JustRug NFT launchpad

Project Name: JustRug NFT launchpad
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: RUGMEN NFTs
Team Member(s): 6
DevPost URL: https://devpost.com/software/justrugnft
Project Goal: JustRug is the first NFT launchpad on tron. Our goal is to onboard as many NFT project and collectors as possible to the tron blockchain.
We are taking all the stress so that projects will find it easy and convenient to build on tron.
We also intend to protect our community and investors by frequently educating and reminding them of the risk of potential rugs. Our name will serve as a warning and reminder DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH

Project Info:

Project Repo/Website: justrugnft.com
Project Details: JustRug NFT is the first NFT launchpad on tron blockchain.

We are working towards being the biggest NFT launchpad on tron. We want to make so easy that projects can just
1)fill out a form in our website
2)get in contact with us
3)reach and agreement with us and that is all, we head to the moon from there.

Services we render include but are not limited to

1)Drawing of the NFT art
We have a team of professional artists to draw all sorts of original art for new projects.

2)writing and deployment of TRC721 smart contracts

3)Building of website for the new projects

4)Escrow services
By the time new projects arrive, we would be established and tronics trust us. New projects can leverage on that. We can hold the funds generated from minting in a smart contract and gradually release it after minting phase.

Project Milestones:
Launch of the RUGMEN NFT

The rugmen NFT will be the first product of JustRug NFT launchpad.
the total supply will be 2000 and the minting price will be 250trx.
justrugnft.com mint here

Partnership with top tron NFT marketplaces like APENFT and Kraftly for secondary sales.

Development of our website and launch of our launchpad
In the test phase, our launchpad will basically be a form where intending projects can fill details about their projects and which of our services is required, we reach an agreement with them and help them launch.

Part of the funds generated from the launchpad will be used as incentives for holders of RUGMEN NFTs.
As we progress , the launchpad will develop to contain live data of projects we have partnered with.to include details like services we rendered to them, minting price, collection size, time it took to sell out, funds generated, current holders and floor price etc.

Launch of $Rugcoin and NFT staking
After we have sold out 60% of the RUGMEN NFTs . We will reach a partnership with justmoney dex and launch our native token which will fuel our future NFT staking.

Upgrade of RUGMEN
Using $Rugcoin, RUGMEN can future be upgraded through a smart contract. The upgraded version will be in 3D and the staking rewards will be slightly higher.
The upgraded version will be called 0xRUGMEN.

Rendering of additional NFT services
Services like
NFT rankings
Portfolio and wallet tracking
Upgrade of NFTs etc.


Lovely Nft on Tron blockchain


Amazing, that’s unique and also we have been part of the project since the beginning and i saw how’s growing up. Keep doing that great job all time. Count with us


of this project is that you must have tron ​​all original


Con este proyecto tron sin duda tendría una de los más originales en su cadena de bloques :fire::venezuela::gem::money_with_wings::venezuela::gem:


So excited to see the all important project in the Tron Ecosystem. With the great job you guys are working on, there’s no doubt in the future moon of this project. Keep up the great works you’ve been doing. Now is the time for the Tron Ecosystem to #GETRUGGED


This is really great to have the first launch pad on Tron. I hope this project get the recognition it deserves cux they are good


A team of young intellectuals and devoted mind.
Working hard to have successful original launchpad on the Tron blockchain.


JustRug Nfts Launchpad will support Nft creators who wish to have their original works on the Tron blockchain

The launch of Rugcoin will enhance the use case of the JustRug Nfts for stalking to earn more Rugcoin native token by JustRug NFT holders

Building strong on Tron


Great potential.

Let me drop sone questions, what you think JustRug is different for some other nft projects? Can you give us timeline RugCoin?


What services will you provide to NFTs launching on your launchpad? How will you attract these other NFT projects to use you?

Looks great though, TRON and BTTC definitely needs more NFT promotion in the space.

  1. There is no other NFT launchpad on Tron, so we are different.
    2)$Rugcoin is supposed to go live once we reach 60% minted. The reason is so we have enough funds for adequate liquidity and some backup for buybacks. Minting is slow tbh so we might launch the coin earlier.

1)We render all services needed to successfully complete an original NFT collection.
Services like drawing of the artwork, writing the TRC721 contract and building of website. We also introduce new projects to our already built community.

  1. By making sure the first few projects that we initially partner will succeed, new projects will see that they have a higher chance of success by associating with us. Basically we want our success with new projects to speak for us. So apart from the services we render, everyone likes success.
    Besides it makes more sense to launch originals instead of copies, we would do it for you anyway, so no need for ETH copies anymore.

I’ve already seen some discussions on telegram groups where you explained the origin of the name and the reason why you started this project. It’s a good idea imo. But as you know (as it’s a reason why you started this project) tronics became very prudent when it comes to NFT’s. So I was wondering if, in order to give confidence to potential investors, you would agree to lock liquidity in LP for a certain amount of time. And if yes, for how long? 1 year, 2 years,…?


Very interesting idea, especially with trying to establish a long term utility with the NFTs. A couple of questions I have:

  1. As a launchpad, are you going to look to launch more utility NFTs or collectible NFTs?

  2. For utility NFTs, they tend to have a strong start and then taper off like many DeFi projects. How does JustRug plan to keep the utility of NFT staking long term and to innovate on it as time goes on?

  3. How much of the launchpad funds will be used as incentives and do you plan for the percentage of funds from the launchpad for incentives to increase as time goes on?


Of course yes and for +1yr we will negotiate with JM team in that aspect.
Anything that will restore trust tronics have for NFTs is what we are ready to do.
Only when tronics trusts us can we truly be the launchpad we dream of.


We are a Launchpad
Our main focus is not to launch many different collections for ourselves (we have our own Rugmen and that is enough for now). Our main focus is launching 3rd party projects.
Whether they are utility based or collectables, we welcome them.
We can only make sure they are trusted to an extent and educate our collectors as much as possible, educate and remind them about the existence of Rugpulls and what they mean.

3)I don’t really understand the question


The name has my dying! I could see some really solid NFT communities built around this


The collaboration with JM will make MASSIVE good results


Glad to see new projects being built on Tron and integrating and collaborating with all ready established projects, being a lover off nfts this project is right up my street and with this active community has a bright future and a welcome edition to the TronNetwork :handshake: