Appreciation post 🤝

Hello fam, I just received one great badge called ADMIRED

It is granted when you receive at least 5 likes on 300 different posts.

You guys have shown love and support through out this journey.

Thank you so much and keep supporting
Happy to be one of the early birds on this forum
A member since February 2022 :fire::fire::fire:


Congratulations Buddy, you doing more than best of You,
Together we sTRONger, thanks for your support too.
All the best


thanks bro
#TRONSTRONG :handshake:


Congrats! Hope to get more badges for myself too haha :+1: :pray:

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Welcome to trondao forum.
Very easy to get more badges, I currently have 36 badges. All you need to do is to stay active and contribute…

Enjoy your stay mate

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Thank you sm man @Prince-Onscolo

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Currently the Highest BADGE HOLDER.

I have not checked but I don’t think I am the one

Congratulations bro! This is a great feat to be achieved. So happy for you :blush:

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thank you brother :heart:

Stronger Together


Big congrats on this achievements.
Unrelated, who would you pitch to be the next for this badge?
I’m nominating @Nana66419


thanks bro

Mmm more posts? I won’t be surprised if @Gordian follows

I wasn’t aware we have a badge for that, I was surprised when I saw the notis. Hope it comes organically again. First person from what they sent to me was @fabsltsa in May or so…

So let’s see


Keeping fingers crossed on the next champ, happy weekend buddy.

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Happy weekends too my boss :pray:

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Congratulation buddy I’m so proud of all the hard work you’ve put in over the time.
I know you’ll continue to do great things.


Thank you dear, waiting for you all up there :pray::grinning:

Lols, this mentioned is like INSIDER HINTS.
btw thanks for the head up…
Let see how it goes.

Have been checking on each badges and how to get em
Not until I lost my REGULAR BADGE, then I had to rest a bit.

Once again congratulations boss

Maybe you get the React to a post Badge FIRST.

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lol but I am not from Trondao team :joy:

We hope for more bro

Let’s keep it up
more blessings

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Yes man, we do , we blessed more.
We hope for more.

Is like you forgot?. Maybe will Remind you

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:joy::joy::joy: how can I trust you when is the one to confirm :joy::joy:

That wicked soul :joy::joy: We are even looking for a day and a venue to fight