Community Call: What Tron Token Would YOU List Next on JustMoney?

Community Call: What Tron Token Would YOU List Next on JustMoney?

The JustMoney Platform has been a driving force in the Tron blockchain ecosystem since its start in August 2021. Initially launched on Tron, the platform swiftly expanded to support multi-chain and cross-chain operations through an innovative in-house bridging solution. Through continuous enhancements, including the integration of widgets, a spot trading suite, and advanced features such as a crypto invoicing module, a crypto payment terminal, crypto giftcards and discounted swaps, JustMoney has made significant progress in addressing the Web3 community’s demand for increased decentralization.

The track record of JustMoney during previous hackatrons:

Embracing Decentralization with JustMoney

The latest upgrade of the JustMoney Platform is a direct response to the growing call for greater decentralization within the Web3 space.

The upgrade introduces two new products: a blockchain explorer and Dappstore, and a self-listing widget builder.

In the past, if a project wanted to list their tokens, they had to reach out to the JustMoney team directly. Then, they would go through a background check and wait for the team’s approval to open a liquidity pool. This way of doing things made sure that everything was high-quality and secure, but it could also be slow and not very flexible. And not decentralized at all.

Now, with the introduction of the Self Listing Widget, JustMoney is putting more power directly into the hands of users and developers. This new tool streamlines the creation of various widgets (to add the swap to any 3rd party website), adding any token that is on the Tron blockchain to the swap, supporting the needs from single-chain to cross-chain swaps. This not only makes the platform more accessible but also empowers projects to add their tokens to the swap widgets independently, promoting a more decentralized and efficient ecosystem. For Tron and JM this means more transactions and so more tokenburns for TRX and JM token, thriving up their prices.

The best thing about this widget is that it’s entirely free to implement and the creator can earn an extra 10% on transaction fees, by placing this widget on its website.


The Next Token: Your Voice, Your Choice

In this spirit of decentralization, JustMoney is turning to the Tron community for guidance on which token should be listed next. The platform’s success is a collective achievement, and it believes the community should have a voice in its future.

JustMoney invites all Tron blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and token holders to participate in this discussion. Your insights and preferences are crucial in helping identify the next token that will bring value and utility to the JustMoney an Tron ecosystem. Here are some aspects to consider when making your suggestions:

  • Utility and Use Case: How does the token serve its community? Does it solve a particular problem or bring a unique benefit to users?

  • Community Support: How active and engaged is the token’s community? A strong, supportive community can drive adoption and liquidity.

  • Innovation and Technology: What innovative features or technologies does the token bring to the table? Is it pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the blockchain?

  • Compliance and Security: Does the token adhere to regulatory standards and exhibit strong security measures? Ensuring user safety is paramount.

How to Participate

To have your say, simply reach out on the official Telegram Chat (< direct link to the chat), or join the discussion on the Tron community forum. Share your suggestions, provide your reasoning, and engage with fellow community members to debate the merits of various tokens. The community can read all the feedback and use it to help them decide which tokens to list next.

Also please check out the latest HackaTRON entrees of JustMoney on this forum:


The JustMoney Platform is on a mission to become the most decentralized number 1 Dapp on Tron, and it needs your help. It wants to list the next big token on its platform, and its looking for your suggestions. Let’s work together to find the best token. What do you think?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and making this platform a true community-driven platform. Join the conversation today and help shape the future of Tron and the JustMoney Platform.

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Thank you for reading and again feel free joining me on this journey!

**Disclaimer don’t take this article as investment advice. These views are my personal opinion and doesn’t represent the view of any community that I’m involved with.


You won almost 100k just from the hackathon, very nice :raised_hands::fire:


Yeah JM did!! And in my opinion it should’ve been even more! :wink::wink:


Yes totally! Does tron have grant programs?


Nice article, Marco! Keep them coming! :handshake:


The latest updates of the Explorer are just crazy! People can see if a token transaction is a buy/sell (and on which dex), if add or remove liquidity, if burn or bridge :fire:
It’s already the best Explorer ever and is getting better and better.

It bugs me JustMoney Explorer doesn’t have 200+ votes yet :man_shrugging:

Also let’s see if the judges can see what we see


Also you’ll notice that tokens and transactions show a value in dollars which you can’t see anywhere else :facepunch:


Very good features. The comforting of seeing all buys and selling all at Justmoney explorer.
Kudos team. More wins


Also checking for removing liquidity :laughing:
Can see soft rugs easily now haha

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Yes, imagine seeing the hint before you make your decision in either sell or buy up.
Excellent project


Maybe you’ll see a wallet finishing by nan5 buying $Jm and it will be the signal to go all in :joy:


Lols, maybe a big warning should be added

Go all in, but not as financial adviser.

This feature, will be help as we all warming up
For the more meme sessions on Tron.
Watching the explorer live view

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nice post with good explanation !

good work


Not that im aware of. But its a great idea. You should post this idea on this thread of @TronLive: HackaTRON S6 - $5,000 Community Contributor Prize

Here you can win some prize money as community contributor. Please dont forget to mention my name :crossed_fingers::innocent::wink:

Thanks :muscle: Im glad you liked it :blush:

Grants are more for projects that are live and have a community on other chains.
If a project is already on Tron, why give them a grant? They are already there.

Nevertheless, there is a dev grant program and an ecosystem fund but I don’t know anybody who benefited from it personally and not sure it is still ongoing :man_shrugging:

Check for more info

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Looks like it still exists

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Would love to see them all on Justmoney! :sweat_smile:

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Hey, what about a meme coin :grin:


Memecoins are welcome too!! What memecoin would you like to add to JM?