Snake Bite 🐍 by Team Hero

Project Name: Snake Bite
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: Hero
Team Member(s): @amazing.vive
DevPost URL:
Project Goal:
Snake Bite is classic web3 game with DeFi, NFT-1155, ERC-20 token based fun and enteraining game

Project Info:
Snake Bite is classic snake game which we used to play in our childhood, So I tried to recall it and create a easy and simple game in which we can to collect food and slowly our speed and tail will get longer and avoid obstacles in the game. But top of it now I have added Web3 features in the game like in-game purchase, NFT, token reward and economy system and more. So give a try and share your feedback.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  • Use metamask to login
  • Make sure you have enough BTTC Test amount and Network added in metamask
  • Play game and authenticate with metamask and create transactions wherever needed in game for in-app transactions

Contract Address:

  1. 0xc932bb309e75f2333b86df357fd13942143cff60
    GamePlayToken (GPT) Token Tracker | BTTC
  2. 0xDc8b55Db814dbD935D7f9846922FC2707a65Cb80
    Contract Address 0xDc8b55Db814dbD935D7f9846922FC2707a65Cb80 | BTTC

Project Details:

  • Supports multi chain [BTTC Testnet, Polygon Testnet, TrustEVM Testnet]
  • Simple classic gameplay with arrow controls
  • Decentralized finance system (DeFi) with in-app items with crypto
  • Get game reward as ERC-20 token when you score 10+
  • NFT 1155 as game player theme
  • Exchange game token to get coins


  • Unity game engine and solidity programming for smart contract
  • DeFi with Token ERC-20 and NFT-1155
  • Remix IDE used to create smart contract for ERC-1155 NFT, ERC-20 game token and in-app purchase for coins

Project Milestones Completed:

  • Migration of project to BitTorrent
  • Creating and updating smart contracts and adding new functionality
  • Improving gameplay and adding more themes in game
  • Creating ERC-20 token mechanism in game


can I play this game on other chain already?


Can remember this game, I use to play when I was growing up, nice to bring it to the Blockchain


Hi :wave:

What’s your business plan to generate revenue and keep your token value high enough to keep players coming to your platform on the long term?


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seems great, wanna see final result


Yes, this game I created on another chain last month.
I will update demo link


Yes, old, simple yet classic game for us


Currently its endless but want to add level based, different environments, different snakes, difficulties, Multiplayer so create engagement with users for long time. And regarding revenue so currently its based on in-game purchase and exchange tokens but I’ll research more on this economy for better growth like direct promotion and that kind of stuff.


Interesting name and UI :slight_smile:

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Yeah in-game purchases and ads are some good ways. Maybe some merchs as well :+1:


You said Snake, you got me, overall I like the content. I hope you succeed!


Thanks a lot everyone, game link is available to test with different chain like BTTC testnet, polygon mumbai and trust evm testnet

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This Brings Back so Many Memories. The Art Looks Amazing as well. Looking Forward To Play This.

Greetings amazing.vive! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Devpost URL
Project Info
Project Website
Contract Address

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Could you explain of “creating ERC-20 token mechanism in game” part in milestones ?? Thank you in advance

Yes if player score more than 10 then he will be rewarded as game token and this game token can be redeemed in game store to exchange it with coins.


Is there anything new about your game or you’re just migrating this project to BTTC

BTTC migration, Token earn, token exchange system and other stuff are added. I have added this project in ecosystem but still I tried to implement more things which required in ecosystem track.


will there be any form of mining?

Wow I can’t believe this project is using BTTC TEST for gas fee