Grand Hackathon Season 2 - The Grand Summary of Projects for Lazy People

I decided to make a summary of most of the projects that have decided to post on the TRONDAO forum with one sentence to describe them. That way you can easily find the one that tickles your fancy.

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  1. Soul Meta - Distribute your personal information with NFTs.
  2. Eagle Eye - Decentralized Crypto Community Policing to protect from scams and rugpulls.
  3. Root Protocol - Easily Create Social Media Dapps on TRON.
  4. PostThread - A decentralized social media Reddit.
  5. HotPot - Launch a DAO in 1 minute.
  6. Calamus Finance - Become a Decentralized Crypto Streaming platform with automated vesting, payroll and multisig options.
  7. XDAO - A platform for creating and managing DAOs
  8. AdShares - Monetizing Web3 with advertising in the metaverse.
  9. TwitTron - Send crypto to Twitter Usernames.
  10. Dbanta - Social Media Dapp just like Twitter where users can earn for posting/likes/shares.
  11. Expense Dao - Tracking of expenses in a DAO.
  12. Softwork - Freelance Platform connecting Crypto Businesses to Freelancers.
  13. STKRS - Assigning Sticker NFTs to trust others online and remain anonymous.
  14. Trustified - Sell digital services for Crypto.
  15. Mist Tracker - Anti-Laundering Crypto Tracking Tool.
  16. Anonymous ZK Vote - Vote Anonymously on the blockchain.
  17. ArHead - Creator driven to produce content spaces and events in the Metaverse.
  18. MeDo - A Freelance platform that guarantees payment through smart contracts.
  19. Nano Network - Quora meets Fiverr and Ebay for donation platforms.
  20. Unity(Web)3 Toolbelt - An add-on for the Unity3D game engine, to help videogame developers integrate blockchains into their games as fast and easily as possible.
  21. CRUZO - NFT Greeting cards like Hallmark and Crypto Gifts platform.
  22. MetaVote - Online poll platform using the blockchain.
  23. OpenSourced - Earn Crypto by contributing to open-sourced code.
  24. Tron Web3 Domains - Replace your Crypto Address with a NFT domain/profile.
  25. RealColibiri - Automated Trading with Binance futures and an earning system for regular people.
  26. Crypto Donutz - A platform that makes Crypto Donations easy.
  27. Tokenomeme - The first ever multichain meme aggregator.
  28. TronVoice - Decentralized microblogging platform.
  29. SaTT - Affiliate Monetization for Social Media using Crypto mining pools.
  30. MNS: Metaverse Naming Service - Get a personalized NFT avatar and Domain name NFT.
  31. Picardy Protocol - Improving ways independent creators, artists, and labels within the community distribute, earn, raise funds and track their projects. Like Patreon but blockchain.
  32. Demeter Coin - Donation Events as a service. Charity Auction events.
  33. DAO Cake - Measuring and rewarding those that contribute to DAOs.
  34. Primo DAO - Cannabis Tracking and Loyalty rewards program.
  35. USDT Point of Sale Terminal - Allowing Physical Stores to accept Tether.
  36. Time Capsule.Day - Putting time capsules on the blockchain.
  37. CertiFi - Academic credentials powered by the blockchain.
  38. AsPIS - Asset Management for DAOs.
  39. Deba’s Wulf Pack - Decentralizing E-Books using BTFs.
  40. JustMoney Pay - Mass adoption of e-commerce payments via checkout, mobile, donations, and payment links.
  41. Tron Wallet & Trading Bot on Alexa - Helping the visually impaired by using voice.
  42. Tron Weekly Journal - One-stop destination for News and digital advertisements in web3.
  43. web 3.0 NRG DAO - Providing low-cost decentralized p2p energy rental service.
  44. Kattana - Cross-chain trading terminal for CEX and DEX.
  45. Fitness Ventures - NFT-based Memberships, Competitions, and Event Scheduling for the sports, fitness, and active lifestyle industries.
  46. ERP = e-plus - Enterprise Resource planning software for accounting, inventory, manufacturing, procurement, e-commerce, and more.
  47. TruQoin - Crypto Mining


