- a wagering/staking multiplayer minigames platform - wagered arcade/eSports games on TRON

Project Name:
Project Track: GameFi
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Team Member(s): @nickmura
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Contract Address:
Primary Escrow contract - TMGBGionnPs1TFRHxNrZRiGneZaDi6zkBh
Secondary Escrow contract - TQyY41mqbHVWWHWt5Zq1pPL5rYd7HgM2kE

Development Board:

Project Website:

Project Goal: Create an unique, interoperable GameFi wagering/staking protocol, that allows users to create events and wagered games with our catalog of arcade games for users, and soon-to-be eSports games. Players can place bets against each other in chess, 8ball, etc, aswell as create a vision for deploying our network to be interoperable with conventional esports, competitive, and sandbox games. Ensure our protocol is one of a kind and stands out.

A challenge GameFi faces is introducing, and attracting new users outside of Web3 communities to the various platforms accessible today. Without direct initiative in platforms accepting the value of GameFi, whether they be providing solutions or creating a new game that they enjoy, GameFi won’t grow to the full potential it can.’ goal is to provide a solution to both of those issues - a conventional wagering/staking platform for users to play against their friends/opponents on, and be a conventional choice for gamers - regardless of their relationship with Web3 applications.

Project Details: is a new GameFi platform built on TRON and (soon BTTC) in beta providing and developing various minigames to play against your friends and users online. Players can stake and wager against each other in our turn based and upcoming real time arcade games. TRON has a notable catalog, and ecosystem of various GameFi applications, so we believe TRON would be a perfect place to create and scale an engaging community, and ecosystem for our platform. Our ultimate goal is to scale our protocol on existing games, introducing new users, players, and entire communities into TRON. Our target audience will be new players and users, outside of Web3 circles, while still accommodating users from our existing TRON ecosystem.

Project Info: (A presentation for why will greatly contribute to GameFi and TRON)

Project Test Instructions: (A demonstration video can be found here how to use the protocol!)

  • Sign in to the site with TronLink
  • Create a TRX domain username (via prompted or clicking ur address by the connect button)
  • Click your username, or click Create or join a game at the very top with a selected stake or no stake (select your game) (You can get Shasta testnet funds on our Telegram here!)
  • If stake, sign a transaction to lock your stake in
  • If win or draw, retrieve stake!

Our inspiration/motivation:

I’ve been a chess player for quite some time now, and on several occasions I have wanted to stake and wager against my friends in chess. After looking for a while, I found there aren’t really any platforms that provide a service, to allow you to wager against your friends in chess. That left me scratching my head; In my opinion, this functionality is essential for competitive events and tournaments! After further research, I found there’s not many services for players, entities, and companies to coordinate, share, and create their own esports events!

Wow! For many players like myself, it’s difficult to create their own e-sporting events without adequate large-scale intermediaries, funding, trust, and many other inconvenient ordeals; I have many peers who desire to break into the esports and competitive scenes for various games; but find it very difficult to find an entity that actually supports and fulfills their expectations, providing them the opportunities they need! Some players may want to have a wagered experience but have it casual; whether it be chess, 8 ball, golf, etc. Some other players want to have truly immersive, competitive experience, and our goal is to bridge both of these demands to TRON and it’s ecosystem.

GameFi is a unique and interesting paradigm that has huge potential, but I believe there’s still a significant obstacle to overcome: Attracting and onboarding new users from outside the Web3 sphere. Without direct initiative to provide value to outside communities for GameFi, whether they be providing solutions or creating a new game that they enjoy, GameFi won’t grow to the full potential it can!

My goal with to scale such a platform that will face and SOLVE all of these important challenges mentioned above that we as an ecosystem face - provide an interoperable GameFi protocol, that allows players to wager their games they love against their friends (or opponents!) on their favorite games, and provide an essential service to potential users and players outside of Web3, introducing and bringing new communities into TRON, creating a much more vibrant, and expansive ecosystem!

What it does:

Users will be able to play our catalog of different games with staking/wagering available. - Currently, I have finished chess and now am working on implementing our own version on TRON, of, and 8 ball, which will be available in multiplayer, after the judging period.

Let’s say Bob wants to create a staked or wagered game of Chess. They will choose the selected amount of TRX they wish to stake, and then sign a transaction to send their funds to our escrow contract via Tronlink.

Now, Bob has told Alice about his game and she has decided to join, they will also sign a transaction with the same amount and join their game.

After 20 minutes, Alice has won the game by Checkmate! Alice can withdraw the entire wagered amount of the game, and has a win on their address account. She can now play another game if she likes.

How we built it:

I’ve created the MVP with a chess implementation that I’ve created here. I then implemented our protocol into the game! Our GitHub link for can be found here: GitHub - nickmura/ A staking/wagering mini games platform. Play chess or 8ball with your friends on TRON. Play now!

We use Redis, to store game state persistently, and the client fetches the key if the player is ever to disconnect/reconnect from the socket.

