JustMoney Swap: Self-listing

Project Name: Self-listing on JustMoney Swap: widget builder, custom token import and white label solution
Project Track: Builder
Team Name: JustMoney
Team Member(s): 5+
Devpost Project Link: HERE

Project Goal:

In August 2021, JustMoney Swap was launched on Tron and soon evolved to support multi-chain and cross-chain operations through our in-house bridging solution. We’ve continuously improved the platform by integrating various functionalities such as widgets, a spot trading environment, and additional features like swap history tabs and discounted swaps.

The goal behind JustMoney Swap’s current upgrade was to address an answer to the ongoing demand in Web3 for increased decentralization. Previously, any project wishing to add its token to our swap needed to contact us. After conducting due diligence, our team would determine whether to open a liquidity pool and include the token in the dropdown menu. Moreover, only listed projects were able to add their own token to swap widgets, thus enabling their users to trade the token on their own platforms using JustMoney technology. Our new Widget Builder is specifically designed to streamline the creation of various widgets, catering to needs ranging from single-chain to cross-chain swaps.

Project Value:

This upgrade will not only push further the decentralization of JustMoney Swap, it will also save time to both our team and the teams willing to list their token and add our widgets on their platform. They’ll be able to handle everything by themselves and we will be there, if needed, to offer guidance. Besides, we are proud to have launched three white-label solutions that incorporate our widget with a revenue share model. These solutions are already operational and delivering significant value to users. Additionally, our revenue-sharing model, where entities deploying our widget can earn 10% from all discounted swaps, stands out as a testament to our commitment to community and partner benefits.

Project Info: Self-Listing on JM Swap - Pitch Deck

Demo Video:

Project Website: Widget Builder & Custom token import with a link
White label solutions live: Babyturu Swap, Boo Swap & BB Swap

Project Details:

JustMoney Swap now supports the import of any token for liquidity addition in our pools, thus making it possible to self-list a token.

After importing the token and adding liquidity, projects can drive users to the swap in three ways:

  • Creating a direct link for their community that automatically imports the custom token for users.
  • Asking users to paste the token address into the JustMoney Swap token search field.
  • Using our widget builder to create a swap widget, which enhances accessibility and user experience by allowing projects and individuals to integrate a customized swap widget directly onto their webpages.

Moreover, we’ve included a discounted swap fee structure that applies even to imported tokens, ensuring a cost-effective trading experience for all.

Learn more about discounted swap here Discounted swap fees on TRON (5-19trx) | JustMoney

Widget Builder

Our Widget Builder is designed to streamline the creation of various widgets supported by JustMoney. Users, including project teams, can effortlessly design widgets tailored to their specific needs—whether it’s for single-chain, multi-chain, or cross-chain swaps. Additionally, options to create a bridge widget or a donation button are available.

Furthermore, we offer a hybrid widget that combines functionalities: a single-chain widget on one tab and a cross-chain widget on another. This versatile tool provides a comprehensive solution for diverse requirements.

Widget builder is already live and working and can be tested on https://widget-builder.just.money/

White label solution

To further benefit our partners, we have implemented a revenue-sharing model. This feature enables individuals and entities that deploy our widget to earn a share of the generated revenue.

We are proud to report that three white-label solutions incorporating our widget with the revenue share model are already operational and delivering value to users.

https://www.babyturuswap.me, https://www.booswap.trade and https://www.memechicks.com/bigblackswap

Our white-label swaps feature the integration of our widget on their platforms, with a distinct advantage: they include a designated wallet address for revenue sharing. Participants in this program will earn 10% from all discounted swaps, a cost borne by us as part of our commitment to energy efficiency. Following each transaction, 10% of the discounted swap fee on Tron is automatically transferred to the specified wallet address.

Smart Contract links: No new smart contracts for this project (we use existing ones)

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Importing custom tokens manually on the widget builder

Paste the token address to the widget builder to include non-listed tokens on the widget.

  1. Auto-import custom token with a link on JustMoney Swap

Projects and users can conveniently distribute a direct link, for instance, via their Telegram channel, that leads to a dedicated page where their token can be swapped. This functionality is available even for tokens that are not officially listed on our swap platform.

  1. Self listing a custom token on JustMoney Swap

Project Milestones:

As usual we tried to deliver a product as polished as possible before presenting it.
However, JustMoney Swap is the foundation of our growing Ecosystem, which includes interconnected products like Spot, Bridge, Gift, Pay, and Explorer. Therefore, we will bring further enhancements to our swap platform, such as implementing automatic scanning of contracts for safety and vulnerabilities and expanding our market pair offerings beyond USDT and TRX. As we continue to develop and integrate new features, JustMoney Swap will remain at the crossroads of all our products, continuously improving as we expand our ecosystem.


Just money is here to dominate the crypto space


Just.Money never sleeps. Great submission


You guys keep building and you keep innovating on Tron, congrats :handshake::muscle:


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6

JustMoney Swap highlights the benefit of their widget builder for projects by mentioning it saves time. My ques is How does the widget builder save time compared to the previous method of adding tokens to JustMoney Swap.


Fantastic, welcome back team


Before, projects had to contact the team to be listed. Then, they had to wait a period of due diligence to know whether or not they would be listed.
Then, once listed, they would have to ask the JM team to make widgets for them.

Now they can list by themselves and create + customize widgets for their platform. No need to wait, discuss, find a good time for common announcement,… So it takes pretty much 30 minutes instead of weeks.


Congrats to the devs for this great upgrade :clap:

Making life easier for every project who want to save time, focus on building their own products and offer a swap service on their platform. The revenue sharing model is the cherry on top of the cake :birthday:


Great addition to the best swap on Tron.

One question: the self listing will be available on all supported chains?


Experts are at work again. Good luck in Season 6. You have come again with very high quality updates.


What a great update this will make your DEX even better . Congrats !


It already is available


Most likely tomorrow will announce the bigger one on another track.


Let’s go!! So excited about this submission!


Welcome back to hackaTRON ! As usual JustMoney team keeps building and delivering ! Good luck !


Looks to be a great tool for new projects starting up. Gives them a tool to generate their own revenue to help grow.

This submission feels more like a project for the tron community than it is a project for JustMoney. Giving a revenue stream available for all projects on Tron.


First one already created a widget and added on their site and will launch a new token with it


please any charges for getting the widget?

Sorry if someone has asked before or already on your submission

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Awesome update from a great project. Just when you think Just Money is perfect as is, the team releases something new and innovative. This team continues to produce results and grow the project. Unlike other projects, the team, including devs are always available to answer questions and solve problems, which are very infrequent.

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Welcome to Season 6, I must commend your creativity and quality of product when you build on Tron. Without further ado, the big players and active members on Tron like @Prince-Onscolo @Nana66419 @Gordian @ines_valerie @fabsltsa @Nweke-nature1.com @Okorie to the level of hard work and the solution JustMoney brings to the Tron ecosystem.
Now moving forward, this particular offering amazes me, aiming to enhance decentralization by allowing projects to self-list their tokens and integrate widgets seamlessly and a revenue-sharing model that incentivizes partners by offering 10% of discounted swap fees.

Brings me to one question;
Are there any plans to expand the revenue-sharing model to include additional incentives or tiers for partners?