CertiFi by Team CertiFi: Academic Credentials powered by Blockchain

Project Name: CertiFi: Academic Credentials powered by Blockchain
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: CertiFi
Team Member(s): 2 ( @Ron @mkinom )
DevPost URL: CertiFi - Academic Credentials Powered by Blockchain | Devpost
Project Goal: Revolutionalizing the 10+ Billion USD academic credentialing market using blockchain powered credentialing solution.

Project Info:

Solutions already being used by Universities such as Maryville University, Oral Roberts University, etc and thousands of blockchain transcripts and diplomas are already issued. This solution is also being explored by U.S. Department of Education as well as ACE (American Council on Education): https://www.acenet.edu/Documents/ACE-Education-Blockchain-Initiative-Connected-Impact-June2020.pdf

Demo: https://getcertifi.app


Credential Verification is a $10+ Billion (with a B) business. National Clearing House & Parchment are some legacy companies that earn huge amounts because of an outdated and slow to adapt education industry.

CertiFi natural fit for a blockchain based solution. Since colleges charge $2-$15 for issuing a transcript once, we are able to issue and certify transcripts and other credentials for <$1 due to TRON’s low gas fees and store the credentials on IPFS. The certification is immutable once granted.

What it does

We enable 3 things:

  1. Institutions like Universities can issue credentials like transcripts to students. The contents of the transcript are hashed and store on IPFS. We certify that the transcript has been issued by institution to the student. We secure this information on the TRON ledger by storing the hashed issuer, recipient and credential file hash.
  2. Learners can then view all their credentials in one place if the data is stored on the school’s servers.
  3. Verifiers can verify the credentials with a valid link OR a downloaded credential file. This validates the issuer, recipient and the credential relationship and enforces trust when recruiting students to a course or a job.


Project Repo/Website:

Demo Website: https://getcertifi.app
Github Repository: GitHub - Ronak-59/Certifi: CertiFi - Academic Credentialing Solution powered by IPFS and Tron Blockchain (Shasta Testnet) developed as part of Tron Hackathon 2022 Season 2.
Youtube Demo: CertiFi - Blockchain based Credential Platform - YouTube

Project Details:

Tech Stack:

Blockchain: Tron
File Storage Network: IPFS
Other Technologies and Services: Infura, AWS, MongoDB, NodeJS, Express, React, TronLink, TronWeb

Project Milestones:

Further Roadmap:

  1. Credential Interoperability
  2. Adhering to universal credentialing standards like IMS Global OpenBadge 2.0, etc

We’re excited to share this project and try to push for the adoption of blockchain in less popular (unsexy) industries. The unit economics of this business are strong, has a very large market and has lots of legacy players that are waiting to be disrupted!


Do you have any universities onboarded? or UDEMY?


Hi @WindsOfChange92, we have deployed the solutions for Maryville University, Oral Roberts University, etc and currently implementing it at Miami Dade College. Maryville University has already issued 5000+ blockchain transcripts so far and several smart contract secured documents. Oral Roberts University has issued hundreds of blockchain degree-diplomas.

Here are some links:

  1. Maryville Live Blockchain transcript process, faq and validator: Transcripts

  2. Maryville University Alumni Blockchain Transcript form: Maryville University

  3. Maryville University Current Blockchain Transcript form: (Requires OKTA SSO) Maryville University

  4. Oral Roberts University: An Initiative by Pistis to Establish Blockchain Learning Credentials | CIO VIEWS

  5. Miami Dade College: https://miami-dade.pistis.io (Work in Progress)

P.S. The solutions are deployed by Pistis.io and I’m the current CTO at Pistis.io. I’ve built the CertiFi Dapp along with @mkinom on Tron to expand our solutions across blockchain networks, provide users options to choose between blockchains and to provide a demo which is accessible via https://getcertifi.app or via the YouTube video attached in the post.

We’d be happy to demonstrate the live deployed solutions at the universities to the judges and Tron team anytime including the live statistics.


@Ron Just checked some projects including CertiFi. Looks like a very solid use-case and project that doesn’t shill any crypto and a non-crypto use-case of Web3 that most investors look for.

When you build these solutions for universities, does it involve help of university I.T. teams or is just plug-n-play? Also can platforms like Udemy/Coursera/EDX integrate with CertiFi quickly as asked by @WindsOfChange92 ?

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Thank you @jasonTron for your valuable feedback!

When we build and deploy such solutions, it’s always plug-n-play for the institutions during integration. Their I.T. teams doesn’t need to work on the solution.

Yes, online MOOC platforms like Udemy/Coursera, etc can quickly plug-n-play and start issuing blockchain credentials. We can instantly onboard such platforms and also help customize the solutions for them. Feel free to ask any further questions you may have! :smile:

Sounds sophisticated. Can you explain like I’m 5 on how this works?


Hey @mambam8 , sure, here’s how CertiFi works from the point of view of end-users:

  1. After a student completes a course, academic Institution admin or a faculty member uploads the credential file (certificate/transcript/badge) and specifies the student’s wallet address. After that it automatically triggers a blockchain transaction in the TronLink wallet which needs to be confirmed by the issuer (admin/faculty). Issuer can revoke the credential later.

  2. Student can go to their learner’s passport and based on their wallet keys, will gain access to the credentials they have received including ability to view/download/share/verify the credentials.

  3. Employers/verifiers can be provided with credential verification link which verifies and proves authenticity of the credential by comparing the credential metadata hashes on the blockchain. If the credential metadata is verified and the credential is not revoked, the verification will be shown as successful and the verifier can view the credential file by clicking a button on the verification page.

This flow is demonstrated in a video demo on this Youtube link: CertiFi - Blockchain based Credential Platform - YouTube

Let me know if you have any more questions, we’ll be happy to answer.


That’s amazing. Sounds like the future of education coupled with a forward way of building a digital resume. I will be looking out for more developments and news about your project. I’ll be lurking!


Thank you @mambam8! Glad you liked the project! We’d really really appreciate your support for this project and would request if you could vote for us? :heart:

Thank you,


love the concept guys! keep up the hard work!!!

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Thank you @ObbTheShiz glad you loved the concept! We’d really appreciate if you can help support us with a vote on the hackathon projects voting thread :heart::blush:

Great project, very interesting… good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Major updates and interesting highlights on the project you are supporting: [Updates] Project CertiFi - Immutable Academic Credentials powered by Tron Blockchain (Highlights and Updates)