All projects info of TRON Hackathon Season 3

This post is for project creators for Season-3 to explain their project via text, audio, visuals or video.

One post for all can help all the members for the upcoming voting session.

In place of surfing through all 240+ projects, this can act as one stop to understand the summary of the project and check the live links or visit your post if the initial information looks good.

To make this post more effective, I request to follow the guidelines.

  1. Use single reply to explain about your project.
  2. Keep the content(text/video) of the reply which take less than 3 minutes of the voter.
  3. This is your space to market yourself so feel free to add why voters shall vote for you.
  4. Provide links to your project post and live site.

All the best for the community voting session.

I have tried to invite all, if some projects are left feel free to invite them.


Inviting you all.

@Sirluke @Claw @TronNinjas @laplacesdemon @Chevkev @Team.Stabln @xcitydev @alleh @justrugnft @Bhumi @Paven @accesovip123 @LtSnakePlissken @rahulrajan @Horlarmmy @LMM @Tashlion @shawn @Gernar @OpenATM @eden @jvalant @JohnAnselm

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Inviting you all.

@SafeMoney @ayman_3x @FamilyP @GokhanCeylan @Holyaustin @elvolution @njoy14 @TronWeeklyJournal @JulienSafu @jakku @0xkkonrad @sarvagna13 @waylad @TruQoin @TronJoy @cctechmx @ThanXFinance @shashank @playnft @akrahl @alexis_tokenomeme @taijusanagi @dellwatson @amazing.vive @the_omar

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Hello everyone!

Synergy is a project where you can create synthetic assets for natural resources

:earth_africa: Synthetic assets are tokens in the blockchain, the price of which is always equal to the price of the asset in the real world. This way you can trade gold or gas on the blockchain. Very cool!

:recycle: The mission of our project is to help the global economy to reduce the prices of commodities and reduce unnecessary extraction of resources.

:fire: About the features of the architecture and our goals, see our short and cool video!

:arrow_right: You can find a demo video of the protocol in the project topic here!

:arrow_right: Explore our App and NFTs!


Hello community members !
My submission is “Snake Bite :snake: Game” under Ecosystem Category.

Snake Bite is classic web3 game with DeFi, NFT-1155, ERC-20 token based fun and entertaining game on BTTC Testnet and other chains.

You can find Live Play link and other information on forum link below.

:arrow_forward: :joystick: :game_die: :snake:


Inviting you all.

@theoreafolayan @0xhrushi @keywolf @Saheed @AJTREE @waterreptile19 @sergeyaikhel @CherrioPlatform @IPaperNF @zkman @Jmdeng @kelzleo @TronVerse @theoopsguy @wescosmic @Temitope @youvandra @choongpw @nelly @Saber @SaTT-Moonboy

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Inviting you all.

@neotech @PuzzleX @therevolt @Seigneur @dean @AleZadik @jigar @louweal @seemal-arif @bonusducks777 @bahauddin @KCJ @fixerman @Janu_202 @MatthewBridgen @constantinpricope201 @Prasad @TronDomains @CryptoWeb3 @stan @adroitakash @kai1130 @architect-01 @vad @tgallery @intercroneswap @Hilary @tde @elvolution @nofiat @pikachul

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Inviting you all.

@jacobduong3007 @arv31 @invincibot @tndzues @SlashWeb3Payments @amayrbabar @TheInvoicer @justrugnft @suterliakov @rnori @ovon @qwerty123 @GaiaDeals @awz @DANILN89N @Horlarmmy @kikikaka2022

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Inviting you all.

@cryptodiablo @Justobioma @dev79 @Qudusayo @LordEvendim @bahauddin @panich @gchandra7 @Crypto_Dev @gurbiel @Chuks @ash @OperaCongaJ
@9icedev @pyrie @Tim @ivelin207
@maadhav @Ignacio-Cryptomate @cruzo
@yashmadhwal @BubblyOrca @chepo.eth @0xtimbo @robthebuilder @TokenRoll @henryphampo

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Inviting you all.

@PETERKRULIS @ezemuo @Agent-G @Lukret @AfricanStudios @manusheel
@karywjh @selfguard @c2-code @PETERKRULIS @Akainuu @solokop @ShuaJJ @beastdeveloper @momo @ankitmawle @TheBrackster @leonw
@manusheel @sxlveign @pyrie

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Zombax is zombie smashing game on Tron with upgradable NFTs and an integrated marketplace!

Try it :

More info : [Disqualified] : Kill zombies, upgrade your Smasher, kill more zombies! - #2 by Kingfad



May I know what this invitation is for?



The information you share will help voters to find your project here.

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NFTs are a lot of fun, but at the moment they do lack some usefulness. Wouldn’t it be great to use your NFTs to do something more than just look at them?


Demo Video:

Here is the forum post with all the details : TokenRoll - Roleplay with your NFTs



Fictron is a platform for fiction novels. Everyone can publish books on Fictron an everyone can read books. Unlike other platforms you don’t have to pay for the books before reading, instead you pay while you read using micro-transactions implemented on the TRON network.

Project Track: Web3
Team Member(s): Only me
DevPost URL:
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: You can create an account by connecting your TRON wallet using TronLink. It works on both NIle testnet and Shasta testnet.


Hey everyone, the Tron Bridge Monitor by Rektify AI is a threat mitigation system to mitigate the potential for exploits on Tron bridge. The cross-chain bridge attack era is now, we’ve seen more than 70% of the $3.8B (USD) lost in crypto exploits this year be due to cross-chain exploits. Our technology front-runs the problem.

The surface area of tokens kept on bridges is vast, creating a honeypot for hackers. An on-chain solution that monitors cross-chain data 24/7 is needed for developers to act fast during attacks. TBM is both a proactive and reactive approach to cross-chain attack mitigation.

Demo: TBM-Rektify-AI.mp4 on Vimeo

Please check out our website as we conduct smart contract auditing, bug bounties and create security tool for EVM-compatible and non-EVM blockchains.

Star and follow our Github repos for updates: Rektify AI · GitHub create security tooling for end-users and protocols: Rektify AI


Hi everyone!
:heart_on_fire: HotSkills is a decentralized freelance platform.
:rocket: The mission of my project is to promote mass adoption by attracting freelancers to the crypto world. The platform allows users to earn crypto by promoting their services or by executing paid tasks added by others.

:arrow_right: Project post for more details: here
:arrow_right: Demo video: HotSkills demo
:arrow_right: Live site: here


Hello TRON community members!
Our team created a project named: Xeat

Project Goal :
It is hoped that with Xeat, it can improve the entertainment industry after it was previously stopped due to the covid-19 outbreak by providing a sense of security and comfort to buyers and organizers in holding an event with a blockchain system. In addition, we also focus on providing a better experience for visitors to get closer to their idols with exclusive merchandise and meet-and-greet features. By implementing a blockchain system, we also hope to reduce cases of fraud and the secondary market that raises the selling price too high.

Check our video demo:

Try it out!


Hello TRON community members!
Our team created a project named: ArtBeat

Project Goal :
It is hoped that with Artbeat, it can Provide a place for talented artists to sell their masterpieces to people around the world, promote museums and exhibitions to reach more people, and reduce the level of fraud with the existence of NFT as the Certificate of Authenticity.

Check our video demo :

Try it out!


AssureDocs: Generate and Verify Documents faster and easier than ever before
Ecosystem Track

Team Pynodes present to you AssureDocs - One stop solution for generating and verifying documents in bulk with just few simple clicks. The job and education market is flooded with forged documents therefore it is very difficult for institutions and companies to sort then out so to solve it enter Pynodes.

Why we believe our product is the best out there-

  1. Easy to use drag-and-drop feature for generation.
  2. Multi-language support (e.g. English, Hindi, Mandarin, French etc.). :speaking_head:
  3. Generate documents in bulk within seconds completely gasless. :free:
  4. No wallet setup required whatsoever.
  5. We have strong and automated security layers that even we as developers can’t manipulate the ledger.

It is an in-demand government project and we are already getting positive responses from nearby colleges and institutions.
This product can be an industry standard product and we truly hope to receive support from the Tron community so that we can deploy it to Tron as well and build a safer and better internet for the users. Hope you enjoyed our product. Thankyou😊.

This is the demo video of our product :point_down:
AssureDocs Demo Video