TRONPlay - eSports platform powered by TRON Blockchain

Project Name: TRONPlay

Project Track: Artistry

Team Name: TRONPlay Team

Team Member(s): 6-10 members

Project Goal: To bring esports gaming experience into the TRON ecosystem, thereby providing gamers with a secure and profitable way to earn from their gaming skills and contributions

Project Value: Integrating TRONPlay with the TRON blockchain offers undeniable benefits including secure transactions, real-time earnings, and global accessibility, all while maintaining a transparent and fair gaming environment.

Project Info:
TRONPlay_hackaton_compressed.pdf (2.8 MB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Sign-up via TronLink (from your desktop device) or any other method via desktop/mobile.
  3. Choose any active tournament to play.
  4. Follow the instructions to play and earn.
  5. Enjoy you rewards

Project Details:

TRONPlay is an eSports platform built, allowing gamers to earn through play. Our platform supports solo and team competitions. The backend architecture includes Python and FastAPI, with React on the frontend, PostgreSQL for database needs, managed through Kubernetes for high scalability and availability.

Project Milestones:

  • Month 1-2: Integration with TRON blockchain and alpha release for internal testing.
  • Month 3-4: Public beta release, community feedback collection, and initial bug fixes.
  • Month 5-6: Official launch, marketing campaign kick-off, and continuous platform enhancements.

Please feel free to explore, test, and provide feedback on TRONPlay. Your input is invaluable as we strive to improve and evolve the platform.


lol i think there is no gamefi track in this hackathon :grinning: :thinking: whats happening here??? lol quite funny :smile:

Lols, I think it last minute rush template

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Yes, this was my mistake - changed it to “artistry”
I was in the last minute rush trying to publish the forum post

Seems the platform is not close to being ready. What is the value of the Tronlink connection if there is no functionality connected to it.

Seems it is a platform prepared for EVM and Tron is only placed into the name for Hackathon submission purposes…

The platform is fully functional in terms of everything that concerns esports tournaments and player’s experience. But you are right, that TRON integration is not quite there yet, excluding some basic features like authorization via TronLink, the other things like deposits / withdrawals of TRX, TRC20-USDTs or a platform token are planned but we didn’t manage to finish them yet.

There is a roadmap attached (within the pdf deck) that shows our further traction within the TRON ecosystem

You are welcome team, visited your website and I saw some tagged as free and some paid, please does the paly and earn also applies to the free ones? Also i saw we accept payment in btc, eth Usdt, will you add trx to the currencies you accept?

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Yep, free tournaments suppose free of charge participation, but you can still win some rewards.
Paid tournaments require buying a ticket which form the prize fund, that is later distributed among winners, and the platform takes its fee.

Regarding deposits - we do have a crypto payment gateway which allows accepting any cryptocurrency and converting them into platform Coins. TRX will be added shortly.

and these rewards from free games include?

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Rewards from the free tournaments are a kind of a promo that attracts players to the platform.
So far we sponsor the free tournaments by ourselves

alright thanks for your time

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this website doesn’t even work.
you purchased the ready-made game theme website and just add a tronlink wallet entry to it? are you kidding us? did you really think that we wouldn’t realize those stuffs among all those serious projects?

@SimbadMarino you check this project, they didn’t even integrate anything on TRON except tronlink wallet

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Please, explain what exactly you mean by doesn’t even work?

you purchased the ready-made game theme website and just add a tronlink wallet entry to it?

We guarantee that we wrote all the code of the project ourselves and we own it 100%.

This website doesn’t even work on TRON/BTTC which is the main rule of competition. What do you mean by “Please, explain what exactly you mean by doesn’t even work?”

What kind of explain I need to make if you don’t care about it

I’ve read your comments on other HackaTron projects, now it’s clear to me what you mean

Welcome bro to hackathon season 6

After connecting my wallet to your site, I tried registering for a tournament and this is the response I got

What could be the issue here?

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At this step you need to enter you In-game Nickname and/or User ID – specifically for the game you’ve selected