STAR-EX a cross-chain, cross-platform, cross-dimension, cross-gameFi

Ok this question actually can lead 2 answer as there is exclusive mode for racing itself:

for Main game there are multiple gameplay: exploration, racing, simulation, dungeon, endurance. Will be given detail on gamebook. The racing mode is focused on ranked matchmaking multiplayers, so user will have emotion involvement in their gaming. (e.g If a player keeps losing, they might want to keep playing until they win or they might encounter a situation that makes them rage, creating an emotional attachment that is important for nurturing addiction :slight_smile: )

While exploration focused on mystery collection and leaderboard achievements ( e.g: so there will be information of achievements, 1st player found the Planet XYZ → 0x213 ) but some exploration zone can enter with team too.

The exploration itself actually more into a survival racing too like temple run where player cannot control the speed and need to avoid objects, and getting harder, and the mode will be similar, but you can use the ability too later. While also can explore a lot of NFTs and find Outpost, Planet, Random Portal, catastrophic that you can mint those into NFT and become a new zone later.

To be mainly to engaged in long term, it will also depends of the mystery aspect, and each difficulty will require another starship or another ability that can handle each situation differently. I want players curious to finish the zone challenge, interact with community how they do it, and how they able to find those items in what zone, etc. Luckily this is can be created by crafting so player can collect/farming those materials and choose to use it to enter more advance zone and get more rarer nft or they can choose to sell it to the marketplace.

For increasing the difficulty and challenge:
It explained a bit, the zone ( which is the gameplay ) will be NFT and has tier, each tier has different challenge, and terrain. The higher tier obviously is more difficult. Like making the rock explode, or enemy chasing, and nearing a big asteroid has gravity challenge, or just increase the speed or quantity. There are many challenges available actually, like blackhole, storm-space, pirate, etc, and most of challenge i got inspired from other game too. I want to make awesome game that i can enjoy to play too.

Everyone, the answer for the question from now on will be move into live AMA session later.
Since i think i prefer to do it by speaking as it will be easier for me.

So feel free question anything, and I will answer it in the AMA, or you can question it live too.

Have a nice weekend everyone :slight_smile:

How do you plan to sustain a vibrant community over the long term?

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Its a really small dev community in the space of GameFi

I think we should encourage projects like this. so that this sector can grab some traction.

great work team! keep it up.

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Hello, we do have many plans.

We simply learning it from the big community/company as well. Me and our new moderator did research on other big-gameFi and trying to revamp our discord server soon in that way, many things such as giving points, trivia, and more.
Making those into leaderboard so community can have a sense of competition outside of the game.
basically we will keep learning to strive the best community especially when the community will be coming from across platform, across blockchain network, across DAO.

While also giving community to govern the game update in the future, we are releasing a tool for map-maker so community can contribute the update, and also such as challenging artist to submit their art, or new 3D concept into our game, or even meme-token airdrop

The future game update will also become decentralised using governance. for e.g: like steam community have most favourite concept but not released by the game because their centralised system.

We will communicate them with various community channel. We are focusing on twitter, discord, telegram first. Sooner we are focusing on tiktok and youtube short too to attract more gen-Z playing the game. Communication is important to keep our community interested, that’s why we will open more podcast, and video too.

We are also not forget to attract with common way among blockchain which is using airdrop, competitions and events since we are about to release our first batch NFT. Also this is reason we are building this game as AIRDROP gateway, so we can have more engagements itself with unique way. Even though no one ever done this to be a gamification, it will be interesting to see the impact in our innovation

That’s why we’re already allocating some fund from starknet prize directly to nurture the community. because we acknowledge the community is the most important asset, once you have them. somehow it wont be a problem to sell as long as you have this growth community. Since we’re also bringing web2 gamer, then we need to educate them too.

Hopefully team can have more fund so i can hire more people to help the team growing the community. I cannot wait to have community from various channel and discussing the game mystery events such How they are able to find those items and in what zone, who have X-blueprint, who can trade their items asap, and many more.

We already begin this, and indeed it’s not that many yet, and some leaving but it’s okay since we have historical events and community can see our progress and can trust back later. This transparency important aspect to have community trust on us.

Thank you,

Indeed since game can bring web2 user more easily to learn web3, especially when TRON also need to compete with other chain. So using the usual dapp also can be challenging. Most of other network chain has already provide great dapp and even new user from web2 will tend prefer the most popular chain first

So that’s why we invent a unique game too involving cross-chain and as airdrop gateway for many users across blockchain network. We are trying to adjust how we want this game to be play daily.

Even though we deployed to BTTC testnet and later to BTTC mainnet.
It seems would be interesting if we also deploy to TRON network making TRON ecosystem powered heavily in our game and can compete strongly in our cross-chain events

but again, our goal for now is focused on EVM, since everyone is familiar with metamask.
what do you guys think?

welcome to saeson6, kudos to team

You need to change your submission tag from gamefi to artistry. All the best

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Vous m’avez appelée mademoiselle, vous devez avoir une bonne connaissance du français. D’où venez-vous? Je suis excitée de rencontrer mes compatriotes français.

