JustMoney Explorer: A Hybrid Platform

Project Name: JustMoney Explorer: A Hybrid Platform for Enhanced Blockchain Interaction
Project Track: Integration
Team Name: JustMoney
Team Member(s): 5+
Devpost Project Link: JustMoney Explorer - Devpost

Project Goal:

Dear Community, Judges and Tron team, let us start this presentation by asking you some simple questions. As Web3 and crypto users, how many platforms are you using everyday to discover new projects, to stay aware of the latest novelties, to follow your favorite tokens price action, to have a look at tokens contracts, distributions and recent transactions? How many platforms do you use to stay up to date with projects’ latest announcements, take informed trading decisions and execute them? What if we tell you, right here right now, that from today, you will be able to do all of this in a single place.

Tronics, we are excited to introduce our latest product to you: JustMoney Explorer, a dynamic new addition to the JustMoney Ecosystem. This innovative platform brings you all the advantages of a blockchain explorer, a DEX viewer (like Dextools for instance), and a dAppstore in just one place! It offers a comprehensive solution where projects can list their dApps and users can effortlessly navigate and interact with them.

Project Value:

Our source of inspiration is our Community and our own experience, not only as builders but also as users. Who has never struggled, jumping from tab to tab and from window to window to access the necessary information about Web3 projects and cryptocurrencies? Based on this experience and on the input we could get, we have decided to create a brand new all-in-one solution that provides the Tron community with an enjoyable and fluid navigation in the world of Web3 data.

Project Info:

explorer.pdf (4.9 MB)

Project Website: JustMoney Explorer

Project Test Instructions:

Click on the link just here above and start navigating around. Find all the necessary info about your favorite dapps and tokens on the Tron Network!

View a list of all the pairs on JustMoney and Sunswap with pool sizes and trading volumes

Execute read and write functions of a contract

Submit a project to the dAppstore

Explore dApps by categories

Favourite tokens, contracts, addresses and dApps

You can also have a look at the video here under to familiarize with JustMoney Explorer.

Demo Video:

Project Details:

Blockchain Explorer

  • Search for dApps, tokens, contracts, addresses, and transactions.
  • View balances, transactions, and detailed information for contracts, addresses, and tokens.
  • Execute read and write functions on contracts.
  • Favorite contracts, tokens, and addresses for quick access.
  • Explore a curated token list including featured tokens, meme tokens, and recently launched tokens.
  • Engage with integrated advertising options, such as banners.

Token (dex view)

Token page with chart, swap and markets (dexes) where the token is traded

  • Access a dedicated token page featuring charts and direct swap options.
  • Swap any token directly from its page at discounted fees of 5-19 TRX, applicable even for pools exclusive to Sunswap.
  • View charts for pools paired with USDT or TRX (with dropdown options for other pairs).
  • Participate in community rating of tokens and view basic information such as market cap, price, supply, and holder count.
  • List of markets showcasing pools on JustMoney and Sunswap.
  • Browse token holders, including a detailed breakdown of holdings.
  • Anticipate new features like automatic contract scanning for safety and vulnerabilities, including alerts for high-risk tokens.

dApp store

dApp info page of TronNRG

  • Discover dApps by categories, with featured dApps highlighted on the front page.
  • View detailed dApp information, including community ratings, screenshots, and more.
  • List and modify dApps by submitting information and images through a form.
  • Search for dApps by keywords and explore social media feeds directly from the dApp’s page.

Other features

  • Advertising, including banners and highlighted dApps on the header.
  • View tokens that are most rated by the community.
  • Installation of the site as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on desktop and mobile

Advertise your business, dApp or a token project

List of tokens with highest community score


In order to make the idea of this platform a reality, we had to integrate with several pre-existing solutions. Here is a list of the APIs we’ve used:

  • Tronscan API
  • Sunswap Contracts
  • JustMoney’s API and widgets
  • Tron RPC API

Smart Contract links:


Project Milestones:

  • 7th of April: Beta version of the explorer live on mainnet
  • 25th of June: Tradingview charting integration on token pages
  • 25th of June: Automatic scanning contracts for safety and vulnerabilities and caching the result

Ladies and gentlemen, Dear Community, Judges and Tron team,
Make yourself comfortable, click on the following link and get ready to discover a brand new world of possibilities on the Tron Network: https://explorer.just.money

Upgrades after the submission:

Dark mode

Dark mode


Welcome to hackathon season 6
Your project is very interesting but there are some questions I will like to be clarified about

  • What are some common challenges that Web3 and crypto users face when using multiple platforms to discover new projects, stay informed about the latest developments, track token prices, explore token contracts, distributions, and view recent transactions.

  • How does the fragmentation of information across various platforms impact user experience and efficiency in staying up to date with projects in the blockchain space.


Kind reminder from Season 5 :smile:


Wow JustMoney explorer ! Too good ! Great work team ! I love blockchain explorers ! I will test JM Explorer asap and write a review here.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: sorry chatgpt is not allowed here.

Great project, another top notch submission. Building in silence :ok_hand:

All the best


Awesome guys, you did a great work with this AIO.


Top notch quality product.
Not copy paste from others. No hype no shill no sketchy roadmap with products of other projects. This product deserves full support from judges and all Tronics.


This is definitely one of the best projects on Tron if not the best, congratulations to the team :handshake: Well done :fire:


lol i hate that chatgpt questions too i don’t even reply to them :grinning:


Let’s hope that the judges are fair and recognize this great effort and innovation in Tron.


Oh you could spot them too.? Got me thinking of they dev overnight


To be honest I don’t really expect much from the judges. Imo they have made some terrible mistakes in the past. But lets hope for the best this time indeed.


great opportunity to see if they are bought or have favoritism towards someone or are influenced by higher entities


Always come into these hackathons hoping to see not just award projects who are committed to building on tron, but also for winners to stay committed and not run off with their prize money.

JustMoney has been building since S1, and can’t see it ending any time soon.

Plus, they have built some pretty kick ass products. But nothing compares to this one. Man this explorer is amazing!


To be fair, it’s quite commendable how every JustMoney products breeds originality from start to finish, one of the legit rock-solid solutions in Tron ecosystem. Keep building and thanks for sharing.


Just what tronics needed ! Well done on this great development !


Just Money is atleast a 500M Marketcap worth project


I like that the JustMoney team don’t try to hype for a high market cap. Just building products that will help grow the overall reach. Market Cap growth will come as product utilization grows.


I’m impressed😯
Creating such a unique platform must have required a lot of work💪
Huge applause for the Justmoney team :clap:


hello team, I was looking for page where I will see details like what are displayed on tronscan homepage. I think this is not added yet or?