1738 Fx Young Gold

Company name: 1738 Fx Young Gold

Our mission is to solve financial problems & long working hours by making people financially free in the comfort of their homes.

This will benefit the Tron network & community as our clients will be using Forex trading profits to buy more TRX. This will also increase the users of Tron as all our clients will be told to purchase our services using Tron.

We’ll also provide more education to Africans about Tron.I just want to make Tron extra famous in Africa & be the first ever company to take strictly Trx payments

Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat
Broker: http://t.eurotrader.com/?t=jSEVOR
IG: @almalik_masimini1738 @1738fx_young_gold
Web: 1738fxyounggold


Good project team. Good luck

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Good luck in this project. How many people in Africa is related to this?


Well done, looking forward on this project. Tron definetly deservs more attention


So far I got two countries involved looking to expand as soon as i see that the foundation is strong enough

Yes, Tron is underrated let’s Push it :pray::airplane:

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we will need more explanation about this project please

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love projects that help comunities


Good luck with the fundings!!! Greetings @Almalik

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If you guys can vote please vote for it