CHERRIO by CHERRIO Team - Proof of Charity DAO Protocol - online trusted standard for charity using integrated web3 protocols

Hey everyone, we have updated our DevPost URL, added links to smart contracts, as well as to our MVP, and we also included testing instructions. Feel free to test it :sunglasses:

I cannot wait to test itttt :100:

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Thanks @ericyonca, if you have any questions, just ask :grinning:

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After a little more research, I’ll ask what sticks in my mind, but so far I’ve just loved it :clown_face:

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The project is very interesting

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Thanks, we’re glad you like it :sunglasses:

How do you make for yourself in the process

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Hi @Mayank, thanks for asking. Since we are not a charity or an NGO, but a software development company developing this CHERR.IO protocol, we plan, in order to be able to continously develop the project, to take 1 % fee of every integrated DeFi protocol transaction on the platform. At the very beginning we will take 1 % fee of every donation as well, however, after DeFi activities on the platform grow, this fee will be eliminated.

Hey Cherrio team and fellow commenters!

Try We’ve built this ground up during the hackathon. RWAs are the hot potatoes as of the moment, but haven’t seen a really decentralized approach to bring them on-chain. We have an unique solution with an user-friendly experience. Give our thread a read and thumbs up if you think this is a value-add for Tron!

Hi @ovon, we’ve checked out your project, and we’re really impressed, it’s a really cool, prospective idea, and we’ve especially liked what we saw on your roadmap - we’ll be definitely following your project :muscle: