JustMoney Spot - Trading Platform

Project Name: JustMoney Spot

Project Track: Builder

Team Name: JustMoney

Team Member(s): 8 members

Dorahacks Project Link: Dorahacks BUIDL

Project Url: https://just.money/spot

Demo Video: Demo Video

Project goal:

Make decentralized spot trading/limit orders accessible on Tron with an home made solution that enhances user’s experience on our DEX and brings our DeFi ecosystem to the next level.

Project info:

project-info.pdf (4.1 MB)

As most of you already know, we participated in HackaTron Season One, where we presented our cross-chain swap solution and our bridge, which enables users to move their assets quickly and at a low cost. These products propelled JustMoney to first place in the DeFi category and brought attention to our project.

Since then, we’ve consistently improved our swap by adding features over time. Here are just a few highlights:

Multi-DEX routing: To reduce price impact, we’ve integrated some pairs from Sunswap into our platform. JustMoney Swap will always offer the most cost-effective route.
Discounted Swaps feature: As energy costs on Tron have recently increased and not everyone can afford to stake enough $TRX for multiple free daily transactions, JustMoney has implemented the “discounted swap” feature. A swap costs only 19 TRX regardless of whether it’s a single or double route and irrespective of whether it uses only JustMoney’s pools or Sunswap pools as well. The feature is automatically activated if you have less than 50k energy in your wallet. If you have more than 50k energy, you can still enable the discounted swap in the settings panel.

As you can see, JustMoney is not focused on temporary hypes but rather on addressing the problems and needs of Tron Network users. We continually ask ourselves what is missing from the Tron network DeFi ecosystem, what issues users may face, and how we can solve them. These questions guide the development of our ecosystem.

JustMoney’s team is proud to present JustMoney Spot:

“An environment that enables spot trading and is designed to provide users with the best experience.”

As always, the JustMoney team is committed to delivering not just a basic product, but something polished that meets all our quality criteria. Speed, simplicity, practicality, and ease of use are all priorities. Our developers and designers are working diligently to offer you a comprehensive and enjoyable experience rather than just a simple product.

“Everything you need at your fingertips.”

The term "environment” was not chosen randomly. We aim to provide more than just a limit orders interface; we want to create a space that equips you with the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions and take control of your actions.

“Built for users”

  • Experience a CEX-like interface, familiar to many users.
  • Place limit orders for swaps to be executed at your target price.
  • Add any indicators to a chart and save your layout for future use.
  • Mark your most-used pairs as favorites for easy access.
  • Follow recent news from projects you trade.
  • Implement stop-losses for your trades (coming soon).

Spot trading/limit orders: The primary goal of this brand-new product is to offer Tronics the ability to buy or sell a predetermined quantity of tokens while specifying the maximum price to be paid or the minimum price to be received. This allows our users to adapt their strategies to the market and seize opportunities without having to constantly monitor their screens.

Trading view charting and tools: To provide users with the best trading environment, we have integrated Trading View directly into the DEX’s page. All charts, tools, and indicators will be available for JustMoney’s listed tokens.

Favorite pairs: A dedicated window for your favorite pairs allows you to switch between them with a single click (available only on computers).

Listed projects’ Twitter feed: Stay informed while trading! After analyzing a token chart and feeling ready to place an order, take a quick look at the project’s Twitter feed to see if there is any news that might influence the token’s price action.

Trading history: Keep up to date with the latest transactions effortlessly. A list will be available directly on the same page, and clicking on one of these transactions will take you straight to the Tronscan block explorer.

TRX Wrapper: Please note that only TRC20 tokens are supported, so you’ll need to use WTRX instead of TRX. If you lack WTRX, a pop-up wrapper will appear.


Besides allowing traders to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the tokens they are about to buy or sell in real time, we have implemented additional innovations that we believe will become standard on exchange platforms:

Pick from chart button: After identifying support and resistance areas, select the price of your buy or sell orders by simply clicking on the “Pick from chart” button and then clicking on the chart. Of course, you can also set the buy or sell price manually by entering it directly in the “Price” field.

Orders on chart: Once your order is recorded, a line will appear on the chart at the order price, green for buy orders and red for sell orders.

Click & drag modifications: If market conditions change and you wish to modify your order, don’t worry. Simply click on the order line on the standard chart and drag it upward or downward. Order modifications are free!

Socket Connections: On the spot platform, we utilize socket connections in place of HTTP polling. This approach enables our socket cluster to deliver real-time updates on pricing and order status changes directly to clients, providing a more efficient and seamless user experience.

What challenge did you run into?

As you may know, GeckoTerminal is currently not available on Tron. Our team believes that Tron integration would be a valuable addition for GeckoTerminal, and we will keep the community updated on any news regarding this matter.

GT isn’t an isolated case. Most third-party solutions primarily focus on building on EVM chains. This results in difficulty for Tron-based projects to access proper ready-to-use charting and limit order solutions. Everything needs to be built from scratch. This is why we have directed our development efforts in this direction. These challenges are what motivate us and have brought us to HackaTron Season 4. We hope we have tackled them successfully, and it is now up to the judges and the community to evaluate our work.

Roadmap/project website

The JustMoney team is excited to announce that our limit order solution has already been launched on the Tron mainnet! You can access it directly at just.money/spot

Milestone for 2023 Q2:

  • Visual representation of order book (depth) :white_check_mark:
  • Different order types e.g. stoploss :white_check_mark:
  • BSC and POLYGON supported :white_check_mark:

Smart contracts

  • TSaijwRDjWn7ex3EaMdysCxzR3bbJCFnYj
  • TWGP482WMMuppD6AJLe1zY3aZJifeq9Cbx
  • TE93BB6atgkUrTg281vsucAUgyLMtC5fcy


Buy/sell order:

Select the pair you want to trade

Select buy or sell

Set up a price directly in the “Price” field or using the “Pick from chart” button

Input the amount of tokens you want to spend or you want to receive

Click on “place order” button

Sign the approval and the transaction

Cancel order:

Click “cancel” button and sign the transaction

Modify order:

Click on the order’s line directly on the chart and drag it upward/downward (no extra cost from our platform for order modifications).


Looks like a well prepared project.
All the best team. :+1:


Great project. real design.


Thanks guys, don’t hesitate if you have any question :pray:t2:


oh nice, great to have this on tron.
I used pancakeswap in one of our discussions here on the forum, where they have an option like this and others. And I am glad #Justmoney is adding that to their services. That’s great.
All the best


I can now say the
Session 4 HACKATHON is. Very complete now.

Good to have Justmoney in the builder’s Track.

All good all the best
Questions loading up


Lovely display

Please, I have the following experience to share.

Some time ago, while using the Justmoney spot
To swap.

I encountered difficulty in loading and slow performance, even it was @NshowNFT that finally helped me out.

Please is it from my wallet?

Or not compatible with mobile?

The problem was slow in loading trading pair .


I believe you are talking about the swap since the spot platform has been live for about an hour only.
I’ve never encountered any difficulty. If you have any issue (speed, display) don’t hesitate to jump on our telegram group (I believe you are there already :wink:) and tag @TobiasJM or @PorkyPork. They will help you asap :+1:


Yes it’s swap I meant
I’m in the group already

I tagged them then when I had the issue.


Let’s go, Team JustMoney!!


Hola, estaba impaciente en ver que nos traíais en esta ocasión, como siempre presentais un producto inmejorable. Lo que más me atrae de Just Money es la consideración hacia el usuario, presentando productos pensando en ellos. Suerte.


Its good to finally see you here, welcome to season 4. Nice video demo. @LineHammett you did a splendid job.

My question is, i know the fees charged by DEXes are quite bigger than fees charged by CEXes when it comes to trading and swapping of one token for the other, if that be the case for which i stand to be corrected, what will make a trader choose to do his spot trading on a DEX rather than a CEX?


They present a good work as always, I wish them the best of luck


Thanks @antonio! Indeed the team is focused on what’s missing on Tron and how can we deliver the best product for the community. I hope everybody will like using it daily for charting, checking news and, of course, trading :fire:


Well the best reason to use DEX’s is that you keep at all time the control over your assets. Your keys your crypto.

When you place an order, your cryptos don’t leave your wallet until the order gets executed. Let’s say I want to buy for 1000 $WTRX of $JM, those 1000 $WTRX won’t go anywhere until $JM price reaches the targeted price.

So yes it costs a little bit more to use a decentralized exchange than a centralized one, but you won’t wake up locked out of your account, which can happen with a CEX.

Also with Spot trading, you can chose the amount of tokens you want to receive for a certain amount of $TRX, $USDT,… The order will go through IF AND ONLY IF you can get that amount OR ABOVE. So in case of fast and big price action, you might end up with way more tokens than expected :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot Rod. Glad you like it :raised_hands:


Congratulations to the JM & TRON community! with this new feature JM will attract projects from other blockchains to Tron and from Tron to other blockchains.

It is very important because being multichain makes projects more liquid, decentralized and redundant. When a chain failes ppl just move over in seconds to the other chain. #1 imo and a good chance for winning this Hackathon.


JM has outdone itself yet again, literally becoming a DEX that has everything a CEX has.


I have cleared understanding from this answer.

  • how about project listing in your Dex could the could go live spot trading?.

  • What the requirements concerning Liquidity provision??


All the tokens listed on JustMoney Swap are also on Spot.
The minimum amount of liquidity to open a pool on the Swap is about $5k ($2500 for the token and $2500 in TRX, USDT or else to pair the token with).
The project will of course still own those liquidity. Our team doesn’t have access to it.
Btw users can also, if they are willing to provide that amount of liquidity, suggest to open pools :+1: