Appreciation post 🤝

hmmmm thanks for sharing

we have to be more careful

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My head full yesterday :joy::joy:

Thank you for sharing, you know I love gist.
To start with, I’m very active on Discord too.
I handle tickets too, I understand how users can get desperate for admins to solve Their solutions.

I understand how this fake impersonating admin could operate .
Please that link that almost took you to village should be identified with disclaimer.

Me any matter that will led me to connect wallet, input seed phrase I will skip it. Discord is another hunting ground for corporate scammers.

Good you were overwise and faster

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Most projects are migrating Thier communities from telegram to discord, saying that discord is more secure, but no were is safe ooo, it’s just about being extra careful

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Lols, I’m so flexible with Discord, if you like let your project community server be hosted in space, scamers will always potate…

Discord for me is still safe for me, easy to navigate.
New users may find it complicated, I felt same too then.

Well said

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anybody or project who says that is a damn lier.

Discord scams are more than anywhere else

I got my trust wallet drained from discord. They will direct you to Discord and scam you

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True bro The scammers in discord are even more tactical

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one of the reasons I stopped going there lol
Very tactical

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Hahaha you run for your dear life

I tell you hahahaha, prevention is better than cure

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Hahaha Very important ooo


Buddy u deserve it because u are good, and you know good and better things comes to those with pure

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Sure sure, thank you dear

Someone like who? The trondao team are there

Congratulations on getting that badge, its not easy to get that so if you got it then it means its a well deserved effort.

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When you get kicked out, getting it back is tougher than trying to swallow you own head.

Now the lounge is not my target anymore. I know its not meant for me.

Let me stay my one corner and enjoy my membership status

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thank you Sir

indeed it’s not easy but it’s achievable

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I mean users haha. The team there are all level 4.

All the fun is here anyway :grin:

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Yh all the fun is here, the lounge is dead silent all the time