JustMoney - Building an ecosystem for the next generation of decentralized applications to power Web3

Project Name: JustMoney Exchange
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: JustMoney
Team Member(s): 8

Project Goal: Allow crypto users to trade and offer cryptocurrencies on several chains - cross chain ; facilitate the creation of a payment system that will allow crypto users to purchase goods and services online using cryptocurrency.

Project Info and details:

To understand what JustMoney Exchange is and its purpose, we have to go back to July 2021. When JustMoney started, the vision of the project was to build a payment system allowing people to use their cryptos to purchase online, regardless of whether e-stores accepted cryptos or not. The initial intention was to use existing DEX’s, like Justswap (now known as Sunswap) on Tron, to swap assets in order to facilitate transactions. A few weeks later, we realized that Sunswap and most of the other swaps had a big issue with tokens that have implemented a taxation system (like Safemoon or, in our case, JM token).
For more details about the issue, read our medium article
We found ourselves in a dire situation, the liquidity pool was leaking and the only solution was to create our own swap, the first swap that would fully support taxed tokens. August 2021, JustMoney.exchange was born on Tron.
Today, JustMoney.exchange is a multichain automated market maker (AMM) that had already integrated six blockchains so far (Tron, BSC, ETH, Polygon, BTTC, Zenith Chain). Our goal is to build a bridge EVM-EVM and TVM-EVM that will allow users to make cross chain swaps. Our token, $JM, currently based on Tron, will be issued on different blockchains with an unique total supply that will be regulated by a mint and burn function.

What is JustMoney Exchange’s vision
JustMoney’s team value a series of aspects that are crucials to us:

  • UI/UX: To be successful, a product should be easy and pleasant to use. We are talking with our community everyday and every suggestion we receive from them is very important.
  • Duty of care: Before we whitelist a token, we always analyze the project and discuss it with the team of the project. We take our duty of due diligence very seriously and don’t hesitate to refuse a project that fails to demonstrate seriousness and competence.
  • Gather projects together: We believe that an ecosystem needs some synergy in order to improve. For that purpose, we highly value partnerships and have already entered into several with projects we appreciate, such as TuruGlobal, Krafty, TokenGoodies and many more.
  • Gather blockchains together: Regarding this point we are on the exact same line as Tron’s founder, H.E. Justin Sun. We believe that future success will only be made by the cooperation and integration of the different blockchains. This is why we are adamant that we are making the correct choice of not only building a multi chain DEX but a cross chain one.
  • CEX/DEX’s complementarity: DEXs are often opposed to CEXs as competing organizations. We think that they are both complementary and both have their role to play in the crypto world. More and more CEXs have started to build their own smart chain. So with JustMoney as a multi chain and soon to be a cross chain solution, we aim to build partnerships with those who are willing to integrate their chain on our DEX.

WhitePaper: https://justmoney.io/whitepaper

GitHub repo link: https://github.com/justmoney-io

Project Milestones:


  • Coin eyes generator: This is a fun marketing tool allowing project communities to edit their social media profile pictures the same way that “laser eyes” does, whilst using their favorite project’s logo instead: CoinEyes Generator

  • JustMoney AMM DEX: The first DEX on Tron that fully support taxed tokens: JustMoney Exchange


  • JustMoney Swap Widget: We have created and offer to every partner and listed project a widget that allows their users to swap tokens and gives them the opportunity to provide liquidity directly on their own website

  • Telegram bots: We also offer Telegram bots that provide tokens prices, charts and volume on several timeframes
  • JustMoney Launchpad: New projects can launch their token on the following, launchpad.justmoney.exchange. We create a webpage with the design of the project and a countdown timer that indicates the beginning of the fair launch. We have already successfully launched several tokens : Babyturu ($BBT), Kraftly ($KTY), Tronninjas ($TNT) and T-rex ($TREX)

  • JustMoney Multichain DEX: JustMoney is the first multichain swap fully supporting taxed tokens and the first DEX built on Bittorrent Chain. The DEX currently supports Tron, BTTC, BSC, ETH, Polygon and Zenith with other chains to follow
  • Candlesticks charts and a Trade history tabs have been added
  • JustMoney Cryptocurrency gift cards platform: This system allows people to purchase and gift listed tokens to their friends/family/loved ones. We have partnered-up with nft artists such as Line Hammett and TheRealSnowmen who have designed cards that are sent by email to the cryptocurrencies receivers


