CryptoDo - no-code web3 solutions builder for businesses

Project Name:CryptoDo
Project Track: Web3
Pitchdeck CryptoDo.pdf (6.7 MB)
Team Name: CryptoDo team
Team Member(s): @CyptoDo
Dorahacks Project Link: CryptoDo | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal: Our goal is to develop the web3 application ecosystem in blockchain by creating an easy-to-use no-code tool to launch dapps

Project Info: CryptoDo is a no-code platform that helps businesses integrate blockchain solutions into their processes. We address the problems of high costs, complexity, and time-consuming development. With our AI-powered code generation and no-code platform, anyone can easily create web3 applications and smart contracts without extensive development expertise or a large budget. This makes blockchain integration more accessible and efficient

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: To launch a dApp in CryptoDo without programming skills, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the website, connect your MetaMask wallet and sign the authorization message using your wallet
  2. Click the “Create Contract” button
  3. Select the BitTorrent blockchain
  4. Choose the type of smart contract you want to launch (for example, a token, NFT collection, crowdsale contract, DAO, etc.) and click the “Continue” button
  5. Fill in all the necessary fields for your smart contract and choose additional features if needed
  6. Select where you want to deploy your smart contract (BitTorrent Testnet or Mainnet) and click the deploy button
  7. Your smart contract will be compiled, deployed, and verified on the blockchain!

You can watch a video on how it works here: CryptoDo - no-code web3 solution builder for BitTorrent blockchain - YouTube

You can also check out our documentation:

Project Details: CryptoDo is a multichain no-code builder of web3 solutions for business

CryptoDo smart contracts:
Testnet: PaymentGate | Address 0x04a98651E448b0b05b63426bd12E75Ac8d3c51dd | BTTC
Mainnet: PaymentGate | Address 0x2f31841338f9ea70472e011a5d37cc616173e800 | BTTCScan

These smart contracts are used as a referral program and as a way to pay for smart contract creation in CryptoDo. It is not the key logic of our product. The main application works off-chain, as we help people create their dApps without programming

Project Milestones: As part of this hackathon, we will integrate the BitTorrent network and testnet into CryptoDo, create a one-click faucet for getting test tokens and instant Deployment of web3 applications in the test network, as well as develop a smart contract builder without code based on artificial intelligence in the BTT network

Thus we will help to improve infrastructure of dapps in BitTorrent chain, allowing people to launch web3 applications in a few clicks and without programming skills

CryptoDo updates:

:white_check_mark:Launching the MVP
:white_check_mark:Integration of the BitTorrent chain
:white_check_mark:Launching a one-click faucet in the BitTorrent test network
:white_check_mark:Deploying a smart contract in the testnet
:white_check_mark:Deploying a smart contract in mainnet
:white_check_mark:Demo video of CryptoDo
:hourglass_flowing_sand:Custom smart contracts builder based on artificial intelligence


We are happy to answer all questions and share updates in this forum thread!


You are welcome to S4 HackaTRON.
building becomes easy because it requires no coding when one used your platform which is a plus. How are you going to make sure people do not abuse your platform by creating unnecessary smart contracts. How much fees involved in using your platform?


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wish you all the best


Good to have you with us
Welcome to Tron Dao forum
Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 4

All the best to you


You deserve some commendation for initiating such an easy way of using your platform provided there’s are no loopholes for hackers.


Thank you!

Creation of smart contracts in testnet is completely free, and for mainnet users have to pay a network fee

Our product is created for those who want to start their own web3 application but don’t have programming skills or don’t want to pay for expensive blockchain development. It’s hard for me to imagine scenarios of abuse of our service, because it doesn’t make sense


Thank you for your support! :blue_heart:


We are happy to participate in this hackathon
I’m sure CryptoDo will be of great value to the TRON ecosystem!

Safety is one of our top priorities! We plan to conduct a comprehensive technical audit of all our smart contracts immediately after the completion of development as part of the hackathon

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Thanks for your response.


Hello team!

Great job on the pitch deck! I want to know how can businesses create smart contracts that are customized for their use case? This seems like a product that would require a lot of consultation and customization. Happy to hear your thoughts!


alright I get it. I was thinking since it does not require any code anyone can just create anything
(sh^t project) with ease anytime but I do not think that can be controlled investors have to do their own research

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Yes, it makes sense

However, this is a philosophical problem that does not have a good solve.
Just as a kitchen knife can be used both for cooking and as a tool of crime. The same way DEX exchanges like uniswap are open for listing any token without scam filtering. It’s sad but in the decentralized world without KYC it’s impossible to identify and screen out scammers


You are highly welcome once again keep on building :handshake:


Hi, thanks for your question!

The goal of our project is to make creating web3 applications as easy as possible even for non-web3 users

In CryptoDo anyone without technical skills can run their dapps without any interaction with code, compilation, deploating to blockchain, contract verification etc. All these processes happen automatically in just a few clicks

You can test it now:

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You’re welcome!
Keep building :rocket:

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Buena pregunta, también yo estoy interesado en saber como van a evitar un mal uso de la creación de contratos.


If the scammer wants to create a smart contract he will do it with or without our service. We provide the tool, and the responsibility for its use lies with the customer


Gracias por la aclaración,.