I also created a postgres relational database for personalization of users - so users can get domain usernames (e.g nickmura.trx, bobby.trx). Users in the near future will have additional features and economic systems in place - such as a leveling system, badges and more!

After creating a basic draft of the game, I decided to work on the Solidity contract infrastructure deployed on TRON currently.

Primary Escrow contract - TMGBGionnPs1TFRHxNrZRiGneZaDi6zkBh
Secondary Escrow contract - TQyY41mqbHVWWHWt5Zq1pPL5rYd7HgM2kE

I then implemented our game and protocol into our main site, at,
and have been working on creating new features since!

I have a link to a presentation in video format of what provides! (Not the demonstration, it will be linked further)

Currently, 8 ball is available, and soon, Drawades, which will be based off a open source rendition of will be avaiaI will have to implement the game in Svelte and our GameFi protocol. After we implement a significant catalog for minigames, we will start implementing our crypto protocol in eSports games and start reaching out to pros and influencers.

Our project code for can be found on github. A organizational github will be created soon. GitHub - nickmura/ A staking/wagering mini games platform. Play chess or 8ball with your friends on TRON. Play now!

Challenges we ran into

Securing design - I implemented and created a Figma design I was authorized to use with Svelte and Tailwind. It took longer than expected to get working, but it looks pretty good now!

Implementing smart contracts - Creating an escrow service contract specific to our games took some research. I have been a Solidity Developer for a year and went through various challenges with implementing solutions to the mechanisms that needed to be created. A significant percentage of the winnings will go towards auditing contracts and coming up with cryptographically secure business logic.

Securing database logic - personalization was a bit of a problem and I think in the near future I will focus my efforts implementing and optimizing the user end experience for optimization.

Implementing other games into the protocol - Unfortunately, there was some difficulty trouble implementing the other games into the protocol before the judging period effectively, and personally, aswell as professionally I deeply apologize. My priority is providing a quality, worthwhile experience for all our players, and I believe long term our project will be considered an outlier of success and quality in GameFi, when we offer our full catalog, and when we deploy the protocol on existing games. I will continue to showcase updates of my progress scaling these apps, aswell as new features as the judging and voting period continues here.

Getting the support and guidance from the community - Getting people as many people to be aware, and possibly use our platform will always be a priority. Expanding our project to as many eyes as possible is the key to our success.

Project Milestones:

Our goals & milestones are to in order… (and more)

  • Create and develop a couple or few games to be implemented within our protocol (Chess, or Drawades, or 8Ball) ✓

  • Create a networking protocol standard for the games to be multiplayer on-site ✓

  • Create an audited escrow payment smart contract on TRON testnet, for users stakes / wagers for initiating games aswell as providing payouts of wagers. We are also intending to create a smart contract for random airdrops in the future. ✓

  • Emphasize our vision to the judges and community of TRON ✓

  • Create a GREAT looking front-end and deploy site. ✓

  • Develop a username implementation for personalization (domain based usernames (e.g) nicky.trx, bobby.trx) for accounts/addresses. ✓

  • Provide and demonstrate the intrinsic value and significance of our protocol to the TRON community and ecosystem. ✓

  • Provide a short term & long term roadmap for the progress and evolution of ✓

  • Receive significant support and encouragement from the TRONdao community of our project ✓

  • Create an easier to use user interface ✓

  • Develop new features through the judging period after submission period✓

  • Create new content during the judging period ✓

  • Create a leveling economic system ✓

  • Develop a new game to showcase as soon as possible ✓

  • During the judging period, grow our social media and community presence via Twitter, Telegram, etc (Over 900 followers on our Twitter currently!) ✓

  • Collect and assimilate feedback into our project and ensure governance and user experience of players are the priority. ✓

You can find our Development Board (citing current milestones, and current development progress being worked on as you read this here, at!. The project management, and development progress of will always be transparent!

Post hackathon goals:

In the coming weeks of the judging period, I will mainly be focusing my efforts on social media and community presence. I believe people participating in the project, and giving back feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, feedback is very important to the development and evolution of this project short or long term.

Once we win this hackathon, I will deploy the features I have created throughout the judging period, inquire about an audit, and deploy on mainnet! Security integrity and transparency of this project are essential, for the community acknowledging for what it is worth.

A governance system will be deployed to allow for the community to determine what the focus of our efforts should be in early Q1, in addition to the browser games mentioned. The governance system will have an various game economics in place - so users, teams and entities, can receive badges, levels, and exclusive cosmetics and benefits!

Long term development plans include the development and deployment of a desktop client and mobile client, which we hope will increase exposure and ease of access to the protocol for existing games, which will exponentially increase the number of new users and players coming into our platform!

From a desktop/mobile client, we will be able to gain and attract a much larger mass of players and daily users - providing greater exposure and value, for both for and TRON, allowing us to sponsor and coordinate eSports events funded via a community owned treasury. This is a difficult feat to accomplish, but we believe that, given enough initiative, time, and community participation, we can make this vision a reality. We’re excited about the potential value such a protocol could provide to the TRON ecosystem! We also plan to create contests, tournaments and events during this entire journey consistently, accommodating all of our players cs as we are expecting to create a diverse demographic and target audience to bring to TRON.