Now I am back to speaking in English do you have royalties in your game play to use and reward your players, thank you

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Ok I see. That is a nice strategy in maintaining a strong community of users to your platform. Thank you for giving this detailed explanation on how you’ve planned to achieve this. Wishing you the best in your development plans

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Yes we have royalty on some ZONES (Planet and Outpost) and the resources value can be controlled by Faction Networks, and actually inspired a bit by game called RF-online, where there are 3 factions that will always battle to get increase their resources but i expand this further with other game like STAR-ATLAS or many more, this will open a unique game-economic.

for reward there are multiple reward categories:

  • Top Leaderboard reward
  • Internal NFTs material reward → basically collecting materials are reward though
  • Cross Chain External Airdrop → is also consider reward, who knows maybe some dapp want to airdrop their tokens inside our game
  • Exploration Staking reward with Theras Tokenomic, using 50% distribution for emission of $TGEM as reward.
  • Exploration Staking with external NFT + internal NFT rewards
  • [WIP] Staking inside the PLANETS, this is still consideration. basically Faction can release their own tokenomic or bringing the external tokenomic into a game, and reward system too. making it a fully unique decentralised gameFi inside a gameFi. A gameFiception

Thank you,
you are awesome !!

Before releasing this into our tester, we are still fixing some issues from the agnostic Theras universal metadata because this is involving cross-chain in our gameFi, we are trying to re-structure again the architecture to be more seamless in everything, and team-staff or the interface can also easily update the game.

Releasing soon all of them together (gamebook v2, mini-game multiplayer, leaderboard competition)

How will the crafting fee be determined?

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I like your explanation and I want to know what will it take to be in the top of the leaderboard, thank you

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Initially, the fee will be decided by the team and will be a fixed amount based on the native token for each network but we are able change the fee. We will set it low because our first goal is to attract more players and increase crafting activities, so it will be negligible as we have another business model in place too. Though eventually if players grow into many, it will be strong sustainable income for the game.

This fee also an important factor for collaboration and control. We might be able to encourage players to engage in cross-network crafting or use specific networks due to differences in fees or resource values. A lower fee on a particular network could promote collaboration events and push a community to try a specific network first. Yes, this strategy is centralised, and indeed must be a centralized decision during the early stages of development to ensure the game grows in the right direction according to my vision.

Eventually it will become decentralised, as my goal also move it into DAO, so the crafting fee will be governed by a DAO and even move it into vault with decisions made by representatives from each faction or network. They will accumulate resources based on their respective networks.

We also have the idea of basing the fee on zone resources, and controlled by DAO or Owner of the minter but we will leave that decision for later, and still on hold as we want to focus on current execution.

Overthinking could delay our execution, that’s why we are opting for a fixed fee for now. To achieve what we envision, team must focus on early execution first.

There are many options and multiple leaderboards as well.

For now, the easiest option is a mini-game leaderboard for simply collecting the most items and surviving the longest. The top leaderboard players will be rewarded with rare blueprints for the next season. As development and release progress (we release in tiers and zones seasonally), top leaderboard players can enjoy exclusive, unreleased rewards and are free to sell them in the marketplace to collectors.

Rewards will include rare, high-tier lucky charms for crafting. Depending on the balance of the game and the situation, rewards might change.

Besides mini-games, we have other main gameplay modes: racing and exploration. For racing, the goal is obviously to collect many trophies, but rewards will differ and may include a distribution from the revenue vault to encourage competitiveness.

This is also important as we move forward into esports, where each network-chain must select a representative. The top players might receive support from the network itself to join our brawls, progressing into entertainment for the racing section. Think of how Formula One athletes get sponsored by car manufacturers but you dont need look into this too much as we are focusing on mini-game and exploration first

Hello everyone, in recent weeks, we have been busy preparing for a multi-phase release. We want to ensure we are well-prepared for releasing into production (mainnet) while also progressing multiple staging versions.

Initially, we wanted to showcase this to the public, but we want to differentiate between production and test products, we decided it would be best to keep using the test product to maintain the value of our NFTs, as we are close on selling them on june with WL registration open in this EOM.

For our current Demo site:
it was previously using v2.0.6 and is now updated to v2.0.8b, which includes:

  • Fixing inventory issues
  • Fixing equipment issues
  • Fixing unresponsive buy functionality and re-structuring cross-payment on the backend
  • Upgrading BTTC contracts with more view functions
  • Fixing stuck cross-chain buys after switching networks
  • Making the game unplayable when there is no spaceship

And for Multiplayer demo:
it’s moving forward from v2.1.2 → into v2.1.3, which includes:

  • Fixing claim reward issues
  • Updating the cross-chain leaderboard

Sorry again for late reply and update.
This has been a busy period, as our new front-end developer is also preparing for v3,
which mostly relates to UI/UX updates, including:

  • A new UI/UX with a cyberpunk or futuristic sci-fi theme
  • Removing multiple profiles (cross-chain profile)

You can find the version on the drawer:

However, we might experience a slowdown because I need to take on another job to secure early funding to pay my team. I want to keep the team together instead of working and maintaining everything by myself. I’ll do whatever it takes to make it work :slight_smile:

Hi, I like the UI and concept of the game. Seems like it’s been out on other chains. Is it just me or I’m getting a black screen and can’t do anything? It’s saying 60 fps but nothing else.

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have you bought the starship first on the store? and equip it?
thanks for telling me, i will put the warning. it supposed to be there. we have multiple staging environment because the code structure is a pallete, and intend to be plug and play a feature but there seems a problem