AWPSWAP by Team AWPSWAP - Counter Strike 2 community & trading platform

Project Name: AWPSwap
Project Track: Builder (GameFi, NFT)
Team Name: Team AWPSWAP
Team Member(s): 4

@nickmura [Lead Dev & Founder]

@TridentFounder [Co-Founder]

@Jorjeh [Game-server & eSports Lead Developer]

Project Link:

Project Goal:

  • Allow users to Trade CS2 skins instantly

  • Create a community for traders, enthusiasts and players who love Counter Strike 2, empowered by TRON.

  • Game-servers (AVAILABLE NOW), with an active community

  • Coordinating events for trading & players within AWPSwap (Community events, eSports events)

  • Build user retention and compete with other market-makers within the Steam ecosystem.

Project Value:

  • Successor to and

  • Instant Swap for virtual items, CS2 community for CS2 items

  • Game servers that are available now on Counter Strike 2 (US & EU)

  • Onboards active players from Steam-based communities to TRON, and vice versa

  • Create authentic user retention for TRON with players worldwide on Counter Strike 2

Project Info:

Project Website: AWPSWAP.IO

Project Test Instructions:
Instant Swap (

  • Login to Steam on app
  • Connect your Tronlink wallet.
  • On the side-bar, click “Buy Items” or “Sell Items”
  • Select items to trade.
  • Click continue on the right menu, and go through the transaction process.
  • If you’ve bought items, go to the withdraw menu by clicking the profile dropdown (where Login with Steam, was) (AWP Swap - Home)
  • If you sold items, TRX should be sent to your address.

Gameservers (CS2 servers):

  • Launch Counter Strike 2
  • Open up the developer console
  • Copy the IP address you wish to join
  • Enter ‘connect [PASTE IP HERE]’ into the console


  • Launch
  • Scroll down to Server List and click join on a server (Needs to be a pc with Steam/CS2 installed)
  • Steam should be prompted to open the server information
  • Join via Steam

Project Details:

AWPSwap started first started as, which was a project for wagering on mini-games, Chess & 8ball support. We also had in our roadmap to provide support for Counter Strike 2.

In Q2 of 2023, we also posted , which was a swap that trades TF2 keys for crypto.

The next chapter for both of these projects is to combine the visions together and create a next-gen exchange & community for Steam-based items.

Smart Contract links:

Shasta SwapValue
Main-net (coming soon)
USDT support (coming soon)

Project Milestones:

  • New game servers for Counter Strike 2 ✓

  • Leaderboard stats for players publicly available for all servers

  • In-game support for TRON implementation (connecting a wallet/address to your SteamID in-game)

  • Affiliate & referral program (promo codes, etc for swapping items on AWPSwap

  • Full main-net support

More updates soon!


The idea is nice,
However, in order for you to do such a project, you need to get permission from Steam and Valve, the owner and publisher of Counter Strike, or make an agreement with them. And these are serious permissions. Because otherwise, you are no different from a pirated trading site.

What do you think about this, it’s really interesting?


The project you put forward in previous seasons was great. However, this project seems to be created completely ignoring copyrights and laws. Sorry, I do not support

@Gordian @Prince-Onscolo @WindsOfChange92 Could you check please?
Because this is an issue that concerns our forum.


Hello buddy welcome to the session.
Check from your previous projects.
Have check out for social media handle
And none is valid. - Trade/sell your Steam items (CS:GO/TF2) on TRON!

Any valid social media to your previous or current project?


Welcome to Tron Hackathon Season 6, Team AWPSwap. We are excited to have you on board. Good to know that you already have operational game servers with active communities in both the US and EU. And also we await your project link. All the best
Please link to the active community?


Hmmm this is an old project from S5, and none of the judges raised this concern. Let’s see


Greetings everyone, i would like to start by introducing myself first, my history and my role within this project.

I am Trident, Founder of Trident Ventures Organisation. We are team based organisation with various team members and roles within the organisation, from design, development,marketing to community building. We are proud to announce that we are joining this project with @nickmura as Co-Founders.

I personally have 7+ Years of experience in Steam based projects. I worked on similiar projects from Automated Steam Trading Services, Analytical tools, Steam GUI Trading Services, Website Trading Services ( Outside of Steam GUIs ) & many similiar projects and tools within Steams Economy. Some of the projects i worked on were for myself, while others were for other organisations & teams.

After years of gathering experience, working on such & similiar projects, we are ready to make our own and focus on it fully.

My main focus within this project will be Design & Marketing as i have rich experience in both fields especially for project within Steam Community.I will be focused on Community Engagement,Social Media & Content, Advertising, Partnerships, Partnerships and Collaborations & Design ( UI UX, Content, Materials & Assets etc )

I’m excited to go on this adventure with you all as we take on this fascinating project. With my wealth of expertise working on Steam-based projects, especially in the areas of design and marketing, I’m determined to help our team succeed & provide all available resources into this project.



