HackaTRON S4 2023 - Winners Announcements!

We’ve had an amazing time during this season of the TRON Grand Hackathon! We want to express our gratitude to all the participants, including project teams, developers, voters, active forum members, and everyone who voiced their opinions. We truly appreciate your support and enthusiasm. :pray:

A special thanks goes to our esteemed judges, who took the time out of their busy schedules to review our HackaTRON S4 projects. It was no small feat, and we value their dedication and expertise. :judge:

During this hackathon, we made great efforts to ensure fair community voting. Building on the lessons learned from the previous seasons, we wanted to emphasize our stance against vote buying and uphold the principles of fairness and honesty. We diligently battled against thousands of bots and eliminated duplicate or spam votes. We are grateful to all those who actively reported and flagged inappropriate content, as your contribution was invaluable. :clap:

In HackaTRON S4, we witnessed a significant increase in participation and engagement within the community on our forum. A lot of meaningful questions were asked by the community and a lot of convincing answers are given by the project teams. We are thrilled by the growth and positive response. :+1:

We are also thrilled and delighted to see many returning builders joining our all-new Builder track for this hackathon! It’s truly exciting to witness their enthusiasm and dedication as they enhance their existing projects. The competition in the Builder track is intense, with a plethora of exceptional builders pushing the boundaries of innovation. We wholeheartedly appreciate your participation, and we’re taking note of your feedback. Rest assured, we’re already brainstorming ways to make the Builder track even more rewarding next season, with the possibility of adding additional prizes. :trophy:

To all the winners, please noted that HackTRON S4 is milestone-based as it has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community. If you are a judges-selected qualifier, it’s crucial that you take your project live on the mainnet by June 1 for the community to use in order to receive the full prize payment. The community is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to explore and experience your incredible creations firsthand! :heart_eyes:

For those who didn’t win, don’t lose heart just yet. We have fantastic opportunities lined up for you too! We still have three Determination Prizes of 5,000 USDD each and two Project Engagement Prizes of 3,000 USDD each waiting to be awarded. These prizes will be given to projects that continue to make progress and build by June 1. So, don’t stop now—keep the momentum going and let your dedication shine! Make sure to keep your project post updated and let the community know how to test out your projects on the mainnet once it is ready! :triangular_flag_on_post:

We strongly encourage everyone to share their feedback on their experience here, whether it’s positive or negative. We value each and every response from the community, and we will carefully consider them to make further improvements for Season 5. :speech_balloon:

It’s the community that makes TRON DAO great. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you. :sparkling_heart:


And now without further ado let’s go over our judge-selected qualifiers. Our judges carefully looked at each project for originality, creativity, technicality, design, business model, feasibility, usability, practicality & use case, and contribution to the crypto ecosystem.

Those below made it through unscathed and have been judged accordingly and qualify. Remember projects must push fully to main-net to receive the entire prize.

Judge-Selected Qualifiers. :tada:


1st Prize (20k) TrustSight by The Tronacles
2nd Prize (15K) Daren Market by Daren Market
3rd Prize (10K) TronSave by TRONSAVE
4th Prize (8k) ProvyLens by LensCrafters
5th Prize (6k) Yinbox by Jeffrey Lewis


1st Prize (20K) Ergon by USTX
2nd Prize (15k) Cloak by Cloak
3rd Prize (10K) MyFend by Fend Group
4th Prize (8k) Sorrel Banq by Paracosm Labs
5th Prize (6k) Swirl Ads by Team Sudo


1st Prize (20K) Duelers by Tronjoy
2nd Prize (15k) RevoluTRON by Irruption Lab
3rd Prize (10K) theRevolt by Spirit-Tower
4th Prize (8k) Cukies: Rush & Run by Cukies World
5th Prize (6k) METASENS by METASENS


1st Prize (20K) Bobbybot.Trade by Nick Mura
2nd Prize (15k) Evoie by Evoie
3rd Prize (10K) Samhita DAO by HeritageSpeak
4th Prize (8k) SealKey by TRONNuggetz
5th Prize (6k) Wine Vault by Wine Vault


1st Prize (20K) Farming-as-a-Service by Elk Finance
2nd Prize (15k) Galaxy Throne by Galaxy Throne
3rd Prize (10K) JustMoney Spot by JustMoney
4th Prize (8k) TronNRG by TronNinjas
5th Prize (6k) TronQL by TronQL


1st Prize (20K) EcoMarket by EcoMarket
2nd Prize (15k) MusiCoinCity by ElfWeb
3rd Prize (10K) CarboEx by CarboEx
4th Prize (8k) ForGreen by ForGreen
5th Prize (6k) BlockForest by BlockForest


The community came in and voted. Strong communities help to make TRON STRONG. We thank everyone old and new who came in to vote and bared :bear: with us while we dealt with those pesky bots. :robot:

These are selected by you! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Community Selected Winners! :tada:


1st Prize (6k) CryptoDo by CryptoDo
2nd Prize (5k) ProvyLens by LensCrafters
3rd Prize (4k) ZkTickets by ZKP Tech Solutions
4th Prize (3k) BlockMenu by BlockMenu
5th Prize (2k) Yinbox by Jeffrey Lewis


