The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 2 Winners Announcement!

This season of the TRON Grand Hackathon has been quite a blast! We would like to thank all those who have participated from projects, developers, voters, active forum members, and voices! :heart:

We would also like to thank our judges from across the industry and among universities who took the time out of their busy schedules to go over 200+ down-selected submissions. That is no small task!

In this hackathon, we have tried our best to make the community voting as fair as possible. Although it is obvious that vote buying is not allowed from the practice we had in Hackathon season 1, we made an attempt to emphasize our view, as well as the community’s view again on vote buying during the voting stage. We dis-allowed vote buying as it goes against a fair and honest vote. We have battled against thousands of bots and removed duplicate/spam voting. To all those who voiced up and flagged bad posts, our moderation and hackathon forensic team can’t thank you enough. Every little bit helps. :heart_eyes:

Season 2 has been a much bigger success than season 1 with more participants, community topic engagement on this forum, inviting others from outside of TRON, and attracting an overall larger community. We will continue to improve upon each and every hackathon and for season 3, we already have a few revisions in the pipeline, mostly from the wonderful community feedback we received. So, stay tuned! :wink:

We encourage everyone to please leave feedback about your experience with TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 2, whether it be good or bad. We will read every single community response and take it into account to further improve for season 3.

Remember, it is you, the community, that makes TRON DAO great! Thank you.


And now, the moment that you have been waiting for… :drum:

Congratulations to our judges-selected winners! :tada:
These projects have been judged by multiple criteria such as their originality & creativity, technicality & design, business model & feasibility, usability, practicality and their contribution to the crypto ecosystem.

Without further ado, the 5 judges-selected hackathon winners and 3 runner-ups for each category are:


1st Prize $60k - Kattana
2nd Prize $40k - Calamus Finance
3rd Prize $30k - MistTrack Analytics Platform
4th Prize $25k - DAO Cake
5th Prize $20k - HolaChain
1st Runner Up $5k - Adshares ($ADS)
2nd Runner Up $5k - NRG & Community DAO
3rd Runner Up $5k - CertiFi


1st Prize $60k - Umbre
2nd Prize $40k - Apexgo
3rd Prize $30k - Decentralease
4th Prize $25k - Helix Checkout
5th Prize $20k - NFTmall
1st Runner Up $5k -
2nd Runner Up $5k - Station Bids
3rd Runner Up $5k - Swap Station


1st Prize $60k - Meson
2nd Prize $40k - Dazzle Protocol
3rd Prize $30k - Tron Security Dashcam
4th Prize $25k - Hikaru finance
5th Prize $20k - Wink Financial
1st Runner Up $5k -
2nd Runner Up $5k - tpMarket
3rd Runner Up $5k - Allbridge Core


1st Prize $60k - Score Milk
2nd Prize $40k - Caloriecoin E2E JumpGame
3rd Prize $30k - Cukies World
4th Prize $25k - TronVerse
5th Prize $20k - Rill
1st Runner Up $5k - TronNinjas GameFi
2nd Runner Up $5k - Flynn
3rd Runner Up $5k - GU3SS

We also have 3 bonus hackathon prizes to give out.

Bonus: Devpost Community Prize $5,000 - Determined by popular choice voting on Devpost by DevPost community members. This is reward is given to the most popular project after removing bots and spam votes performed by the DevPost team.

The bonus DevPost community Prize of $5k goes to - D10 Baoziswap - Live Staking Pool by SafeMoney Dev Team - Maintaining and Developing a Great and Sustainable Ecosystem on Tron Blockchain with Baoziswap Staking Pool

Bonus: Potential Project Prize $5,000 - Determined by the TRON DAO team based on a project’s potential value. Awarded to a project that did not win another prize.

The bonus Potential Project Prize of $5k goes to - W2 MeDo by Vad - Decentralized freelance platform

Bonus: TRON Ecosystem Prize $5,000 - Determined by the TRON DAO team based on a project’s valuable contribution to the TRON Ecosystem. Awarded to a project that did not win another prize.

The bonus TRON Ecosystem Prize of $5k goes to - W9 Tokenomeme – The first multichain meme aggregator


And, we also have our Forum hackathon winners, selected by you! :clap:

Congratulations to our community-selected winners! :tada:
These projects have been selected by community members on the TRON DAO Forum. Please note that the list may not be an accurate representation of the existing poll outcome. If a project had too much spam voting that passes a certain threshold, or if they still think that vote buying practice is correct even after warnings, they were disqualified and will not be able to join the next hackathon as well. The results listed here are final after removing spam/duplicate votes and penalty points added to the final voting score calculation.

