What hackathon projects are you guys voting for that we should check out and why?

Hey, I’m just wondering what projects you guys think are worth voting for! I’m currently supporting:

  • TronHub by @TronNinjas, @Stian , @CryptoRhino & @cryphic (Web3) - Their goal is to provide accessible building and dev tooling to everyone, and onboard more people to TRON easier, which will create more projects on TRON! Very proactive for the ecosystem, and appreciative of what Tron Ninjas provides to the ecosystem!

  • dCloud by @cctechmx (Web3) - They have created a desktop app for the existing decentralized datastorage app. @cctechmx has been a builder in this space for quite a while, and inspires me aswell as he is a fellow solo dev like myself. Bless him!

  • TBlocks by @TBlocksW (NFT) - TBlocks a NFT collection with a web desktop/mobile game, and allows players to play on Desktop or Android, I think they deserve more support, they’ve spent a lot of time on this project and are adding new features all the time! I would tag more users if I knew who else was working on the project.

  • Interpool by @Claw and @Perrin - They are creating a sports betting service on Ethereum using Chainlink oracles, which currently is focused on predicting the FIFA World Cup. I think this project has a lot of potential, as some of the goals are to make it multi-chain and introduce it on TRON once they have more sustainable models for oracles and grabbing data. This could have a massive target audience as many people do sports betting predictions off chain. I wish the best for them.

  • trxmini.games by me, @nickmura! - FInally, I thought I should present my project, as I am proud and passionate to prsent what I have been working on. i am creating a wagering/staking protocol for chess players, 8 ball, and soon-to-be your favourite eSports and casual games such as Counter-Strike, Minecraft, GTA and more! This has the potential to bring in many new users to the TRON ecosystem. Consider checking it out! Thank you :heart:

Let me know what I should watch out for! These are just my picks! What do you guys like? What catches your eyes and why??? There are so many amazing projects this season I bet, I feel a bit bad not knowing all of them. Please let me know what this season has to offer :heart: :muscle:

We are all champs!


@nickmura your post is highly appreciated :hugs:


Projects tending to keeping building are worth to vote.


Hey mate!
You can check Mobula - crypto aggregator with lots of tools and features, they also release a free TG bot that helps engage with your community, send rewards (via crypto), increase activities (reward active members) and much more.


All your pick are okay but I think Tblock will be okay


Thanks @nickmura for your support and highlighting those great projects! :wink:


Your picks are okay
But I don’t really know about tblocks I will go through them again

For me
I currently support snakebite amazing game but they need to convince me “what’s next for the project aside just a game”
Inter pool by @Claw is also amazing and I think they had the best timing considering the World Cup, they have my vote already.

Blockshop a marketplace on polygon is an amazing idea considering the fact that @kelzleo is working solo and he could still generate hype/ build a good community online while working on a good project he has my vote

Tronhub I love them and the concept they have my vote
Turuglobal I love the game and also how they were able to build their community, personally I love project that picks community first before founders/influencers

Then lastly there’s this guys building an SDK in web3 section I love the idea knowing how hard devs find it to build on tron because of a low quality documentation (I will get their name and edit this post when I do )

I wish y’all good luck
I will be going through the submission again


Hola, en la pista NFT Tronjoy creo que ha abierto un espacio al ofrecer un NFT gratis para poder jugar, lo que en el campo de los juegos lo hace interesante, su asociación con diferentes proyectos puede resultar más que interesante, creo que ha dado una nueva visivilidad.
Mobula también me parece muy correcto como desarrollador criptográfico


Thanks for letting me know about Blockshop :heart: Always love to see a fellow solo builder


¡Echaré un vistazo a Tronjoy! ¿Eres también un desarrollador de criptografía? Creo conferencias y encuentros de estudio para zkhack.dev :heart:


Anytime buddy
I will let you know more about projects I see fit
Did you make a submission this season?


Yes @Virex , feel free to checkout trxmini.games on my profile :heart: More life


Hola, no pero me dedico desde hace mucho tiempo a las criptomonedas, soy inversor y estoy en varios proyectos de juegos, además de bolsa de valores, también me dedico a mis blogs y you tube pero en otros temas.


Disculpa de todas maneras me gustaría me informaras sobre estas conferencias. Gracias


I would recommend Rubic. A one click cross chain swap dex and aggregator. They recently just integrated Tron. This category has many competitors but I think rubic will be the one that stand out the most. Users don’t need to check different sites looking for the best rates for both on chain and cross chain swap. A fully working, easy to use platform with 25 networks available. And moving forward, their SDK will include oracles/NFT bridge aggregation and bunch of stuff.


Hey, from my side supporting my team project → Mobula :slight_smile:
It’s a next-gen crypto-aggregators. Just give it a try and you will understand the value it could bring to TRON ecosystem;)


I think you’ve some other great important projects


This is great,though everyone is entitled to their opinion but the valuethe projects add are very important :slightly_smiling_face:


I love your views especially on blockshop and SDK. I actually watched blockshop’s video on YouTube and i think the guy the decided to work on NFT since it is the current crypto trending. I love NFTs.I am not a fan of Games.
So if i should be opportuned to vote, i’l go for blockshop and for the fact that he is Solo, so as to encourage him more.


Lots of projects not popular has a great potential