Wondering scam sites

Let’s say that there is one site which use name of Tron, and scamming people. If this sites is other part of world, can Tron close that site with lawyers ?


Lol I leant the word “tron” was a movie or
So I think we too we borrowed (stand to be corrected)

But that won’t be bad if tron can do that. For example klever do not allow projects to use their name. They will contact you to change the name

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No I dont believe they can close those sites legally.

Nice topic with good questions.
Since this is law and legal related.
Let me not say what would be totally wrong.

I believe it left for us to be careful with the other Tron
Look alike to interact with

My memory serving me correctly.
I also learnt Tron from Juicewrld music lyrics

Transform, feel like Megatron in that thing


They can use “tron” word, because it not theirs. But if they behave like they work with Tron, Tron has a right to sue them

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Also, tron used very early times (e.g. electron, neutron) when blockchain didnt even created. No one can sue just word “tron”. It is not just also word, it created with many different forms


Yes the word Tron has been in use before blockchain technology.
Used in different contexts music, arts science movie.

So it’s independently as a function

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Tron cant really do anything about that. i use to wonder why tron looks on when people create smart contract on their own blockchain to dupe people. but i realised thats the negative effect of decentralization and hence the term DYOR.

In decentralized system… everyone is a boss

Tron is a pre-existing concept and I don’t think they can give it to the case.