AWPSWAP by Team AWPSWAP - Counter Strike 2 community & trading platform

I created when I was 18, within my first year of my programming journey as a solo dev. It was one of my first projects. Since then a lot has changed, we’ve gained a lot more perspective on what we want to achieve.

As stated on the post, the purpose of the submission was to publicize our efforts and the progress we’ve made along the way, rather then winning an award. We contacted the TRON team prior to our Season 6 submission and were encouraged to post it, regardless if we disqualified or win. We will continue to use the existing winnings to develop, manage & support AWPSwap.

We’ve been working full-time on the development of all of our TRON based projects over the last year and a half (Q4 2022) (,,, & We’ve made significant changes/advances in our app & project since Q4 2022. To have a team working on these projects is quite expensive. We have not abandoned our projects.

We have a repo here for, but we decided to focus our efforts on AWPSwap as a successor, because we can combine the functionality of wagered events, mini-games of existing games (Counter Strike) into one ubitiqious product. The business model for AWPSwap is much more direct and feasible as well.

Nonetheless, this is not an excuse to overpromise and underdeliver. We’ve made many mistakes during our progress. I can understand the expectations are high on these projects, and it is my responsibility to achieve the success of our vision, and ultimately surpass these expectations. The criticism is highly valuable, and reinforces we still have a lot of work to do.