SafeMoney - Developing a Sustainable and Reliable Tron Ecosystem

Baoziswap, SafeMoney, SafeMoney Coin Eyes, KattyCat NFT, Bestcoin Voting Website

Team Name: SafeMoney Dev Team
Team Members : 11 Developers as at Feb 2022

Project Name: Baoziswap

Baoziswap Project Goal:
The goal of the Team in the development of this exchange is to provide a cheap and better exchange solution on the Tron Blockchain, users of our swap get 50% Energy discount on swap made which made Baoziswap on the of the cheapest exchange in the Tron Blockchain.

Also, the Dev Team discovered most swap/exchanges doesn’t support tax token swap and we come up with the solution which is Baoziswap which supports tax tokens which is one the reasons it is tagged Game Changer under the Tron Blockchain.

Futhermore, with Baoziswap token owners and Developers earn more money from fee for using and listing their token with us on Baoziswap.

Baoziswap Project Details :

Baoziswap launched on 20 Feb 2022 not too long ago and has performed very well with a lot of already successful transaction and good remarks from users, the exchange is developed and powered by the SafeMoney Dev Team a team with one of the best Support system in the Tron Blockchain.
![Screenshot 2022-03-02 at 12.27.15|690x393]

Baoziswap is developed with ReactJs, Solidity and web3.js framework

Project link: []

Project Name: SafeMoney

SafeMoney Project Goal :
The goal of the development of SafeMoney token is for earning passive income, the goal is to provide solution for investors that will want to grow their wealth by earning passive income, if earning passive income is a goal under Tron Blockchain then SafeMoney (SafeMoney) is the next Token to invest in.

Project Link :

Project Name: SafeMoney Coin Eyes

SafeMoney Coin Eyes Project Goal:

SafeMoney Coin Eyes goal is for promotion of SafeMoney and other token under the Tron Blockchain, it is a website where users can add the token under Tron Blockchain that they support add it as an eyes to their pictures and they can upload on all social media to show their support and loyal to the token.

Project Link: []

Project Name : KattyCat NFT

KattyCat NFT project Goal:
KattyCat NFT is a project With 50,000 different cats NFTs (50000 safemoney has token holders) this is project inspired by the love of pet (Cats) and having a world for them also in the coming Metaverse.

Project Link: [coming soon]

Project Name: Bestcoin Voting Site

Bestcoin Project Goal:
Best coin is project developed and power by SafeMoney Dev Team, the goal is to promote tokens under the Tron Blockchain that is, to enhance the reach of tokens under the Blockchain on this web community members of each token come and show loyalty to their token by voting for them on the website and this make investors discover new tokens under Tron Blockchain with a great community supporting it.

Project Link: [ ]

The Dev Team also have an incoming Metaverse projects yet to be released, which will be launched soon currently ongoing.

Futhermore, we are planning on creating some Blockchain gaming projects, where users come and earn money buy playing Blockchain games.

This is a project for locking LP token for a limited time still under development too

These are upcoming projects


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Good to see you guys also entering the hackathon the above post already stated allot.

With which of the above projects are you entering this hackathon and what can we expect to get finished during the hackathon?


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Hi @SafeMoney
Good to see there are so many scheduled projects going on.
We have a few questions for you that the community may find useful.

  1. What can the community expect to see developed within the next 2 months?
  2. Please list out milestones of what will be achieved within this year.
  3. You mentioned that the development of SafeMoney token is for earning passive income, can you elaborate on how passive income can be made?
  4. How soon will the Metaverse project be ready and what can users do in the metaverse?
  5. You mentioned Baoziswap performed very well, can you provide some useful stats for the community?

Hi @TronLive,
It is really an honor to get a response from the community and we appreciate the good job the community is doing.

Here are the answers to the questions asked by the community

The First Question, what can the community expect to see Developed within the next 2 months?

We are happy to say that in two months, we would have created and fully developed a game changing NFT collection on TRON and BTT Blockchain, it is going to be one of the World’s Largest NFT Collections (500,000)different cat NFT to be minted, we believe this will be a game changer on TRON and BTT Blockchain because this will not only make us the first NFT project on TRON and BTT but also the Largest NFT collection on any Blockchain.

Futhermore, listing out our milestones and what to be achieved this year,

Firstly, within this year we will complete the NFTs project and the Lock Liquidity System, this is one of the reasons we tagged our submission “SafeMoney - Developing a sustainable and Reliable Tron Ecosystem”, because after doing our research as SafeMoney Dev Team we discovered there is no to Lock liquidity on Tron which makes some investors to doubt the credibility of Tron it is one of our aim to make sure that is cleared and Tron’s credibility is sure that is why we came up with the idea of where everyone can lock liquidity of their tokens. Also, it is on of the Dev Team aim to launch SafeMoney App which is currently under development most tokens on Tron doesn’t have their personal apps which makes us forerunner on Tron. Also this year we are planning on launching SafeMoney VPN which is also one of its kind on Tron Ecosystem.

Yes, the idea of the development of SafeMoney token is to earn passive income because Holders of SafeMoney have the benefit of growing their income by Holding SafeMoney in their wallet how? 10% is transaction fee per Transaction, Holders earn 5% of every Transaction made and the remaining 5% is sent to blackhole address, Holders of SafeMoney see their SafeMoney grow bit by bit as they hold and as transaction is performed.

Basically the inspiration behind SafeMoney is from safemoon on BSC Blockchain, during our research we discovered the growth of safemoon on BSC chain safemoon was the fastest growing token on BSC as at this time, then the SafeMoney Dev Team came up with the idea that why not launch a token like this on Tron Blockchain which is why after our launch SafeMoney was nicknamed safemoon of Tron. We are the first token on Tron with this type of inspiration which makes us once again a predecessor of tokens like this on Tron. Also SafeMoney growth has been well seen with close to 40k holders currently, as well as over 97 thousands Transactions, as well as over 35 thousands community members on Telegram as well as over 7 thousands followers on Twitter. Which is really a good example for tokens coming on Tron. Furthermore, we are currently working on having the V2 of SafeMoney launched with great and amazing features and improvements.

Concerning the Metaverse project it is an ongoing project and will be ready as soon as possible, the idea behind it is something from, but ours will be a game completely 3D and will be a land of cats it will be named Cat Nation the Cat Nation will be a land for Cats on the Metaverse.

Finally on Baoziswap, we recently launched it just few weeks ago and the reason why we said Baoziswap perfomed well is because after the launch we have received great and good feedbacks from investors who have invested in us, although Baoziswap is still growing we believe it will be a great effect in the Tron Ecosystem, the full idea behind Baoziswap is a solution to sunswap we noticed some issues with sunswap and tax tokens so we fixed it with Baoziswap, and also we discovered users pay a lot of fees for swap so we come up with the idea of 50%discount on fees for users who swap with Baoziswap, and we discovered token developers hardly earn much from exchanges then we introduced Developers earning 0.02% trading fees for using our swap.

Also we will soon launch liquidity pool just like pancakeswap where investors can stake LP and earn SafeMoney token, pancakeswap was one of the reasons for the fast growth of BSC Blockchain and we come up with the idea as well on Tron.

We hope we have been able to answer your questions, and feel free to reach out to us in case anything is not clear we will be glad to provide answer.

Thank you once again for this opportunity.
With Love from
SafeMoney Dev Team.


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