  1. Marketplace: True NFTs - A platform for creating NFTs
  2. NEFTME - Create content in NFT format and use the platform to buy/sell and invest in other’s content.
  3. Picasarts - Mint, Sell, buy NFTs and loan, borrow or stake with loyalty programs for NFTs.
  4. Apexgo - A full suite of NFT solutions for everyone, including NFT rarity tool and open sea extension.
  5. Imagination Paper NFTs - Innovation, creativity and union between people through the creation of NFT
  6. ArbiDex Multicasher - NFTs that share arbitrage profits.
  7. CryptoDay - NFT Cartoon
  8. JustRug NFT Launchpad - Launch platform for NFTs.
  9. Jack Horseman - Horse NFTs that connect to metaverse pub and city.
  10. SwapStation - Swap NFTs across blockchains.
  11. NFT Arcade - Streamers, Gamers and creators can upload short videos of their best moments and make them into NFTs.
  12. Financial Market NFT - NFTs inspired by the financial market.
  13. TronBeary Club - Original NFT artwork of the Tron Bear with future plans into GameFi.
  14. Multiplace & mNFTS - NFTs that can change over time or have multiple states.
  15. Decentralease - NFT renting and leasing protocol.
  16. Tron NFT Rarity - This shows how rare NFTs are.
  17. Cubies - Community NFT GameFi Driven platform that also has a platform that helps artists/creators with creating their own NFT collections without knowing how to code.
  18. Exon Center - NFTs connected to multiple profit-generating services.
  19. HiFloor - NFT Marketplace
  20. CassavaLand - Multichain NFT marketplace on Bittorrent.
  21. Non Fungible Factory - SDK can integrate a NFT marketplace within their games easily.
  22. Tokeniz - Locking crypto to NFTs that can be withdrawn.
  23. Umbre - Build NFT collections without code.
  24. NFTMoments - Platform where you can Create, Sell and Collect Unique NFT Moments of life, sports, stars, artists etc. as photo + short video in one NFT.
  25. Neotech Finance - An SDK that can scan/ make real 1-1 replicas of places. Built for building metaverses.
  26. Tronbies - Zombie NFTs, with $TBT token for buying back and burning. Stake your NFTs for $TBT. Upcoming marketplace.
  27. deTronEvent - decentralized Event Self-Management Social Network Eco-System for Stakeholders, Sponsors and Influencers
  28. Africa Stars - Learn about Africa with NFT Fundraising and Charity.
  29. Capitol Lion Music - A platform merging Products, Services, Tools and Resources of Music through the NFT Standard.
  30. NFTMall - Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace that allows you to materialize NFTs into the real world via canvas prints.
  31. PROS NFT - NFTs that can be modified.
  32. TRex Punks - Community Non-profit T-REX NFTs with Game, NFT Graveyard and more.
  33. Builder’s DAO - encourage the use of NFTs as primitives to provide cashflow entitlements, awards + prizes for loyalty programs, blockchain-based credentialing, proof of provenance, proof of work (completed labor), and proof of attendance (of events) .


  1. Shielding Cash - Privacy solution for transactions on BitTorrent.
  2. SunSwap Code Modification - for a fixed custom token swap from your own hosted web space.
  3. InterCrone Analytics - An analytics page for Intercrone Swap.
  4. Tron Telegram Energy Bot - Allowing anyone to become an Energy provider through Telegram.
  5. Tron Crypto Credit Card - TronCard enables cardholders to transact with USDD, USDT or TRX without gas fee and lenders could earn up to 20% yield from inside and outside of Tron ecosystem.
  6. DigitalMart - A marketplace to buy anything you want with Crypto. Like Amazon.
  7. Alpha Finance - Giving credit scores to wallets along with a smart loan service and fiat gateway also building services and protocols like private transactions, multi signature wallets and accepting crypto payments near you.
  8. Crystl Finance - Maximizing yields with yield aggregation and sustainability on BitTorrent.
  9. LiquidaThor - Finds all possible loan liquidations for Justlend and shows them in a nice interface for you to select liquidations.
  10. VanSwap - a decentralized exchange governed by a DAO.
  11. Crypto Recycling Machine - Recycle bottles and get paid in crypto.
  12. MetaVerse Bidder - A metaverse environment where people can host auctions.
  13. African Defi - Decentralized finance in African national currencies as stablecoins with on ramp and off ramp.
  14. tpMarket - Prediction betting platform. Bet your crypto predictions against other people.
  15. Chatter Finance - Yield generating protocol powering a dapp store.
  16. Wink Financial - A web3 payroll and treasure management solution for web3 companies.
  17. Go Africa - Crowd Funding platform that raises investor capital for small-scale farming projects in Africa.
  18. Match Systems - Marking addresses involved in illegal activities.
  19. Quasar - Stake your Crypto to get QSR, stake the QSR to earn more. Liquid staking.
  20. 2k - Security Protocol - Non-custody key management tool
  21. Participes Finance - liquidity-as-a-service on Tron with high yielding NFT-based veConomics (opening up opportunities in secondary markets for selling locked positions).
  22. Hikaru Finance - Automated portfolio manager and trading platform.
  23. Uno Re - Insurance coverage for multiple protocols.
  24. Dazzle Protocol - Send crypto or NFTS to anyone with a simple link.
  25. JAFO Trading Club - Letting others trade for you.
  26. Carpe Diem Savings - Time lock your crypto, and get rewards from people who early withdraw.
  27. ThanX Finance - a multi-brand, crypto-based reward & loyalty platform. Users can earn up to 20% cryptoback when they shop online, travel or book hotels via our extension or application.
  28. WARP - an app that allows the users to stake USDD and get 30%+ APR with low risk and easy access.
  29. BaoZi Swap - Staking pool and DEX.
  30. Nuclear Bridge - A bridge that matches two people wanting to bridge the same assets across chains.