  • Listing of JustMoney DEX on CMC and CG (exchange listing): forms have been filled and sent
  • JustMoney cross chain swap: We are building a bridge that will not only allow transactions from EVM chains to EVM chains but also to and from Tron Blockchain
  • $JM, multichain token: Our token, currently on Tron only, will be multichain and the total supply will be shared between chains. The bridge will allow the token to “travel” from a chain to another whilst keeping the total supply unchanged. Helping other projects to follow that path will accelerate the movement toward a more decentralised crypto world and facilitate the coming of projects on Tron Network. Indeed, other tokens will be able to use the bridge as well
  • Cross chain swap widget: This will allow users to make cross chain transactions directly on the website of their favorite project
  • In addition, we are currently working on several new partnerships and listings

Detailed roadmap for the Hackathon:

March 13

  • bridge testing starts on testnet :heavy_check_mark:
  • Widget available for BTTC :heavy_check_mark:

March 31

  • token v2 contract finished (bridgeable contract, will work as instrument for cross-chain swaps later) :heavy_check_mark:
  • multi-chain widget ready :heavy_check_mark:

April 13

  • bridge on mainnet :heavy_check_mark:
  • bridge UI live :heavy_check_mark:
  • v2 contract ready and can swap old JM 1:1 to a new one :heavy_check_mark:

April 31

  • can add other projects to use the bridge :heavy_check_mark:

May 13

  • cross-chain swap working :heavy_check_mark:
  • cross-chain widget ready :heavy_check_mark:

Very happy to see this entry!

The support for the wider TRON community and its projects is outstanding by the JustMoney team!


great move from JM - I wish you a lot of success :heart_eyes:


Great to see you guys enter most definitely my favorite swap on tron with a very active development team who is interactive with the community.

Keep it up guys looking forward to the cross swap features


Great to see this project get involved in the Hackathon. All the best guys!


Congratulations on a job well done since your launch. What a Great Play, getting involved with the Hackathon. JM yohr team is fantastic and your product’s are useful/efficient/easy-to-use. Keep up the amazing work.


This project is next level and the team are both talented and dedicated. If you never heard of this project before I recommend joining their Telegram group and reading their whitepaper too.

One other cool function of JM Swap is the way they save users money on failed network transaction fees. On Tron there is two ways to pay the network txn fees, stake Tron to receive energy (leading to fee transactions) or burn (spend) Tron for the energy. JustMoney Exchange checks the connected account to ensure they can afford the transaction and can cover the network fee and will not process a transaction that will fail. Anyone who ever got charged $3-$5 in Tron network fees for a failed transaction will really appreciate this function!


Agreed! It’s a relieve for people like me who forget to check if they have enough bandwidth/energy :sweat_smile:


Great team. Awesome dev team. Build and delivery. Great project


Great exchange I love using frequently :confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:

I wish a best wishes to the project :partying_face:

Lets go :fire::fire:


Nice :+1: project and an amazing team.You guys will go places.cheers!!!


Great project, great team


Without a doubt, Justmoney is the best project on TRON


Good to see you guys stepping up. So far you have met and exceeded every target named on your roadmap. Don’t think this project matters any less to you guys! Fantastic team and a lot of kudos to you guys.


When will $JM Token be issued MultiChain and how will you go about this as currently JM is only listed on TRON?

How does the JM Token rise in value? What is its use case?

Would JM build an easy Fiat to Crypto ramp to facilitate these ecommerce transactions later on in the roadmap?


Justmoney entered the TRON space and started helping the TRON community voluntarily! Big shoutout to the team! Great product, great brand.


Projects get a lot of value by collaborating with JustMoney. I am part of the NoleCoin community and our partnership has been very strong. I love the widget, and I also like the coin eyes generator and the giftcards a lot.

I am looking forward to further development from you guys. Very excited for the multichain part and hope that JustMoney can contribute to BTTC as well.


Pioneers on BTTC https://bt.io. They have my support :clap::clap::clap:

Well done team!


New features that truly comes in handy for newcomers. Don’t have to risk any money due to failed transactions on justmoney.exchange. It’s the little things that matter and the JM team ensures it does its best to cover any issues.


Truly one of the best projects ever been on Tron blockchain. Wish you guys success.