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We’re group of students from Boston. We’re trying to address the real-world problem.

Winning is Hard, Being Imposter is Easy.

It’s easy to pretend to be an imposter than go through struggles and achieve results. Often faking provides an undeserved advantage over genuine work. Organizations occasionally struggle to issue certificates or tickets for events they host. But since there are no authentication requirements and these certificates or tickets are not produced as NFT, they are simply faked. This program is a working prototype for an NFT-compatible certificate generator and validator built with TRON.

This specific use case is to validate the certificates to the participants, and winners at Tron x EasyA Hackathon. That’s not it, we built the system in such a way that after winning hackathons or competitions all the eligible participant’s prize money would be delivered to the recipients’ Tron Wallet. This would create a unique TxID that would be enclosed on the digital certificate which is hosted at the IPFS/BTFS, a decentralized storage system.

The digitally verified certificate is provided along with the NFT minted along on the ERC-721 which is TRC-721 compatible


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Here’s an example in an Ideal world we verified Sam Bankman :office_worker:t3: :chart_with_downwards_trend: as a legit participant in the Hackathon verified on ‘Tron Blockchain’

Thank you for supporting our project. Wish you all best for your awesome projects. Please, consider having look at this project. It’s addressing a real-world problem of evaluating the integrity of Academic Certificates and it’s deployed already. If you find it useful, please consider voting for it!


This is excellent project and could provide and easy way to store and validate all your certificates.

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@Vik Thank you so much for your kind support. Please consider to vote to support students like us. It means a lot!

This will help in validating certification best approach

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Thank you so much for support @Benzene . Please consider voting and supporting student like us

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Ok boss we are wanting for more doings