1st Prize (6k) Ergon by USTX
2nd Prize (5k) Swirl Ads by Team Sudo
3rd Prize (4k) Sorrel Banq by Paracosm Labs
4th Prize (3k) UpDawg by uDawgDAO
5th Prize (2k) Cloak by Cloak


1st Prize (6k) Cukies: Rush & Run by Cukies World
2nd Prize (5k) Duelers by Tronjoy
3rd Prize (4k) RevoluTRON by Irruption Lab
4th Prize (3k) Worlds Hardest Maze by WHM
5th Prize (2k) theRevolt by Spirit-Tower


1st Prize (6k) TNS Domains by SolidityGods
2nd Prize (5k) TNFT Maker by Cubie
3rd Prize (4k) Wine Vault by Wine Vault
4th Prize (3k) TronGallery by TronGallery
5th Prize (2k) EnergyNFTs by TRONArmy


1st Prize (6k) JustMoney Spot by JustMoney
2nd Prize (5k) TuruVerse by TuruGlobal
3rd Prize (4k) TronNRG by TronNinjas
4th Prize (3k) Deba’s Wulf Pack by The Pack
5th Prize (2k) Cukies World Metaverse by Cukies World


1st Prize (6k) TronPower by Lomotey Josephine
2nd Prize (5k) AurorAqua by Aurora
3rd Prize (4k) MusiCoinCity by ElfWeb
4th Prize (3k) CarboEx by CarboEx
5th Prize (2k) EcoDAO by EcoDAO


Top 10 Community Contributors Prize

This prize is for those who contributed the most to this hackathon!
Certainly, we must acknowledge the exceptional efforts made by certain project team owners who contributed immensely to the hackathon. However, it’s important to note that the Community Contributor Prize is specifically designated for participants who haven’t received any other prizes.

Thank you for your feedback, questions, support, topics, help, and willingness to make HackaTRON Season 4 great. Hats off to you! :tophat:

Each winner receives 500 USDD!


We hope you will continue to engage with projects, and give them support to push as many projects to the mainnet as possible. Thanks!


Congratulations to all winners :purple_heart:


I couldn’t access the forum all day due to busyness. I just logged in and this was the first message I saw. I’m really going to cry, I’m so, so happy. TRON family, thank you very much. I love you very much :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Many congratulations to all winners. Cheers :confetti_ball::clinking_glasses:


Congratulations to all the winners! Very well deserved! :clap:

Will be waiting to see all the projects on the mainnet now!


@maaz and I express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who voted for and supported us during this amazing hackathon journey. It was truly a great learning experience, and we owe our success to all the community members. Your love, support, and votes helped us secure the 2nd prize in the judge’s prizes and the 5th prize in the community prizes and also congratulations to all the amazing projects who won the prizes in other categories. Tron community is the best, and we appreciate your continued support.


Congratulations to all the winners


Congratulations on winning contributors prize well deserved :clap::heart:


Thank you
We look forward to do more

I felt the same @ElfWeb congratulations brother :clap: we made it :heart: it was a very good experience for me as this is my first online hackathon


Congrats to all qualifiers, winners and community contributors! For all judges-voted qualifiers, please make sure to push your project to the mainnet by Jun 1st!

For projects that didn’t make it on the list, please be reminded that there are still bonus prizes to be won:

3 x Determination Prize of 5,000 USDD each

TRON DAO will award 5,000 USDD each to up to 3 projects that have not received any prizes but are valuable to the community, are fully functional on mainnet by June 1st and have received positive feedback.


2 x Project Engagement Prize of 3,000 each

Determined by the TRON DAO team based on the project status updates and engagement with the community.

So, please don’t give up and keep building!

For projects that are on the winners’ list, we hope you can give the community some idea of when to expect your projects to be ready for the community to test :test_tube:


Let’s keep building guys
When will payment be distributed? Is it done immediately?


Does this apply to project that didn’t pass the pre selection round?


Dear Hackathon Community and Esteemed Judges,

We are writing this message with overwhelming joy and gratitude. We are thrilled to announce that we have moved up a place in both the community and judges’ rankings. This achievement could not have been possible without the unwavering support and belief of our vibrant community and the discerning feedback from our esteemed judges.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us on this journey. Your votes and your faith in our project have been the driving force behind our progress. Thank you for believing in us and for standing by us throughout this competition.

To our Judges, we want to express our appreciation for recognizing our efforts and potential. Your feedback and insights have been invaluable to our growth, and we promise to strive even harder to meet your expectations.

As we continue to climb higher and reach for greater heights, we want to assure you all that we will not rest on our laurels. We will continue to work tirelessly to improve, innovate, and deliver an even better project.

Thank you once again for your support and encouragement. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Warm regards,
CEO theRevolt


Congratulations to all the winners !


Congratulations🎉 @therevolt team


Felicidades a todos compañeros, ha sido un hackathon muy especial, con ganas del que S5 sea más espectacular.

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