The Ordeal in the Forum of Happiness

When bad luck chooses a man as companion, even a ripe plantain can break his teeth.

The loosing of $500 community prize in season two taught me a whole lot of lesson, But as the adage goes, bad is never good until the worse happens.

My perseverance, consistency and persistency led me to be chosen again as a winner in season three.

This time i wasn’t going to miss it, because once bitten twice shy and he who has sold an old lady before, knows the price of an old man.

The team contacted me as usual for my $TRX address, i hurriedly copied from Tronlink and sent it to them.

The email i got three days later nearly broke my heart. It read;

My passport has expired few months ago, i was yet to receive my Driver’s license, and my National ID had no signature on it. All my happiness was shattered.

I sat down quietly and said why me!! This was not an issue in season one and two, why NOW!

So is it bad for me to also win something from the forum?

Why the sudden change in requirements?

These were the questions i asked myself as i was thinking of ways i could manage to do the L3 verification on Huobi.

All approaches and methods proved futile, i asked the team “so what next?”

The feedback was nothing encouraging and i knew i was about to lose the winning of season three also.

I kept emailing the team from time to time if they could treat my issue as a special case, i was sending them DMs on the forum, tagging them in comments but it was as if it all fell on deaf ears.

I didn’t really blame them, they were on a break for the Chinese New year.

Almost two months into winning the community bonus prize, the light was ready to shine on a brother, i got a call from the Drivers and Vehicle License Authority (DVLA) that my Driver’s License was ready for collection.

I smiled and said Game on. Went for the card that very day, did my L3 verification that very day and notified the team that very day.

When all hope seemed lost, I finally saw light at the end of the tunnel. And i can proudly say i am a receiver of $500 USDD community bonus prize.

My efforts has been rewarded, i hope yours get rewarded too.

I would like to thank @fabsltsa for all the support he gave me whilst i was still waiting for good news. He gave me all the headsup, from when i won to the very day i got my prize money. Good job done Marechal.

Do your best and leave the rest to the ALMIGHTY!

@StevenTRON @Atokwasi @HunterTRON @support.hackathon @EMerchant


I admire your relentless efforts in all ramifications,… this is really a great lesson that everyone needs to pen down

Being brave enough,Never giving up and being consistency

This is typically example of great leader and champ

Keep it up sir :muscle::fire:


At this one

congratulations for not giving up.

Thanks to @fabsltsa and others. For helping you out
Lovely people in here

Happy you got rewarded and receive successful.


We from Africa and if this continent doesn’t teach you to be tough, nothing can :rofl:


@fabsltsa is a gem, the moment he gets email from the trondao team, he notifies me, he has been of great help and i really appreciate that.

I think we need to create a token for him. $FBS

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Yes @fabsltsa is one Great Tron man I met on telegram
From babyturu.

I ran to him for some help and clarification.
He is always ready to help.

For the token you want to create for him.
I will provide liquidity

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