Best & Live Projects - Season 3

As we have only week before the voting starts, let’s see what is your favourite project.

Please share a project which has a live website.
This is the basic to qualify for judging.


I’ll wait to see others.

Perhaps, @Nana66419 @Simon @fabsltsa could shed some light.

You guys have checked all the projects.


T-boost is a nice project inside Tron network



What is the one thing that you like about the project?
Anything is fine.


I’ve been following the team for over a year when they launched their token, USTX. They never stopped trying to develop solutions and tools for the benefit of the entire TRON ecosystem. I think they are guys to follow :wink:


Lot of projects this season so I probably will have to go through all the applications again before I vote.

I can already say that I’m impressed by lot of new and “old” teams.

The projects that impress me are those that:

  • grow Tron’s ecosystem by bringing some innovative products or at least something that wasn’t here before like the TuruVerse, USTX T-Boost, Tronninjas TronHub but also the betting dapps, Mobula (decentralized data aggregator),…
  • bring new usecases, especially to nft’s like LionX for the music, the Wulfpack for the literature and a big :+1: to that project that wants to bring academic diplomas to nft’s and, in general, all the nft projects that want to facilitate people’s everyday life with nft’s by simplifying the administrative process.
  • also the teams that are not just building in their corner but trying to be a part of something bigger, like trx mini games, tron joy or even you by starting this topic.
  • an other one who impressed me is @bonusducks777 , more for the personality, motivation, passion than the dapp itself. I mean his concept is very interesting but maybe a little bit too risky for me and would need some advices from experienced people in the industry. I’m gonna give him a vote anyway cause I think that with that motivation he can go very far.

It’s not an exhaustive list. Just few names quickly so we can start a discussion. I’m sure I forgot a lot of very good projects.


Now if I have to talk about the projects I don’t like :smile:

I don’t like projects:

  • making a token for the sake of having a token. I think a token should be issued if it brings something to the ecosystem and/or can be “pushed” by a revenue. If the token has no usecase and can’t benefit from the revenue of the ecosystem, it just sounds like “one more ponzi” to me.
  • bringing back products that have been presented last seasons and have no (or too small) improvements. Normally those projects will be excluded before the voting period starts.
  • that have participated in the previous seasons and didn’t deliver what they’ve promised.
  • that don’t intend to stay and keep building. That’s just my personal opinion and I don’t force anybody to share it. But for me only those who intend to grow Tron ecosystem should be rewarded :man_shrugging:

That’s my personal opinion of course. And I might reconsider or add more things to the list as we keep discussing about that topic :+1:


Great to hear your opinion.

TuruVerse, USTX T-Boost, Tronninjas TronHub but also the betting dapps, Mobula (decentralized data aggregator),…

These are out of league projects. It seems these projects shall get grants from TRON DAO to keep building.

I did not like LionX from the ones you mentioned.

That was unexpected. :sweat_smile: But yeah at first this forum was overwhelming to me especially the UI. Now that I am familiar I can see how community can actually interact if they are really looking forward to it.

I am also enjoying interacting with some teams personally.

I’ll check out more about him for sure.

What’s your take in introducing grants program?


Well enlisted.

But it is very difficult for many projects to keep building if they are not incentivised.

I also run away from these token creation projects.

I am interested in new ideas like some projects are trying out. These are unexplored paths, but can be rewarding to the community.


Grants programs exist (ecosystem, dev, influencers,…). But participating in the hackathon is different since it also gives opportunity to get visibility and recognition.

If a project has delivered what it has promised and is bringing something totally new or, at very least, some major updates, not just a small design thing or a small new feature, I don’t see why they should be excluded. I think people focuses on the community vote too much. The “real” rewards come from the judges imo.


Honestly it’s a difficult topic but between those who have won a prize and left the boat with the cash cause “the market conditions are not good enough” and those who stay and keep building new things, I prefer the seconds ^^


From where can one learn about the grants program?

Real reward does come from judges but getting a community vote also gives confidence to the project creators.


For the grant programs you can go to

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@H_P where to begin, so many good projects in season 3 but if I would have to say one I feel is needed especially with whats happening in the crypto industry at the moment then I would say take a look at Rubic cross chain swap dex.

Im a heavy believer in dex and am not even going to bother looking at projects trying to push or sell hyped up no use case monkey head JPegs for this or any hackthon. :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign:


agree very much with the token part! :clap:




Those monkeys again :joy::beers:

Btw have you heard about JustMoney’s crosschain swap? :eyes:
(spamming a little bit :joy:)

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What is the best thing of their project?
I know they have a large community backing here.

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Any gamefi project you wanna share


:joy: Gotta clean up the NFT space, yeah course JustMoney all good

These guys are another tool to keep us in the dex and away from cex :ok_hand:

Hopefully JustMoney add ETH bridge soon as its needed currently to help people escape that nightmare blockchain :joy: