World Craft - create your own metaverse world

Project Name: World Craft - create your own metaverse world

Project Track: Artistry

Team Name: World Craft’ers

Team Member(s): @creat3

HackerEarth Project Link: WorldCraft team - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal: The goal of the project is to create an entertainment dApp with gamification aspects on the BTTC ecosystem.

Project Value: World Craft is an ambitious project aimed at creating an entertainment decentralized application (dApp) on BTTC. This innovative platform combines elements of a metaverse with gamification aspects, allowing users to unleash their creativity by building and exploring virtual worlds.

  • Purchase worlds: Users have the option to purchase worlds within the platform. Additionally, upon acquiring a world, users will receive two free block colors for customization.
  • Purchase block colors: Users can expand their creative possibilities by purchasing additional block colors. These colors can be used to add aesthetic variety to the user’s creations.
  • Building mode: After purchasing a world, users can enter Building mode. Here, they have the ability to construct their own virtual world, placing and arranging blocks as they envision.
  • Save world state: Users can save the state of their created world, ensuring that their progress is preserved for future interactions and exploration.
  • Explore other worlds: Users can explore the virtual creations of other platform users. This opens up a world of possibilities for adventure and discovery within the metaverse.

Users will be able to build and explore the world in 3 modes:

  • First person control;
  • Free camera control;
  • Building mode;

Key commands:

W, A, S, D Move around
1 - 9 Select block color
Left mouse click Place block
Right mouse click Remove block

Project Info:
Presentation of our project in PDF format: World Craft.pdf - Google Drive

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:
– DApp flow / actions:

  1. Connect wallet;
  2. Get some test BTT from faucet;
  3. Buy worlds (1 world = 5000 BTT [testnet]) ** . You will get 2 free block colors;
  4. Buy additional block colors (1 block color = 250 BTT [testnet]) **;
  5. Open your world and add blocks;
  6. Save the world state;
  7. You can also open and explore worlds of other users.

** - These prices may be different in the final version of the project

Project Details:

---- Short demo video:
---- Few demo screens:

Smart Contract links:
0x151479e361c8dc150b9214cdea1cf90c33e6cb2a Contract Address 0x151479e361c8dc150b9214cdea1cf90c33e6cb2a | BTTC

Project Milestones:

  • Add the option to buy textures for blocks;
  • Allocate a portion of all funds collected from the purchase of worlds and block colors to organize weekly and monthly lotteries/draws for users;
  • Build a marketplace with in-game items and world decorations;
  • Seasonal campaigns & events with prebuilt maps that can be explored by users;
  • Launch the project on BTTC Chain Mainnet;

Please kindly update your info as soon as possible

Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5


Welcome to Tron Dao forum Hackathon season 5.

I believe that Worldcraft has a lot of potential to be a successful DApp.
The project team has a clear vision for the project, and they are making good progress on development.
However, the project is still in early development, and there are some bugs and performance issues that need to be addressed before the project is ready for launch.
I am excited to see how the project develops in the future.


Welcome, How relevance do you feel your project will be helpful in ONBOARDING new users?


After all this instruction, what will be the economic importance of buying a world?.
And economic benefits to users?

My concern is about the drops hype in metaverse.


hi .
Already done


hi @Okorie

thanks for the feedback.
We will continue to improve the project.


I’m in a race to be the first to welcome projects to Season 5 against @Prince-Onscolo, I’m positive he beat me to this one haha :laughing:

Welcome to Season 5!


Hahahaha take it bro


Hi @Gordian .
I’ve been more offline these days.
Sorry for the long lack of response.

The system will NOT be like pay-to-use. The purchase fee and additional block colors are meant to show that all this can be customized in the future.

Users will be able to get, as well as 2 basic colors, one free world. And other additional options will be available for a symbolic amount, part of which will be raffled off among active users.
We have not yet worked out what the prices will be, etc., but users will have the opportunity to try it for free.

Everything will be more based on entertainment.
As an example, it will be possible to build an interactive world of a certain project (DEFI, SOCIAL, etc.) and allow users to learn about it in game mode.


I think those who like to play Minecraft (including me :laughing:) will appreciate your project.
Very cool! Good luck


Cool project, buying and building your own world.

Is there any plans for the user to also resell the world he has created???

And how do you plan to attract users on to the platform and what will be the utility token of the platform. Thank you and wishing you all the best.


haha, I just created this. how do you like it?) :grinning:

Cool project!


Wow. It looks really cool.
My rating: 10 out of 10 :star_struck:
I’m really glad you tried the project.

I look forward to other works from other users =)


Awesome project! :+1:


Your team is doing a great job. Keep it up!


Thank you @Nana66419 for sharing your opinion about the project.

Thanks for the question. We haven’t thought about it yet, but it sounds like a good idea that we’ll consider implementing.


my creatiom

:honeybee: :blossom:


I have been trying to build but I can’t :joy::joy:

Can you share the testnet details so that I can add it to metamask manually?

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Hi @felixWow & @telewor . Thanks ! :innocent: