FunPlanet: Online gaming platform P2Earn

Project Name: Fun Planet
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: Team TOAST
Team Member(s): 1 @Toastb
Dorahacks Project Link: FUNPLANET | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal: The goal of a FunPlanet is to provide a transparent and secure platform for online gaming, using blockchain technology to ensure fairness and transparency in the games. Tron Blockchain technology allows for a decentralized, peer-to-peer network where all transactions are recorded and verified on a public ledger, making it impossible for any party to cheat or manipulate the system.

Project Info: FunPlanet is a tron based gaming platform that allows users to play their favourite childhood games and earn while doing so. Fun PLanet will also have a proposal system where our community will be allowed to suggest possible games to be integrated into the platform. Our aim is to create 100 games (single player and multiplayer) .

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  • Download Tronlink Pro
  • SetUp wallet
  • Change to Nile testnet
  • Go to Live link
  • Go to games on the navigation bar
  • Pick a game and play

Project Details:

:coin::game_die: FunPlanetTron

FunPlanetTron is a gaming platform built on the Tron blockchain.

:person_raising_hand:t4: About

FunplanetTron is programmed to be the best gaming platform on the Tron blockchain. It is a decentralized casino that leverages on the Tron Blockchain Technology, to provide innovative casino games to users. The platform features will include provably fair games, streamlined deposits and withdrawals using the Tron Blockchain Technology.

:dizzy: Problem Description

Blockchain is an innovative ecosystem that has garnered a lot of attention and developments over the years. The technology however is still under utilized. Less than 3% of the world’s population use the Blockchain.

The Tron ecosystem however, needs to build more, in the day to day activities of people to be able to capture more of the world’s population.

Decentralized Finance, NFTs and Gaming have proven to be helpful to blockchain adoption. Tron is committed to fostering the growth of Web3 applications by providing the infrastructure needed for Web3.

There is the need for more innovations in the aspect of casino gaming with utilities. The Tron ecosystem needs a far more decentralized gaming application, that would focus more on the anonymity of players, reputation, partnership with players in the ecosystem and continuous improvement and additions to accommodate players from every sphere.

:white_check_mark: Solution

The long term goal of FunPlanetTron is to provide over 100 games to game lovers on the Tron blockchain launching with 3 games, and engaging with the community to develop as many games as possible.
Also Another long term goal is to launch an NFT collection on the Tron Blockchain. The NFT collection artwork would be in the PFP category and holders of the NFT would get a percentage of game fees. This, in essence, would bring marketing and visibility to Tippers and help in engaging with the Tron Ecosystem.

:hourglass: What’s next for FunPlanetTron ?

  • Adding more games like Card games, Poker, Plinko, Rock paper and Scissors etc.
  • Creating a LeaderBoard to track players with the most wins and losses.
  • Creating an TRC20 token on tron that players can use to play games alongside trx.
    Creating an NFT collection for the FunPlanetTron platform on the Tron blockchain.
    Smart Contract links:
    TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:
– 1) Launch of our social media platforms.
– 2 ) Creation of awareness .
– 3) Launch of Funplanet github repo, creating NextJS app with typescript.
– 4) Writing of first 2 games smart contract.
– 5) Live link, Discord interaction with community members (deciding next 2 games).
– 6) Building Proposal system to accept community game ideas.
Fun PLanet Telegram Group
Our Twitter official Page
Project Link
Website Link
Project Details


Hello funplanet
Welcome bro Tron Hackathon session 4
All the best.

Keep building,
You project name is catchy
Awaiting most details

I have quick question?

  1. What will make your game unique
    On Tron blockchain?

  2. You said your aim is to create 100 games
    Please do you mean games you create and build
    Or existing games you will deployed to your project??



You are welcome to Hackatron S4
Wishing you all the best.


Hello team, welcome to season 4, if i read right, people will be rewarded for playing. Are there plans to create your own tokens or BTTor Trx will be your default token.

