Voting Ends in 18 hours, let’s know your project

We are ending voting in 18 hours.
Talk about your project here, we will go through and see if you deserve our votes

Check #TuruVerse from @TuruGlobal (Gamfi section) it’s a metaverse project and also @Fuzzy-Ocean (nft section) it’s a multi-chain nft marketplace.

Don’t forget to confirm your votes after selecting your favorites.

Thank you


Bothe extremely strong teams :muscle:


Hola, los proyectos expuestos evidentemente son geniales, pero también existen proyectos más modestos que merecen ser vistos y escuchados.
Tronjoy se ha presentado en este hackaton y ha demostrado una nueva idea de la concepción de adquirir un NFT, aparte de haber conseguido grandes asociaciones.

Great bro I will check them out

I am currently rooting for @strxfinance A liquid staking protocol Where you can stake your Tron for >30% APY Since it’s a liquid staking protocol you still get to keep your liquidity in the form of SFI tokens Which you can also use to earn delta neutral yield on SunSwap and Just Money


I will check them out

I’m gonna submit a project the next time i was too late this time

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Oh bro nice, I will keep an eye on you


Thank you so much

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voted for both of the mentioned projects :muscle::muscle:

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::clap:t2:

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A8 GreenDAO - Empower your community with TRON
Link to vote: TRON Grand Hackathon Season 3 - Community Vote - #6 by admin.hackathon

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So many great entries here to vote from !


Here’s an example in an Ideal world we verified Sam Bankman :office_worker:t3: :chart_with_downwards_trend: as a legit participant in the Hackathon verified on ‘Tron Blockchain’

Thank you for supporting our project. Wish you all best for your awesome projects. Please, consider having look at this project. It’s addressing a real-world problem of evaluating the integrity of Academic Certificates and it’s deployed already. If you find it useful, please consider voting for it.!!!

Tronify is best project
This is interesting that I’ve found so far

Thank you all
Vote now

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