ThanX Finance - Crypto cashback & reward platform

Project Name: ThanX Finance
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: ThanX Finance
Team Member(s): 2 @KLesku @rolandlesku
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Project Goal: Building a multi-brand, crypto-based reward & loyalty platform. Users can earn up to 20% cryptoback when they shop online, travel or book hotels via our extension or application.

Project Info:
ThanX Presentation (1.5 MB)
ThanX Whitepaper & Tokenomics (1.9 MB)

Project Repo/Website:
GitHub - ThanXFinanceTRON/ThanX-Extension-Demo

Project Details: Intro video:

ThanX Finance is a DeFi project on the TRON blockchain with a goal to build a crypto reward platform, where users have the opportunity to automatically take part in a multi-brand crypto-based reward & loyalty program by collecting, redeeming, staking, and trading THANX tokens all in one place.

Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible both for people and retailers.

We believe that by accelerating the transition to adopting cryptocurrencies, we help:

  • People to earn crypto while shopping and save money when redeeming THANX tokens for discounts and gift cards
  • Retailers to adapt to cryptocurrencies without any hassle and gain a new crypto-based audience to increase revenue
  • To make cryptocurrencies more acceptable & accessible overall

Project Milestones:
Our future product is a web-based extension and a mobile application with a 3rd party wallet connection (Klever, Tronlink, Vision, etc.) on the TRON blockchain.

We already designed a prototype of our future mobile application, launched our website, set up our company, and onboarded global brands, like Travala, PUMA, AliExpress, BiotechUSA and Udemy. To make this happen we - the Co-Founders - resigned from our full-time position to fully focus on ThanX Finance.

Once the Hackathon is finished we will extend our team and launch our web extension and token. After beta testing, we will deploy our mobile app and add new features.

During the Hackathon #TRONICS can expect partner announcements, whitepaper release & tokenomics.


We have a long-term plan for ThanX Finance that includes going multi-chain and real-world use cases via open banking technology and ThanX Pay!| Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn


Are we able to trade our ThankX tokens on SunSwap? Also, will the ThankX token fluctuate depending on the price, so will redeeming prices change?


Hi, as soon as our token launches (after the Hackathon) our goal will be to list it on several DEX as soon as possible, SunSwap included.

Yes, the token price will fluctuate. The cashback amount will always be calculated at the current exchange rate of our token. Same when redeeming for discounts / gift cards.

So e.g. if you spend 100$ at a brand where we offer 10% cashback, we will give 10$ worth of ThanX tokens, based on the exchange rate. If the price of our token is e.g. 0.001$, we will give you 10.000 tokens. Then, when the token price rises, it might worth even more than the initial 10$.


Lovely Project with clear vision.
Together building strong on Tron blockchain.


Lovely cashback feature.

How do you wish to handle liquidity provision when you about to you launch your token?


We will have a fair launch of our token in a liquidity pool, and the cashback feature will go live only afterwards. We will release our whitepaper next week which will include the tokenomics.

I hope this answers your question, if not, please get back to us.


Your project looks promising :+1: What will be the launchpad that are going to use for your ThankX token ? Personalty, I highly recommend you @JustMoney
Keep it up guys


Hi @Kerk, we also had in mind JustMoney, so you guessed it right. Thanks for the recommendation and feedback!


Thanks so much for your response. best of luck to you guys and keep it up


Don’t hesitate to contact me for the pool and fair launch on JustMoney’s platform :+1:t2: Your idea seems promising. Good luck for the Hackathon and the future.


Thank you, we will get in touch! Gl to you as well, keep on buidling awesome products!


We’re coming up with a little update about what’s been going on behind the scenes since we applied for the Hackathon:

  • we published our roadmap on our website;
  • we’re adding new partners & started to introduce them on Twitter (@ThanXFinance)
  • we’re breaking down the tasks & time needed for the development of our extension, including frontend, backend and UI / UX design

Our Whitepaper & Tokenomics is being finalized currently, so they will be released in the coming days. We will update you here about that too!


Hi @ThanXFinance :slight_smile:
how will you ensure that customers won’t get bored or unmotivated using your extension or app in the long-term? I’ve used several loyalty programs and they seem to appreciate new customers more rather than focusing on existing ones.


This seems to be a great project to be launched on Tron Blockchain. Wishing you great success!!

Welcome to TRON!


Fantastic idea/project! Best wishes for Tron hackathon!
If you looking for a secure way to launch your project check JustMoney :ok_hand:


Hi @dvirag, thanx for the great question.

Our focus will be on existing customers by motivating them to interact with our platform, in which we’ll follow the secret of Starbucks’ loyalty program, which is personalization.

Gamification & rewarding activities (to earn crypto) will be a key for higher user engagement. These will encourage customers to interact regularly and form new habits while getting rewarded.

Examples of personalization, gamification & rewarding activities:

  • staking tiers & badges to enjoy higher benefits
  • gamified surveys & quizzes
  • challenges & leaderboards
  • birthday gifts
  • daily videos
  • prize wheels

Also, our tokens will be redeemable for exclusive discounts and gift cards which will also encourage users to constantly check available deals.

Plus, as you can already see it in our prototype, users will be able to donate their rewards to a good cause.

I tried to be brief but please let me know if you have other questions.


ThanX for the welcome!


Sounds amazing, thank you for the answer! :slight_smile: Looking forward to trying it out.


Hi @Tronbakery,

Thank you for the welcome and we’re glad you like our project. We’re already in talks with the JustMoney team about the launch details and date.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Good one.
To the best of my knowledge.