Also will the game be phone compatible or it will only be accessible through laptop or desktop.

Will the community be in one way or the other rewarded for making a suggestion on what game to integrate into your system and lastly how do you plan on creating revenue from the platform to reward players.

Cos after reading there is nothing in there that tells me how you are going to create revenue but you plan on rewarding.

So please shed more light on it for me thank you


Welcome to TRON Hackathon Season4! Looking forward to see more details of your project! All the best!


Good day nana,
Pardon my English. Yes we have thought about this and are currently contemplating on implementing the following ideas.

  1. So funplanet is an online gaming platform, sometimes you can place a bet and not win this money is stored on the contract.

  2. Transactions fees: We plan on introducing small transactions fees that can either be in percentage or a fixed price on games that will be stored on the contract.

  3. Token sales: Yes we plan on introducing our own token and this will be used to bet on the platform and all this token sales will enable us generate revenue but for the meantime Tron native token is being used. This will be implemented along the line thank you for the suggestions :purple_heart:.

  4. We also planning on introducing a sponsorship program as we grow in number we will use our platform to advertise product and services of our sponsors to our users.

And finally
Affiliate marketing

The above ideas are still being contemplated on so at the meantime only token sales and transactions fees have a very high possibility of being implemented.

I believe in getting paid for hardwork. At the meantime there’s no plan to pay Community members for bringing up ideas because it’s not like a bounty the aim of the proposal system is to bring the platform closer to the community to let them know they have enough right over the platform.

We are also open to suggestions thank you.Our Twitter official Page


Thank you
Yes our aim is to create a platform that has up to 100 working games that users can play2earn money.

Let’s take for example a simple roll the dice game where you toss the dice and if your number matches the amount you placed your bet on you earn.

Or an online ludo game where four players come together to play their favorite child hood game and the winner goes with the bounty
So at the start they can pick to either play for fun or for a certain amount

E.g 30Tron * 4 thats 120
The winner takes 120Tron minus the platform fee

So we intend to incorporate as many games as possible and those games will be determined by the community and we the devs will pick what game has the most votes and try to implement it


Great idea
About the proposal system is it all games that is presented by a committee member that will automatically be implemented?


Thanks for the swift response and good to know you have a well thought out plan.

If you need a place to list you tokens when the time is right, just send a DM to @fabsltsa and he will assist you in whatever way possible.

One of my question was not addressed in your answer. And that is, will the game be compatible with a phone??


Thank you so much nana
I’m happy to answer your questions and hopefully add you to our social media groups.
Currently the first 2 games are in development and it’s being tested on desktop.
Mobile version is very possible as the game do not require so much power.


Ok that will be great since i am the phone type and will be very happy to be able to access my through a phone device.

I read right after the social media platform creations, awareness of the project is next.

How do you plan on creating this awareness, through Airdrops to attract new community members or through outreach programs like education on what your project has to offer.

Thank you

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THANK you for clarifying my question
All the best once again


Welcome to Grand hackathon S4, wish the team and the project best of luck :crossed_fingers:


Yes about awareness.
We would be hosting twitter spaces, discord voice chat and telegram open chats so that the community can get to know more about us and the platform.

I personally have not been deep into Tron blockchain but I know quite a good number of people in solana blockchain and I plan on bringing them onboard.
So we will contact prominente DAOs On the solana blockchain and try to bring them onboard


How to get the Twitter link?


An official FunPlanet twitter account will be available very soon. And i will be glad sharing the link with you.


Welcome to the hackathon, I like how the project is set up. Thank you for your very complete answers.


Bringing your solana guys onboard will be a step in the right direction.
Cant wait to try your game out and have a feel of how it will all play out.

Wishing you all the best then. Thank you :pray:


Welcome to Season 4
For clarity, what technology is being used to develop and maintain the platform? Is it scalable and adaptable to future growth and changes in the market?


Great Work. Wishing you all the best.