First to begin with, @nickmura I can admit to the fact that you are not a new name in the forum. You are one of the developers who has recorded a couple of projects in the Tron community. But having said that, I can’t remember hearing about this project in your previous HackaTRON submission. So why registering it in the builder track which is a category we all know that is for projects that has already been launched before the current hackathon



Technically, Steam has the right to shut down any service based on their API and platform. However, there have never been cases of Steam shutting down trading websites unless they were engaging in illicit practices. This includes illegal gambling, circumventing trade locks, KYC (Know Your Customer) violations, and other forms of commercial malpractice.

There are multiple market-makers, such as and, who have maintained skin marketplaces (with minimal crypto support) and have provided great value & trust within their ecosystems. Numerous professional eSports teams and communities within Counter-Strike have been sponsored by these mentioned market makers.

Steam’s presence in eSports includes supporting these eSports teams and communities, particularly for new Majors (such as Katowice, Glasgow, and MLG), as well as creating new virtual items for sharing and trading (eSports sticker capsules, skins, etc.).

We are actively working with a legal firm we’ve consulted with to ensure compliance with Steam’s Terms of Service (ToS).

Steam recognizes the importance of these trading platforms as they empower eSports, communities, players, and the Counter-Strike economy. The total value of all CS2 skins on the Steam Community Market has risen to $3 billion for the first time since March 2023. This is significant considering the peak value of $4.25 billion reached in August 2023.


3 Likes should have our socials & links available, which will be subject to additions as we organize.

AWPSwap is the successor to and , we have rebranded as the next chapter for both of these projects. You can play our game-servers, or swap skins on our Instant Swap.

Welcome to Season 6, it feels bullish knowing @nickmura is the founder/Lead Dev of this and quite chill to see an entry in the builder track.
Quite an interesting offering you’ve here, makes me wonder; how does AWPSwap intend to overcome regulatory issues, particularly those involving virtual item trade and cryptocurrency transactions?

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dude whats the difference between this and

I think this answers your question. They are participating in builder category. So project should have significant update from previous versions.


Welcoming you to the Season 6 of The Hackathon, you game is like it have same style as my cousin favorite game Call of Duty, which meaning it is counter offensive, do you have support for multiple players to play at once

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yeh i read that Thanks!

Welcome to hackathon season 6
Q1 How will AWPSwap differentiate itself from existing platforms for trading CS:GO skins, considering the established marketplaces within the Steam ecosystem.

Q2 How has AWPSwap validated the existence of a viable market for instant swapping of CS:GO skins using Tron blockchain technology.

  • AWPSwap is offering game-servers (5) located both in the US & EU. I also worked in an eSports organization based in Holland, which in the meantime merged with a bigger organization in South Korea. We’re currently consulting with the mentioned organization, as well as other Counter-Strike communities & organizations to bring more user-base and trust within the project. We also plan to partner up with reputable & popular influencers within the CS2 community once the opportunity to do so arrives and is feasible.

  • We’re experimenting & focusing on more direct customer strategies, as we believe long-term, as we scale, a player-centric approach can create a more competitive market for other market makers.

  • AWPSwap instant swap stats are available currently, and minimal support for crypto is available on our competitors. The entire community (including eSports) has high demand for virtual item solutions, and the TRON ecosystem would be able to empower this community.

  • Utilizing TRON as a payment network could be a cheaper and more user-friendly way than selling your skins for Steam Funds (up to 30% loss), while with TRON Blockchain technology & our website, players could exchange skins instantly for a maximum of a 6% transaction fee per trade. We would also offer a high variety of skins for players/users to choose from with a future marketplace, instead of users having to find other users and trade with them, as it is very time & energy-consuming. On our app, players can trade faster and more effectively.


Hey I thought I already replied, I apologize,

We’re consulting with a law firm as mentioned, who can research legalities regarding these services and how we can ensure compliance, and we are registered limited liability company Mura Interactive Inc.

Currently we do OTC trades, so if users want to trade Instant Swap they need to be ‘verified’.

With time, and through the evolution of AWPSwap, this will be a more streamline process.


Welcome to Season 6 :wave:

Here are my simple questions:

  1. Have you ever thought about why the game owner and distributor did not implement this web3 project already and what conclusion did you come to?
  2. Why should users leave the solid and secure platform they are currently using and come to yours?

And as a last,
You came using this project for the second time and you earned a large amount of money, such as 49 thousand dollars in your previous participation.

And you haven’t been active for like a year. Where did you use this money in the project and what did you do?

Don’t get me wrong, but the “builder” category is for teams that really advance their projects. Why would the people on the forum believe in your project again? You’re giving off the vibe that you’re going to walk away with an award.

@maaz @Prince-Onscolo @Relate101 @Youngyuppie
What do you guys think about this large amount of awards not being used on purpose in back?