  1. MoniWar - Multichain Idle Puzzle Game
  2. Legends of Elysium - Card and Board Game Fusion
  3. GameWhale - GameFi Management for Guilds, investors, or game studios.
  4. EmpireLand - a strategy game with RTS, RPG, and Moba elements.
  5. Goliath - Ai Architecture
  6. Mancer - MOBA Play to Earn Game
  7. Rill - E-sports Tournaments with Player bounties.
  8. Squirrelvival - Squirrel survival game.
  9. Flynn - Integrate web3 to the game without web3 knowledge
  10. TronNinjas - Play to Earn, Stake to Earn Retro Arcade.
  11. Balrok - Space Shooter game with upgradeable NFTS
  12. Augment Metaverse - Complete lifecycle of kill NPCs, get money, use money to buy items to kill more difficult NPCs using both a token and NFT collection on BTTC. VR Game
  13. NFTBL - Football Management Game
  14. ToyoWorld - Genshin Impact meets Animal Crossing Anime Metaverse Game. Raise pets, socialize and design your land.
  15. MoneyBall - Earn Crypto by playing basketball In Real Life.
  16. Tronverse - Open world First Person Shooter with Tron Bull NFTs
  17. GU3SS - Betting on the outcome of any competition.
  18. CukiesWorld - Inspired by Animal Crossing, open world exploration and socialization game.
  19. TheRevolt - Trading Card Game
  20. Pet Vs Pets - Mobile PVP pet battling game
  21. First Wave - MMO Horror Sci-Fi Game.

These is awesome, thank you


Hey, great work! I just recently (2min ago lol) posted my submission if you want to add it :slight_smile:


For those who are new to Tron, @JustMoney isnt only a payment system but also a swap (crosschain), a bridge, a launchpad, a gift cards platform and a multichain token :wink:


Added it to the list, very interesting idea,.


Thank you! Yes I agree, I am excited to see what kind of collections people will come up with. We only had the time to do 2 proof of concept test collections :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time and energy to create this list. It really gives me a one stop shop feel to see what’s going on during season 2 as a collective. These are extremely exciting times within the Tron Ecosystem. Keep up the amazing work brother :lion::fist:


I will clarify that.


Hi @WindsOfChange92 I am working on Rill. The small description, is wrong. We are not doing betting at all? What we are doing is, organising eSports tournament where the audience can be involved by placing a bounty on a specific player. So the user who places a bounty cannot earn any money on it, he can only put out a bounty to kill someone he doesn’t like from the other team for example.
The only one earning money here are the players that kill others who’s got a bounty on their head.
Does this make it a bit more clear?


Thank you good Sir, this is exactly what’s needed


Thanks a lot @WindsOfChange92. :partying_face: We like how you describe us in short (high-level concept). We also use the following: OpenSea - for greetings, or American Greetings on Blockchain :crazy_face:


Thank you for this very helpfull list. :pray:


Great initiative bro. Thanks :+1:


wooow !!!
Thank you so much WindsOfChange92 :muscle:


Awesome for a lazy dood like me


Yes, makes more sense now.


Thank you for taking your time to serially go through the projects. Glad to see us on there.
Also like to clarify, Picardy Protocol isn’t NFTs for artists to transition. But a protocol integrating web3 to web2 distribution service for independent creators and artistes using NFTs and smart contracts.
Thank you again.


Good job mate.
This list is long, all of them building on Tron with Great potential.

Mate, I would prefer you Said… You made the list for the busy people.

Tron is busy gaining potential and not lazy


Well at first I said, “Lazy B@stard$” :laughing: Anyways, it is for whoever needs it, lazy, busy, recently engaged.


This is an awesome list of projects! You’re right… this list is needed.
:pray: for the curation! and 2x thanks for the mention of DAO Cake :cake: