TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 1 winners announcement! Congrats to all winners!

Great to be apart! Looking forward to results!

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Has anyone news about hackathon, winner?

The judges have requested an extension to the judging period as there are a lot of interesting projects that joined the Grand Hackathon this time.

An update is posted on Twitter and the winners announcement will be made on Mar 14 Pacific Time.

Please take note that the judges not only has to review all projects posted on the forum here, there are also many projects that chose not to publish on the forum (of course, they will lose the 40% community votes) but they are still eligible for 60% of the judges voting scores. Therefore, the judges will have to go through all these projects as well.

The judges will take into account the project quality, feasibility, and also codes or websites provided to ensure the projects selected are of high quality. The judges may also check projects posted on here to ensure the team is responsive and has good interactions with the community. Hence, we advise all contestants to continue to participate actively in the forum. Thanks for your understanding.


It’s great seeing that many compliments from the community for this hackathon and it shows that TRON DAO is clearly stepping in the right direction by being more community-centric, transparent, decentralized, and organized like an actual Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

As one of the earliest TRON communities, the TronLive team would like to thank all users and hackathon participants, judges, and the TRON DAO leaders behind this hackathon. We enjoyed reaching out to each project team and learning more about what they have to offer.

We will continue to reach out to all winners to ensure they are actually building something great on the TRON and BTTC ecosystem after the winners are announced.

Thanks all for your support and appreciation towards the TRON DAO and TronLive team!


As for the quality, I can say right away:

in case of victory, the GiG project will be developed by very cool professionals with extensive experience (yes, I have such friends, I know them almost from childhood and completely trust them, because I have repeatedly seen the results of their work, as far as I know, they even carried out government orders) - application be clear and high quality.

And the FirstWave game will be developed by me, my fellow student and another person who is well acquainted with the Godot engine. Over time, we will connect two more artists: a student and a professional.

Heya Tronics, thank you all for waiting patiently. After combining the voting scores from all judges and the community, the final results are out!

We would like to thank all judges for taking extra time to check out all Hackathon projects closely, and also thank all community members for being a part of this hackathon event.

The TRON DAO team has read all of the sincere comments posted here and truly appreciate your suggestions and compliments. We will continue to listen to the community and make subsequent Grand Hackathons better!

Remember, this hackathon is not a mere competition. Every single one of the contestants here is a winner as you are building for the greater good. You are here not only to help improve the TRON and BTTC ecosystem, your participation will also help contribute to the development of a truly decentralized web. The TRON DAO team would like to say a big THANK YOU for joining us in this Grand Hackathon!

Top winners for Web3 track:

No 1. #W3. Cctechmx dCloud: A Web3 Cloud Storage Mobile app

No 2. #W8. GockeFi GockeFi, Your Metaverse Money Managment Made Simple

No 3. #W5. Ennovasol Link´n Red : Decentralized The Market

No 4. #W7. DID Network DID Network-An open platform for decentralized identity

No 5. #W10. SafeMoney Dev team SafeMoney - Developing a Sustainable and Reliable Tron Ecosystem

Top winners for GameFi track:

No 1. #G9. TronNinjas TronNinja Arcade by the TronNinja Team - Play, Earn, Stake!

No 2. #G8. Moniwar MONIWAR - The Biggest Idle Epic Puzzle Game On Blockchain

No 3. #G5. Quiz Arena Quizarena by Team Quiz Arena - A Learning Journey into Metaverse

No 4. #G4. Meta Insurgent Meta Insurgent - 1st VR-Metaverse Person Shooter (FPS)

No 5. #G2. Siren Siren- Assistance of DOTA2 (MOBA GAMING) on blockchain using AI - GameFI

Top winners for NFT track:

No 1. #N2. TuruGlobal VersacBrickSquad by TuruGlobal

No 2. #N1. Team Cubie Cubie 3D NFT GameFi

No 3. #N8. Team Kraftly Kraftly NFT Marketplace

No 4. #N6. The Nolians NoleCoin - The movement

No 5. #N9. USTX Team Real NFT by USTX Team - Unique NFTs you can touch and feel.

Top winners for DeFi track:

No 1. #D8. JustMoney JustMoney - Building an ecosystem for the next generation of decentralized applications to power Web3

No 2. #D4. USTX Team Up Stable Token eXperiment by USTX Team - A low volatility asset ecosystem

No 3. #D10. XDAO Create your DAO with XDAO in 1 minute

No 4. #D6. InterCrone World InterCrone World

No 5. #D9. Centiiv Centiiv: Connecting Africa to the Global Market Through Blockchain

Lastly, we would like to say that the TRON DAO team is always open to feedback. Please note that we may be making small adjustments to the details and dates of TRON Grand Hackathon Season 2 and 3 based on the community feedback we received. Therefore, keep the voices coming and we will try our best to make everything better. More details will be provided before the next hackathon starts. Stay tuned!


