About Trust Level 1

How can I understand I am trust level 1 ?? @admin.hackathon


I just received it :slight_smile: Just read a bit more and you will get it

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okay but how did u understand @ironil, was it with notification or message ?

You get a badge and a notif that you’ve received that badge


I’ve checked and you already got that badge called “basic” so congratulations you are Trust Level 1 :raised_hands:


aah okay, thank you so much

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Would like to know this too. Can’t wait to be trust level 1 user

Read some posts in apenft, devs talk,… You shouldn’t be too far

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You will get a badge


indicating that.

Yes, it easy, bagde and notify

Thanks Trondao, interesting and useful topic

Hola, recibirás una insignia y te será notificado

I’m also waiting to get there

why I am still not trust level 1 ???

Just keep engaging in the forum activities.

I can’t wait to get to trust level 1 as well… I will be very happy if I get the notification :hugs:

Make sure you go everywhere on the forum. Dev chat, chit chat, apenft,…

This is a very good question

Lee las noticias, proyectos, chat, interactua en opiniones.

I think we just need spend time a bit :see_no_evil: