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Project Name: [Appature Game]
Project Track: [GameFi]
Team Name: [Team Ezemuo]
Team Member(s): [1]
DevPost URL: [Adamikeoluwa Salawudeen's (Adamikeoluwa) software portfolio | Devpost]
Project Goal: [A Game trying to bring more Gamers into the Ecosystem , Achieve Transparent gaming ]
Project Info: [To Be Processed ]
Project Website: []
Project Test Instructions: [ To be processed Shortly]
Project Details:[Work Ongoing for it ]
Project Milestones:

Since this hackathon is an ongoing funding program, projects that have great potential and 
good community engagement are likely to win and receive additional funding after the initial hackathon. 
Therefore, participants should update their project posts to be as detailed as possible and
answer any community questions during the hackathon period.

Ok waiting for more information on this project

when more information will be added to the post …??

Waiting for more update to see how u will be bringing more people into the tron blockchain through games.

Seems there’s nothing to see here…

Expecting more info on this project

Hola, esperamos nos den más detalles, gracias.

Time to update this post and start writing something on the devpost application otherwise you won’t be able to participate

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Yh i am still here waiting patiently for updates but still nothing.