I am extremely confident that this project will go the whole 9 yards, and I hope TRON, and the TRONDao community can be a key participant in contributing to the vision our platform is going to make a reality.

A list of more specific goals can be found below:

  • Deploy on mainnet ✓

  • Always more engagement with the community, creating a better and more welcoming user experience in all areas. ✓

  • Optimize and release new features that we’ve developed. ✓

  • Provide exclusive badges for beta participants during the judging period ✓

  • Participate and contribute to the sTRONgerTogetherChallenge, or Web3StrongerTogether initiative

  • Develop a crypto system in our contract and infrastructure, that ensures valid digital signatures for transactions can only be issued by the server, providing full confidence that a players funds are safe when they wish to play or wager a game!

  • Deploy on main-net for both TRX AND BTTC, and provide support for several other tokens and currencies.

  • Expand the team ✓

  • Provide a leveling system and badge system for players, aswell as stats, etc various game economics / features to make the experience more exciting, aswell as further personalization features for users profiles ✓

  • Increase and develop more games on our catalog, specifically creating real-time, multiplayer, stakable games for players in WebAssembly or JavaScript ✓

  • Release and deploy governance token. Release exclusive airdrop and features for contributors and participants of the beta.

  • Implement interoperability and support of our protocol between existing casual, sandbox, and competitive games (e.g Counter Strike, Rocket League, Garry’s Mod, Fortnite, Minecraft etc). This is the most important goal in our roadmap! This will expand the amount of new users within the TRON network and our platform to exponential new heights, giving it even more of a high value proposition. Deploying on multiple existing games will give us value and a community unlike any other GameFi project out there.

  • Collaborate, and coordinate tournaments and contests for our users via community owned and governed treasury. ✓

  • Provide exclusive features and rewards for our participants and community members ✓

  • Lots more to announce!

You can find our Development Board (citing current & future milestones, and current development progress,) being worked on as you read this here, at! Full writeups and plans for each of these milestones is provided there. The project management, and development progress of will always be transparent!

Fellow TRON community and judges, thank you so much for reading and supporting our project. It means a lot! Please comment if you have any questions or feedback of what could be done or what you think about our vision… Please help us create the vision we think is possible, with your support, we believe we can scale our project to heights unprecedented! <3


Interesting to see how it works and to be able to play a game of chess


Yeah! @Jose That is currently what I am working on. Stay tuned for updates! I/We are working hard to make this come true.


what other board games are you working on? :slight_smile:


@elian123 , Currently, our goal is to implement chess, checkers, and 8 ball pool, and hopefully another game. Give us some ideas of some 4 player or more board games you’d like to see! :slight_smile: We think we could maybe do real time games, in the future , instead of combinatorial or turn based games (perhaps a spin off of but with token stakes…) We have to see, I believe the future is bright if we win this season! :slight_smile:


Would love to see snooker games or draught on this platform. If that is done i will be very grateful. Let me know when this is viable.


Hi there :wave: Will your platform be available for mobiles or just computers?


Yeah! We intend to provide a wide selection of real time games, possibly shooter games in the future. I will start researching and start progress of creating real time games after the contest ends. I have some great ideas in mind to create a strong player base and community!

Intrinsic value for players will be the priority.


I think in the future, I am optimistic some games will be available on mobile! The problem is, mobile web applications do not typically support TronLink wallet, or any sort of Web3 wallet/user authentication services.

In order for us provide mobile games, we would need to create a custody management system for users funds to deposit/withdraw on/off the site. so they can use their funds regardless of a digital signature via their TronLink wallet. Custody management is a difficult process to maintain, develop and secure, so winning the hackathon could definitely create funding for this to be possible. I am working hard, and fulltime/overtime on this project to create the best service we can to the users, so fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


We have been hard at working developing the protocol and the website - take a sneek peek at the
design of the roadmap section of the site! We will continue to update functionality as soon as possible.


Finished the escrow smart contract and having it peer-reviewed over the next few days.
We hope to reduce gas to a minimum. A custody management system on TRON would be great for that!


i will beat anyone here in chess :slight_smile: :slight_smile: lemme know when it’s ready


What do you guys think of the idea of making a discord community/server?


They are in my opinion very hard to keep clean from bots :robot: :robot: :robot:


Perhaps in the long term, it could be a problem, but I intend to create a more involved/engaged community, so I thought a chat server on discord or telegram could help increase the amount of people aware and hyped for this.

Working hard on new features and games. What do you guys think about a drawing charades game? Winners can receive their points in TRX for now, but in the future receive the governance token.


More to be announced soon.


seems well, when do website will come ??


@Akainuu Currently working on design and implementation! I can ping you when I have a chance to show more of it. Will be available soon, before the hackathon ends.


waiting for it buddy

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Excited to show off a sneek peek of the 8ball minigame, still in development. Stay tuned!