Congrats to all winners! It’s great seeing those projects that took extra time to present themselves on this forum are the ones that made it on the list. The extra effort to engage with the TRON community pays off!

Why not have a little online ceremony where we invite all these winners to leave a thank you message to the community :smiley:

Web3 @cctechmx @gockefi @JavierGarza @DIDNetwork @SafeMoney
GameFi @TronNinjas @moniwar @Quizarena @MetaInsurgent @siren

Could each of you please share your excitement and leave a message here to the community? We would love to hear how you feel. And we are sure the community would also like to know what commitments your team has after this winners announcement.

Looking forward to hearing back!


Since we can only mention up to 10 users in one post, here are the remaining 10 winners for NFT and DeFi.

Congrats to
NFT @TuruGlobal @SuperJack @kraftly @Chevkev @Sirluke
DeFi @JustMoney @Sirluke @XDAO @intercroneswap @Centiiv

Please leave a little feedback here on how you think the current hackathon is organized and what you would like to say to the TRON DAO team and the community. Thanks!


We are overly excited to be in the top 5 of the season 1 Tron Grand Hackathon. It is more than a win for us. We express our heartfelt gratitude to the Tron community.

Thank you!


Hackathon was organised very well and forum is very useful to interact with community.

Feedback / Suggestions :

  • Official submission should be on the forum ONLY, avoid having the google form submission to improve transparency.

@cctechmx mentioned some good feedback and i agree with most of his Suggestions.

Thank you.


@TronLive We are really thankful and grateful for this recognition and opportunity!

TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 has indeed motivated and provided us many fruitful insights in startups preparation.

Looking forward for more partnerships/updates with TRON! :grinning:


Thank you to @TronLive @trondao @admin.hackathon for hosting and organizing this Hackathon.

Thank you to the Partners, KOLs, and especially the community for giving JustMoney the chance to grow and develop on the Tron Network!

Looking forward to the next milestones to showcase what JustMoney can do! :muscle:t2:

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Congratulations to all winners and thank you :heart::heart:

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Hey @TronLive , first of all thanks again for organizing this together with @admin.hackathon and all the trondao team!

We’ve been celebrating with the whole TRON & BitTorrent communities during today on several TG channels and twiter :).

I’d like to thank the whole TRON family for your great support during this exciting first phase of the hackathon , specially for all those great people known as community managers (telegram mods, admins, and proactive members) which are always there to support and defend the community no matter how many times the same question has been asked, no matter how many scammers they have been fighting, these guys are true warriors and deserve a huge thank you!

TRON & BitTorrent have teach me something: Even ordinary people can do outstanding things with enough passion and commitment. No matter how big the challenge is, if you work hard enough you will get there!

Our commitments to TRON & BTT community:

  1. Bring value to TRON/BTTC trough code transparecy (Open Source code). Anyone can collaborate, re-purpose and fork dCloud for whatever reason. We believe openness and sharing knowledge is the key for human progress and positive technology to emerge.

  2. dCloud has no CEO, we all own dCloud, it was born from the community, it was kick-started from a community member and it’ll be driven by their needs.

  3. The core dev team will focus on building as per community interests and industry trends, not by greed.

  4. Money from the hackathon will be used wisely and efficiently to further develop dCloud and to create strategic partnerships with other TRON - BTTC as well as to expand its influence on key FOSS projects beyond blockchain to attract more developers.

  5. dCloud will be always open to constructive criticism. You can contact us in our github site, here in this forum, twitter, and others to come in the near future.

We will keep posting our progress during the hackathon in the dCloud post, feel free to post any question, suggestions, feedback in there.

Thanks again everyone!! We’ll never forget how kind you were during this event to dCloud :slight_smile:


Congratulations to all winners.

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Congratulations to all the winners we appreciate everyone.

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We are very excited to be 2nd and to be in the top 5 of the season 1 this Tron Grand Hackathon.

Surely with the support and prizes coming from TRON COMMUNITY we can Integrating multi-chain with TRX. It is more than a win for us, in the phased Multichain integration plan outlined at the inception of the project. We prioritize chains with fully integrated APIs, diverse ecosystems, large enough communities, and especially technical teams ready to support the project. then TRON is our next destination after BNB Chain.

So how will we contact and work with you next?

Moniwar team,

Contact us TGID: @qkus1801

On behalf of USTX team I must say that I’m impressed by the organization of the event. Looking at the final rankings we see a live ecosystem with many different projects that only need some support to be able to be succesful.
Regarding proposals and suggestions for the next rounds I think @cctechmx and @SuperJack already did a good summary.
I think that the money prizes will help in the development, but probably visibility is the thing that most projects lack right now. I hope that the TronDAO and Bittorrent organizations will help the winners get more visibility (Twitter promotions, press releases, listings, etc…).

Thank you


Thank you to @TronLive @trondao @admin.hackathon for hosting and organizing this Hackathon.

We want to congratulate not only all winners, more all participants to take part in this great journey to bring more value to Tron and show how powerful the Tronnet is.