directly.

DeFi should Simplify.


We agree with your opinion. As we said in the upper reply, the mechanism is not ready.
Your question is about our challenge for collaborating with commodity companies.

In our opinion, Direct payment by Mcdonald’s looks very efficient, but cannot be riskless, the profitability of holders. We also think user-friendly UI/UX is much more important than the complexity of the Defi system itself.

Thanks for telling us a big weakness of our idea! We will gonna develop it from the bottom.

Wowww the world first stable NFT in virtual world, cool. :+1:

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Wishing you the best in Hackathon :+1: :+1:

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Thanks, Ran! We are working hard for another great idea of what we can do in the Virtual world with stable NFT.

Appreciate your support! We hope for a great result in this hackathon!

Hola, es genial poder pagar productos básicos en criptomoneda , en cuanto el NFT estable me gustaría ver su desarrollo final parece que puede ser interesante, y darle una utilidad.