And there we have it, the 5 community-selected hackathon winners and 3 runner-ups for each category are:


1st Place $10k - W6 JustMoney Pay - Cryptocurrency payment gateway
2nd Place $9k - W23 Deba’s Wulf Pack - Decentralising EBook domain in Web3 through TRON Blockchain
3rd Place $8k - W22 Tron Weekly Journal [TWJ News]
4th Place $7k - W4 ERP = e-Plus : Decentralized The Business
5th Place $6k - W26 NRG & Community DAO - By TronNinjas Team
1st Runner Up $5k - W18 SaTT - Smart Advertising Transaction Token - Farm Your Social Networks
2nd Runner Up $5k - W11 Eagle Eye- ensuring web3 space is safer even for your grandPa
3rd Runner Up $5k - W10 DBANTA- A Decentralized Social Media DAPP(Earn by posting, Mint Post as NFT)


1st Place $10k - N2 Africa Stars / Turu Angels - NFT Fundraising
2nd Place $9k - N11 Cubie - community-driven NFT & GameFi Platform
3rd Place $8k - N18 Tronbies - Bringing forth a new era and sustainability to our ecosystem!
4th Place $7k - N5 Capitol Lion Music Network
5th Place $6k - N1 T-Rex Punks & how we move!
1st Runner Up $5k - N6 JustRug NFT launchpad
2nd Runner Up $5k - N25 Tokeniz :- Giving Value To NFTs
3rd Runner Up $5k - N10 Multiplace & mNFTs - Next-Gen Marketplace for mNFTs (multi NFTs)


1st Place $10k - D12 WARP by USTX Team - An easy to use DeFi app to maximize USDD yield
2nd Place $9k - D5 ThanX Finance - Crypto cashback & reward platform
3rd Place $8k - D10 Baoziswap - Live Staking Pool by SafeMoney Dev Team - Maintaining and Developing a Great and Sustainable Ecosystem on Tron Blockchain with Baoziswap Staking Pool
4th Place $7k - D11 DIGITALMART- A decentralized Marketplace, Buying all you want with cryptocurrencies
5th Place $6k - D9 TRON Telegram energy bot - energy provider: let it work for you
1st Runner Up $5k - D13 Carpe Diem Savings - Certificate of Deposit for cryptocurrencies
2nd Runner Up $5k - D8 Crystl Finance - Novel Yield Aggregation to Maximize Earnings & Sustainability on BitTorrent Chain
3rd Runner Up $5k - D1 InterCrone Analytics


1st Place $10k - G13 TronNinjas Rebrand - Play, Stake, Earn!
2nd Place $9k - G11 TronVerse by Tron Bull Club - Gaming and Metaverse on the Tron Blockchain
3rd Place $8k - G15 theRevolt - TCG
4th Place $7k - G17 Cukies World – Animal Crossing type Play-and-Earn game
5th Place $6k - G19 : A Space Adventure
1st Runner Up $5k - G14 Pet vs Pets | P2E Multiplayer Pet Fighting Arena
2nd Runner Up $5k - G20 Moneyball - Play Basketball, Earn Crypto
3rd Runner Up $5k - G8 NFTBL | Your Own Football Team - NFT Football Management game

Once again, congrats to all Hackathon winners and runner-ups, and also participants of the TRON Grand Hackathon. You all did exceptionally well! :+1:TronLive will be announcing the winners of the community contributor prizes next. We would also like to thank all forum community contributors that voiced out and help keep the forum active and organized!


And let’s not forget about the TRON Grand Hackathon $5K prizes for the community!

We sure had some interesting discussions going on there and it was nice seeing many similar or even different perspectives on the topics that we had. We had a great time with you :wink:

So, 10 community members were selected, and it is not merely from commenters within the above-mentioned post but from posts throughout the TRON DAO Forum as well. Data such as the number of activeness of the user, the number of useful reports, the average number of likes per post, the value of their posts, and the help given to others are all compiled to reach this conclusion. Please be reminded that these prizes are awarded to individuals that are not the owner/co-owner of a hackathon winning project. In fact, the majority of them didn’t even have a hackathon S2 project here.

We would like to thank these 10 individual’s valuable contributions during the hackathon :raised_hands:

@antonio @ant @cctechmx @DANILN89N @fabsltsa @JasonHunter @Kerk @Nana66419 @P2EGG @Simon

Finally, congrats to all Hackathon winners and runner-ups! And thank you TRON DAO for hosting this amazing TRON Grand Hackathon. We look forward to seeing all of you again in Season 3!


Lol. Congratulations to all winners

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Congratulations :partying_face: to all the winners :tada:


Waw thanks :raised_hands:
And thanks to all the persons who have participated in the organisation of this Grand Hackathon Season 2 :raised_hands:


Congratulations to all winners! This has been a great season 2 Hackathon and am looking forward to future ones that will allow devs to showcase their talents!


You being one of them! Congratulations :fireworks:


Awesome congratulations to all winners… :star_struck::beer:


Congratulations for your win as well​:clap::fireworks:


Congratulations to all winners :star_struck:


Nice to see a big difference between the community vote winners and the judge vote winners :+1: Means that the judges did their job and not just looked at the forum to see which projects had the most votes


Congratulations guys … Well deserved :relaxed:


Congratulations :clap: :confetti_ball: :bouquet: to all the winners


Quite frankly I’m disappointed that my project didn’t even make it to runner-up list. Well I guess that’s it for tron journey since my time is up. Bye

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Congrats on your win! Well deserved :+1:


Congratulations guys…:tada::sparkles:


Congrats all winners :trophy::+1:
Let’s make season 3 more awesome :sunglasses:


Congrats to all! Why don’t we get the winners to come on and give a little thank-you speech like we did last season :wink:

Some of the judges-selected winners are here in the forum.

@Ilya @jacobduong3007 @keywolf @DayNinja @Adshares @TronNinjas @Ron @nftenthusiast @Apexgo @json @nftmall @jacobduong3007 @jnlewis @DazzleProtocol @anton @nicopasquali @Targaryen @klappetron @accesovip123 @TronVerse @MakhouT @njoy14 @Kuyawa

Could you please share with the community when and how they can expect to test out your project live?